Monday, November 29, 2010

Everyday ideas...transformed into Christmas...
what can you come up with?

So did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving??
I hope you did sweet friends ~
We have Thursday with Dennis' family
then another Saturday with my family.
The only "great" thing is that
at Thursday's dinner someone brought an unwanted guest...
a stomach virus!!!
Over 3/4ths of the family's has had it now including myself.
I'm hoping this new week will be a healthy week!!!

It's time for us to bring out the Christmas decorations around here
and sometimes I love looking at past projects to see if
I can transform them into something for Christmas...

A tiny banner I made a few years ago...
I can see these made for Christmas,
can you tell how small it is?

You can find some wonderful holiday tissue paper right now,
after making these I can see a tiny misting of spray adhesive and
then sprinkling them with clear glitter to add sparkle.
Mini pom poms would make sweet light weight ornaments too....

Christmas cards displayed on a simple strip of ribbon....

I didn't make this last one but always wanted to!
I've not been very creative lately....except for my snowmen ~
I'm eager to get in the studio!!!!

Wishing you a very happy Monday precious friends,
hugs and love,


The French Bear said...

Gorgeous banner, so cute. I can see it with Joy or Warm Winter many ideas!!!
Sorry to hear you had a bug, hopefully just a short visit!!!
Margaret B

Kateyed said...

Lovely ideas, all!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hope you are feeling better, your decoration ideas are great. Guess we are all thinking Christmas ideas. Hope you have a great week.
Hugs, Pat

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Dawn:
Everything is lovely and so inspiring. Thanks for the ideas. Hope you get back into the studio again soon!

Sanctuary Home said...

I love your banner! Sooooo cute. Great ideas.

Sorry to hear about your family's stomach virus, I hope you're all feeling better.

Tina said...

Hope you feel better soon sweet Dawn.
Wonderful ideas - Love that tiny banner. Great idea for christmas.
xo Tina

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE the banner, first time i saw it and now! want to make ornaments for my granddaughters from that idea.

thanks for all your wondrousness!!


barbara jean

Dorthe said...

Oh my dear Dawn,--you have had enough of -not feeling good dayes- I so hope your new week will be a well one, sweet friend!
Your tiny banner is the cutest one,ever- it will be a beautifull tree decoration.
And all the ideas, are great, sweetie-, the cart hanger would look gorgeus on an old wood beam we have in the kitchen.
Take care my dear Dawn, and happy monday.
Love and hugs, from Dorthe

madrekarin said...

I hope you are better soon, Dawn. That's just no fun being sick at this time of year! I'm glad you were able to enjoy Tghanksgiving though. Ours was pretty quiet- which was fine with me! I did get a surprise on Friday- Nathan came home from Iraq! He did not tell us he was coming, so you can imagine how I felt when he came into the quilt shop while I was working! Everyone was crying.
Maybe today you will be able to get into your studio to create something. I'm sure you'll feeel better then. :)

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhhh Dawn,
I am pretty sure there
is nothing worse than a
stomach virus!! I am
sorry!! That is no fun
at all ~
Have a blessed week
sweet friend ~


Vicki said...

Love the banner and the ribbon strip for cards. I put all the cards on my pantry door. It's fun. I hope you are feeling better. That is terrible! I have a big giveaway on my blog this week. I hope you get a minute to comment and enter. I think you'd love it! Take care

Sandy said...


So glad to hear that you are feeling better. The tiny banner is wonderful, the word JOY would be perfect for it as Christmas decor. I have been making snowflakes and stars for package toppers and hope to get going on my Christmas cards today. Hope your Monday is a happy one!

Lana Manis said...

Lovely ideas Dawn! I will be decorating later this week. As usual, this is a busy time and I think I'll have to keep it simple again.
I hope you are feeling better!
xoxo Lana

Sandi said...

Hi Dawn,
So sorry about your stomach virus. My daughter called this morning at 1 am and had taken her hubby to the ER...he was violently ill. Found out he had food poisoning from their Thanksgiving meal at relatives! The rest of them had it too, but not as bad as he did. UGH! Not good.
I have made those pom poms in pink colors with the kit and they hang on a ladder in the top of my booth. Sold six to a person one day and I found out they were owners of a CURVE store and were hanging them up in their store. I thought that was neat. I really should go check it out. lol.
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh dear,hope you will all be better soon! Love this post,those pompoms are so neat! Take it easy!!!

Nanette said...

So glad to see you back on your sweet blog. I am a nurse here in the heart of Illinois and we have had so many cases of this "bug"~YUK!~ Take your vitamins and eat healthy. Take good care of yourself.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh I am sorry you had the crud. I am glad you are on the mend now. Seems you were not alone in this country...was it in the turkeys?
The banner rounds are adorable and would be great for Christmas.
I hope you have shaken "all" unpleasantness off by now Miz Dawn.
I wish you peace in all things.
Southern Hugs and Love

Rella said...

Dawn, the lovely decorating inspirations are wonderful and make for a sweet read as I have morning tea....thank you.

xox Rella

Barbara Jean said...

like the color on this one too. =)

I should just find your post again where you have them stacked with colors.
it is just so deceiving on the computer...their color chart is now $25!!


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