Monday, November 8, 2010

How in the world do I even begin?

o.    my.    goodness!!!!!!

Sweet DO know I don't get out much, right?

Hobby Lobby every once in a while ~
maybe a little Michael's or even an antique store close by...
but flying (which is a WHOLE different thing :) to Texas,
meeting my precious friend Lisa in person,
and us driving together to find a heavenly little cottage and shop
and meet the most humble and talented angel, Ann Perry....
in the middle of Texas country????

This my sweet friends, was a BIG stretch for me!!!!!

Out the window on my flight to Texas ~

Let me just tell you this...Lisa is the MOST AMAZING hostess EVER!!!
Fresh flowers by the bed...which by the way was like sleeping on a cloud in HEAVEN ~
She showered me with precious, antique, yummy gifts that I will treasure forever and
totally treated me like a Queen!!!
Her children are all so precious and they SO made me remember
my sweet babies at five years old!!
Thank you so much again Lisa ~ you are so, so amazing girl!!!!
A little peek at her wonderful bauble collection:

Beautiful lace in her studio:

More gorgeous studio shots:

And I was able to meet Lori of Katie's Rose Cottage
and Pat of My Tattered Elegance TOO!!!
They are both so very sweet just like I knew they would be ~

Plus I was able to meet Debbie of Talking Trash too!!!

Lisa and I!

And here are a few photos of the magic of Ann Perry of The Tin Rabbit....
we had dinner together the night before
the Open House and took a magical tour of the shop too!!!!
All lit with the subtle glow of white Christmas lights....

First, the sweet shop her husband built for her right
beside their cottage:

Ann's son Lance is a wonderful artist too!!!
Here is a sampling of his amazing creations....
and see more here too!

Just look at how beautiful her greenhouse is at night....

And now...please look at Ann's drop dead GORGEOUS home:

Sweet Ann and her dear husband....

Can you even believe how amazingly talented Ann is????
The beauty of it all brought tears to my eyes....

Wishing you a wonderful Monday my sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


marie said...

I have no words ~ except for WOW!
Thanks for sharing all the amazing peeks at your wonderful weekend. What fun to meet all those special ladies and what a blessing for them to meet you as well.
Sure hope you'll be sharing more about your trip to Texas. It sure looks like you made about a million incredible memories!!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

OMG! I'm drooling and drooling and drooling! What an amazing shop and home! So many gorgeous creations and vignettes. I'm totally inspired to create Christmas themed things today and get out some Christmas decoration already. Thank you, dear Dawn for sharing all that prettiness :-)!!! I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to meet with the girls. Lisa's studio is so awesome. There is inspiration everywhere. I was pressing my nose on the screen to get the best look at that lace suitcase ;-).
Good night and have sweet dreams!

Tina said...

OH My Goodness..... I´m drooling too.
I´m so glad you had a great trip Dawn and everything must have been so amazing. Meeting up with wonderful friends.
I love everything in the photos from Ann. She is SO talented and her shop and home is so so beautiful. I have never ever seen anything like that. So much inspiration. Need to create some christmas stuff now.
Thank you SO much for sharing sweet friend.

Rustic Tarts said...

What a wonderful and memorable time, Dawn - thanks for sharing it with all of your readers.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Dawn- this is a post ,-which,I feel is very difficult to leave!!!,- it is like a dream, and for me like being in wonderland, what a most fantastic place Ann have created, what an adventure it has been for you-and Lisa, to enter this magical shop-and home.I have never ,never seen such a beautifull wonderland.
And I love every corner of it, Ann`s creations are wonderfull,- and so are the ones from her son....uhh drooling,too.
And thanks for the view into dear Lisa`s studio, so wonderfull and inspirational,too-
you are looking soo sweet together, how great it has been to see all those wonderfull women-you "only" knew from blogland-YOU ARE A LUCKY GIRL my dear friend.
Thanks sweetie for this fantastic morning show--you was the first one I wass looking after, to see if you had postet- YES you had.
Happy resting day, with all your beautifull memories.
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

liszha said...

Wow! Almost makes me wish I could have joined you on your trip. The photos are gorgeous!
Luckily you brought your own angel on the flight. I bet it helped. Hope one of her friends is there for me too. Well, must be as I am a cabin attendant since 1996 now!

Vicki Boster said...

What anamazing trip - you ventured into another world of beauty and vintage treasures! I am SOO glad that you took the time to make this trip - You work so hard always - it is wonderful that you took some time for yourself.

Your photos (as always) are drop dead gorgeous - I am drooling over each one - and YOU look so lovely in each of them.

Congrats on a well deserved and wonderful trip my friend. Those of us who have been blessed by your sweet gestures know only too well how much you deserve to spend some special time for yourself.

Lisa is a wonderful person - her home and studios are worthy of celebrity status! You make a good pair - you both have amazing talents and are so so sweet!



Karen Larko said...

Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

madrekarin said...

Oh, Dawn! What a wonderful trip! You so deserved to be pampered and treated like a queen. :) Love all the photos. Ann's shop and home are simply lovely to look at! Glad you ahd such a good time.

Claudia said...

My jaw has dropped, my mouth is hanging open - what beauty everywhere! So glad you had a wonderful time, Dawn!


Theresa said...

WOW, Dawn, I am so happy that you had such an amazing time! Sometimes we just have to get out of our comfort zones and you sure stepped out of yours! I love all of the beautiful pictures but Ann's home is down-right GORGEOUS! I don't believe I have ever seen such beauty ALL in one place! I know you are happy to be home! Have a blessed day with all of those special memories! HUGS!

Vicki said...

Her shop and home are just amazing. I bet you gave out a little squeal each time you turned the corner. She is so, so talented. I'm in love with it all! I love the pics of you and the girls. So glad you included those! I can't imagine how much fun this trip must have been for you! I'll be saving a few of these photos for decorating ideas. Her vignettes are meant to be studied!

Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I am so bummed I missed getting to meet you. I knew Ann's shop and home would just be over the top beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing her this week though. Have a great week, T

Ella said...

I am so happy you went and met up with women that touched your soul; I am sure you touched theirs~

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! So

Brenda Evans said...

How utterly beautiful it all is. It's so hard to take it all in - thank you for sharing it all with us. Welcome back and so happy you had such a wonderful trip.

time worn interiors said...

Thank you so much for sharing Anns place! I want to go to her place so bad! She has amazing talent! She should be doing some of the big shows! Glad you had a great trip, it's so much fun to meet blog friends!

Sandy said...


Are you black and blue from pinching yourself to make sure this dreamy trip was real? You must feel like a fairy princess who'd fondest wish was granted. It looks like you had an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing the wonder and the beauty!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Stunning... Wonderful inspiration... I will come back several time and view these pics... Each time you spot something else... WOW

trash talk said...

What a beautiful place to shop! Your photos are wonderful and captured the spirit perfectly.
It was a delight getting to meet you. I want you to know I floated all the way home from W&T's...I was in my "happy" zone thanks to you and Lisa!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

All I can say is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a wonderful, special trip for you, I'm sure you were on overwhelm the entire time.

The French Bear said...

That is just the most beautiful place on Earth!!!!! Wow, she did all of this? Amazing....okay girls we need to go there next year, let's start planning!!!!
Wonderful, so everything!!!!! You must have had to look around over and over to see it all!!!!
Margaret B

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I adore Ann! I would LOVE to meet her in person someday. I'm determined to go visit her shop someday. It's only a 5 hour drive from me, but with 3 little ones that's a very long drive! I'm so happy you had a wonderful and fun trip and that you were lucky enough to meet so many of our sweet blogging friends! Thank you so much for sharing all the photos of Ann's amazing and magical shop and home! So much inspiration! I love everything! You must have had the best time!

Sandi said...

Lucky you

Jann said...

Wow--lots of gorgeous eye candy here, Dawn! So glad you had a nice time!

Anne Lorys said...

Stunning doesn't even begin to cover it!!!

It's all amazingly dreamy, but all those mirrors over the mantle have me swooning.

I'm so glad you had a fabulous, memorable time with Lisa! I knew you would!


Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Dear Dawn!
Thank you for Sharing your Adventure!! The Open House... Oh my Goodness What Can you say Except FABULOUS! Oh what fun you Must have had!
Happy Happy Monday Dawn!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, This was a wonderful experience for all of you! And I'm willing to bet that all of those talented ladies are in as much awe of you and as delighted to meet you as you were to meet them! What a group of talented women!! I'll bet the air was just ELECTRIC with the creative sparks you all have - super-charged auras!

This was a fabulous post! Thank you Dawn!
Hugs, Diane

Zita said...

It looks and sounds like you had the most amazing trip, Dawn. How amazing. Lisa's and Anne's homes are just incredible. Heavenly. p.s. so glad you got to meet the fabulous Debbie of Talking Trash - isn't she fabulous?!!

Char said...

I think you were in heaven!! Char

Myrna said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip! And Anne's house is just magical! I am thrilled for you that you got to meet such amazing women!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Dawn, what an amazing trip you had! Oh, I would have loved to be a mouse in your pocket! All the photos are fabulous, now I'm back to look at them all again!
big hugs,

Lululiz said...

What a fantastic post. Loved every photo and am still drooling, I'll have to look at them a few more times.

The Tin Rabbit said...

Dawn..You just don't know how much I enjoyed meeting and visiting with you and Lisa!!! I know I have now met the two sweetest spirits in the world!...Thank you sooo much for coming and sharing our big two made it so special~I love my BEAUTIFUL treasure box you made me...everytime I look at it, I smile! Love you sweet friend~! Ann

Boxwood Cottage said...

Goodness yes Ann is so very amazing! There is so much beauty everywhere it is almost unreal, I'm sure I would have cried too! I sat here all Saturday thinking at all you lucky gals @ Ann's and dreamed of being there too! *sigh*
Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us Dawn!
xoxo~ Carola

Boxwood Cottage said...

P.S.: I forgot to mention that I love the pics of Lisa's studio too, especially that shelf with all the pretty treasures!!!

Donna said...

Wow oh Wow!!! If I had taken a trip like that I would have thought I had died and gone straight to heaven! Glad that you had a wonderful time!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Dawn, what an AMAZING adventure!!! WOW, Lisa's studio is gorgeous!! and Ann's shop is just such a beautiful place. WHat a special lady she is as well... so wonderful that you got to meet her and her husband and your beautiful friend Lisa! It is amazing the friendships shared through this blog world. xoxo

bumble button said...

Love all the great pictures.Just have to decorate my tree a la Ann. Sooo pretty Louise

Charlene said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Ann is truly amazing. It was like a Winter Wonderland! Thanks for sharing! Charlene

ByLightOfMoon said...

Many thanks Dawn for sharing these photos of sheer wonderment! They are so delightful to see and share your experience with these wonderful ladies!

I look forward to more of your weekend as your see and reflect back on all that happened including your class! Smiles, Cyndi

Lady Pamela said...

Thank you for taking the time from your fairy tale weekend to show us some of the beauty you saw. I wish it were all in a book so we could look at it over and over whenever we wanted.
I felt as if I were there, too.

Lorraine said...

This is an awesome post Dawn following an obviously fantastic trip. Hard to leave with all these beautiful photos!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Dang,,,did you leave your body??? I know you did.
Cause I just did.
Beyond wonderfully fantastical! I am so glad you went and had this time with these wonderful women. Show more pics,,,I know you have some still as you must have taken alot...or maybe your camera was overwhelmed too and just an astronaut. I bet you came home and wanted to do your house up more. How inspirational!!! I am so happy for you all.
(so..did you get a full body scan at the airport)...giggle..

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOSH.....I am so jealous of what all you saw. It is probably a good thing I didn't see it or I would have to mortgage the house to buy it all. FANTASTIC! qkk said...

You were with such a fun bunch!


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