Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breathtakingly Beautiful....

oh. my. goodness......friends......
Such precious souls I've met ~
Lisa is so, so AMAZING!
and now,
Ann Perry is a complete angel.....
I have so much to share with you  ~

Wishing you the MOST wonderful weekend precious friends!!!!
hugs and love,


deborah said...

Have a beautiful weekend!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Didn't you want to share tons of photos with us, sweet Dawn? Now you show only one. What kind of torture is that, lol? I wish I could jump right into that one picture. It looks beautiful and if I hadn't been in the Christmas mood for a couple of days already, I would be now. You must have had a great time and it must have been so exciting to meet with the girls.
Have a great weekend :-)!

June said...

I wish you the time of your life Dawn...and how could it not be with the likes of Ann and Lisa there. You girls have a great time together Okay!!!!!!
hugs and love to you...

Blondie's Journal said...

It is absolutely gorgeous, Dawn!


stefanie said...

soooo pretty, have a wonderful weekend!!!

Vee said...

Ohhhh, it is lovely. I'm so glad that you are meeting such wonderful gals and seeing so much to spark your imagination.

Tina said...

Wishing you the most amazing weekend too Dawn. Can´t wait to see al the photos from Anns place.
xo Tina

Anne Lorys said...

Oh SURE, rub it in!!!!!! ;-)


Claudia said...

I'm so glad you're having a good time. I bet you are overwhelmed with beauty at this moment. And I just might be overwhelmed by jealousy!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Dawn. Aren't you glad you got on that plane?


At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, A perfect morsel, we are all waiting to experience your wonderful weekend. Safe travel. Love, Penny

Jamie said...

I am so excited for you and Lisa!!!! I know it will be amazing:) Love, Jamie

Tara said...

i love the platters in your slide show. how are you transferring the photos,etc to them?

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dawn,
What wonderful talented girls to hang out with!
I sure wish I could be there to see all that loveliness.


Elyse said...

ooh la la, dawn!

happy weekend ... enjoy the extra hour!


Sandi said...

Just gorgeous Dawn!! I LOVED your photo on Lori's blog!! Very sweet!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Luv Creating Cards 'n' Keepsakes said...

Hi Dearest Dawn,
What a beautiful photo.I'm sure you will be sharing more with us all when you get back to the Nest. Mrs Muddllhead me just commented on the wrong post, sorry. It was lovely to catch up for a chat and so much fun to find that you and Lisa were actually travelling back to Lisa's from The Tin Rabbit. You must have had a magical time there certainly something to cherish and remember always. Wishing you a safe trip back to Georgia on Sunday.
Warmest best wishes

The Rustic Victorian said...

Pretty darn special gals, all of you. Ann put a darling photo of you and the shop on flickr, beautiful ladies all. I know you are going to show&tell more. Looking forward to that once you come down.

sandra said...

Oh what an incredibly wonderful time y'all must have had! The pic is breathtaking...can't wait to see more. Love the pic Ann posted of all you gorgeous gals. I would love to have been there in the midst of all that beauty!

Dorthe said...

Sweetie,-Oh I can see, you are having a blast of a time- and the photo looks like something I would only see in my dreams,dear Dawn--how very wonderfull for you,-and for Lisa, and Ann-
I wish you a safe and happy tour home again- and can`t wait to see more from your dream-tour.
Love and hugs, Dorthe


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