Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These trees are amazing ~

Thank you so much Susie!! She commented on my earlier post that the giant acorns are from the Bur Oak ~ what a gorgeous, wonderful tree!!! I found a few images on the internet to show you. Don't ever say you don't learn anything on THIS blog! :) xxoo, Dawn


Denise said...

Hi, I have just found your blog...by reading The ARTFUL BLOGGER. I wanted to show you something with acorns that I thought might be awesome for the ones you got. This is a link to a page on my blog with an angel my stepmom and daughter found on their travels:
Hope that can get you to it...if not try www.dancinglydenise.typepad.com December 3, 2008 entry. If you like the idea I could probably take even better pictures of it.
Thanks for sharing all the things that you share!
Dancingly, Denise from Maine

PEA said...

well I didn't know they could be fuzzy? mmmmmmmmmmmmm that is kinda cute. Yep. you are a teacher but then some of us knew that.
Have a wonderful week my friend.

The Charm House said...

Hi Dawn! I think the little doll that you got at the market is a Huggins by Madame Alexander. My daughter had one when she was a baby. I pulled it out of her box today to look at it and it has the same hands and face. She loved that baby doll so much that I could not part with it!
Hugs And Always Thinking of You!

Barbara Jean said...

Gorgeous trees, and great info and pics about the acorns.
Thanks Suzie, and Dawn, for sharing them.

Barbara Jean

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Miz Dawn,
What a wonderful antique market,,and the acorns are so amazing,, I have never seen such big furry ones. I suppose they don't have them this far south. I have loved discovering new plants, trees,and flowers since I moved here. MOre tropical plants than I expected to see too. It is so fun that others will share their knowledge about plants here on the blog.
Have a smashing day!

Karen G. said...

I love trees!!!!!! Any kind! I actually have quite a few of those acorns. My friend & I love to go driving around in the fall (usually when they start to play Christmas music on the radio) & we stopped at a river one day & I picked up a whole shirt full!! The little caps make wonderful hats. I've got a snowman I'm making that will have one of those for his little hat.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Dawn...You can almost smell that soothing fresh air~~Love it!

Hugs, Lynn

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

These are such magnificent trees! We had one growing across the schoolyard fence from our house when we lived in NE Iowa. A little volunteer came up in my flower bed and I potted it up. We brought it with us when we moved and planted it out back. It's now a little taller than me. I'll never live to see it huge and magnificent . . . but someone will. And I just like that thought!


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