Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A beautiful valentine I won & another great tool for the studio ~

I won a wonderful Valentine's day gift from Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage and her package arrived today!!! I just wanted to let you take a peek at this beautiful artwork!!

It was wrapped so very pretty and of course Sandy knows I will save each and every trinket and trim that she used to wrap it!!

It's a sweet little mirrored Valentine!! I just love it sweet Sandy!! Thank you so very much ~ I know little Clara will enjoy looking into it too ~

Thank you so very much Sandy, I just love anything you create!!!

A neat metal stamping set that I found at Michael's and used my coupon to get it!!

I sewed this little girl's legs back to her to try to dress her!!

A glimpse at my soldering suitcase ~

Thank you for stopping by to see me ~ and always for you sweet comments...
Have a wonderful Thursday sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn


KarenB said...

What a nice gift! I love the card she sent you, and your very cool stamping kit. I can't wait to see what you do with that! The dolly is lovely, but she does seem to need a new dress. At least she still has a smile on her face.

Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful Valentine gift!

Are those bandaids i see in your soldering box? Is soldering hard?? Or just 'dangerous'? =0)

Barbara Jean

Lee Weber said...

I have been dying for a stamp set too- so much metal to play with!

Lori said...

metal stamps!!! how cool is that!!! i love your mirror from Miss is just lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little mirror, so Sweet!
Love the stamp set too~

Precious little dolly♥

Have a wonderful day, Miss Dawn~


Sandy said...

I so glad you liked the little mirror and hope there will be many fun dress up days ahead for you and Clara. Your little doll is darling and I can't wait to see what you do with her. Happy creating!

Charlene said...

Don't you find the soldering supplies heavy? I took a class this past summer & sometimes we would get together & solder together. By the time you pack the glass, tools, flux.... it get's heavy to tote around. I need to pull my stuff out & practice. You were right when you said that if you don't do it often, you get rusty. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Jeweled Postcard said...

Your mirror from Sandy is just adorable! I would keep every little piece from the package too,lol! I have a stamp set but need to take a look at that one, was just there yesterday too! Can't wait to see how you dress that little doll! ♥candy

Relyn Lawson said...

I love the peaks into your home, studio, and suitcase. Every time I'm here, I leave inspired. I've been meaning to tell you a little story. The time has gotten away from me. Sorry about that.

Still. I'm a big believer in better late than never. OK. A few weekends ago I was in Barnes and Noble browsing. I picked up Apronology because of the amazingly gorgeous cover. This part is 100% true. When I saw who was the cover artist, I shrieked. I really did. Loudly. In the cafe of Barnes and Noble. You would have laughed to see my stammering to all the people looking at me about my friend being on the cover....



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