Friday, February 20, 2009

Such generous blessings ~

I really feel that way....that these gifts from friends are such blessings ~ I'm so amazed at the goodness here in blogland. It is running rampant and overflowing!! Sweet, kind Madai of Forget-Me-Nots from Wren Cottage sent a wonderful package and it arrived today!

The gifts inside are so wonderful....some for Clara and Emily and some for myself....what an angel Madai is! Look at the beautiful princess banner for Clara's room! And the grandmother book, lavender soap, speckled eggs, sweet carrots, baubles and tags, and another beautiful book about babies with gorgeous antique images. And one of the sweetest gifts of all?? A CD that Madai made for baby Clara....with lullabyes and sweet, relaxing songs. I love it so much I'm going to get Brent to make me a copy of it!!

Thank you so very much Madai, we love each and every gift so much....I can't wait to read my book!

And this dear friends, was in my Grandmother book that Madai sent....and it is so very wonderful and EXACTLY what I wish for YOU! (Click to enlarge and read a little better)

I have the most amazing news......I'm just about to bust with excitement!!!! Our 22 year old, Brad, told me that he's planning on moving to a loft apartment in the next few weeks to be closer to his college and do you know what that means???? The garage that he converted will be my NEW STUDIO!!!! I'm so excited!! Brad will make a loft apartment look incredible and he will love being back out on his own ~ I'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of my new room!

If you'd like to pop over to Dawn's blog Art of Humungous Proportions, I completed a little interview with her yesterday and it's on THIS POST ~

Wishing you a great Friday sweet friends!

xxoo, Dawn


Trish said...

What a beautiful treasure you have there Dawn. I loved reading the interview too. Thanks for the link and of course, you are well deserving of the love and gifts which come your way.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

The gifts are simply divine! Everything is soooo YOU (and Clara!)

Great news about your new studio -that must feel like Christmas all over again- having a place of one's own that can be fully utilized is a gift :-)

marie said...

Wonderful treasures! The grandmother book looks special!

"Dearer than our children are the children of our children"
I've seen this before. It's so true.
I love my grandbabies for the sweet little people that they are ~ I love them even more because of the glimpses I see of my children in them. It's hard to describe what a grandbaby does to you. But ~ what a blessing ~ you'll be finding out very soon!

Excellent about your studio!

debi said...

Oooooohhhh! I'm so excited for you, getting a new studio!! Can't wait to see pics!
Have a fabulous Friday,

Karen G. said...

What beautiful gifts! I'm so excited about your new studio. It's so nice to have that special place to go to & make pretty!

Lori said...

what sweet gifts!!!

congrats on getting a new studio...can't wait to see the progress!!!

Anonymous said...

Such sweetness, Dawn...the package and the sender!

Congratulations on your new, almost-studio! I think it will be a place we'd all love to visit!


Vee said...

Oh my! Such generosity and love outpoured.

Congrats on inheriting the loft for a studio. I know that both you and your son are thrilled for this change. Hope that he's not too far away...

Enjoy your THIS one a quiet one? Hope so!

winnsangels said...

such a wonderful package received. I adore the little book. The blessing you have shared from it is lovely. Thank you. I also like the way the cd was done. Gets my thoughts swirling with ideas.
SO exciting about a studio & I am SO glad I refound you at "Art of Humungous Proportions".
Wishing you a great Friday too.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Where Women Create,,,your going to be in it,,I just know. So many loving gifts from Madai,,totally sweet of her. The interview is way kewl. Make some magic!
Love ya MammaBird!

Sandy said...

Blog friends are just the best are they not? Wonderful gifts and great news about the new studio space! I envision it being very lovely indeed! I'm off to check out the interview so have a great weekend!

Tami said...

Such beautiful little treasures! How exciting to have a new studio, have fun making it your own!

Have a sunny day!

By the way I posted a few images today that you just might be interested in!

Charlene said...

All your goodies from Madai are wonderful. I also have that grandmothers book & love it. With all the goodies from your friends,the shower, & things you have bought... I don't think Clara will need a thing. She is a lucky little girl. And congrats on getting to enlarge your studio. I know you'll miss Brad but be soooooooooooooo happy about the space.

Dorthe said...

What a lot of lovely gifts Dawn, so wonderfull with friends and loving people.
And then the other gift:new artroom, -I so understand how exited you are about that, I love my big room, (big but alwayes full all over with stuff)where I can work, without putting everything back in place all the time.
Ill read your interview now. Have a nice evening dear.
XOXO and love

Sue said...

What wonderful gifts,and that grandmother book! Awesome!!1 Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I am one of your frequent readers! I always look forward to reading your inspiring and beautiful blog. You have such a sweet spirit and I am so grateful for all of the blessings that are coming your way. I send best wishes to you and your family. You are going to make one wonderful Grandma!!!

lorhen82 said...

That's awesome! I just love the sparkly pink Princess garland! ~Lori

Anonymous said...



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