Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Painting update!

Well, I've painted two coats of oil based Kilz onto the beds. I sanded the surface before hand because the finish before was a little glossy then with the two coats of Kilz I had a good surface to begin painting.

I changed my mind about the color! Vanilla is beautiful but I have a new favorite color and thought that they would look so good in the store this time of year if I painted them a khaki color. I used two coats of Behr flat interior wall paint. I like Ralph Lauren flat, and also Wal-mart. The reason I use flat is that I sometimes like to add a little of a different color on the detailed areas of a piece and it will adhere to the flat paint better. I really could use eggshell but I am using Oops paint and it was flat.

They still have to be lightly distressed (might as well as every painted surface gets those knicks and scratches so if I start it off it's not so obvious!) and then lightly antiqued with a thinned with water brown paint wash.
For my last step I will paint a non-yellowing clear coat over top of all the work. This is usually found in the decorative effects painting section of Home Depot or Lowes. I buy it a quart at a time. It is NOT polyurethane though. The great thing is that it is water-based.
I'll post more photos as I do those steps.

I found a wonderful quote on Colette Copeland's website (which you simply must visit):

"If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator."
W. Beran Wolfe

Wishing you all a very happy day! xxoo, Dawn


Michele said...

Good Morning Dawn,
First let me say I love the bed! What a great color, also love the detailing.
Thank you for sharing the quote. How profound. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hugs~ Michele

Sondra said...

I must say for early stages...they're already looking wonderful. Nice work!

Kathleen Grace said...

Ooohh, very pretty! I like it so much better than vanilla! Very warm and crisp looking:>)

Dana said...

They look fantastic! Love the khaki color.

Kathleen Grace said...

By the way, do you spray the paint on? Flat or eggshell? Oil based?Any good brands of paint to recommend?

Anonymous said...

I love khaki. For years I've painted all the woodwork on the first floor of my house khaki it has such a soft look. When you think about it khaki goes with everything. The bed look beautiful already!

sweetpea said...

The beds look beautiful Dawn! I've been catching up today on my fav blogs and of course you are right there on the list! You lead an inspired life I can tell~even though we've never met! And thanks again for accomodating me on the bins and my lovely assemblage!


Shelley at Sweet Pea

madrekarin said...

Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh! Beautiful, beautiful!!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I love this Dawn!! Very pretty. xoxo Nita

Donna O'Brien said...

I wouldn't even attempt this...EVER!!
Looks great~


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