Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For your reading pleasure ~

When I was sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport a few weekends ago, the gate I was waiting at was filled with people. I happened to have a sweet woman sitting next to me and we started talking. She was Cindy Woodsmall, an author of several books!

She was returning to Georgia as well and told me a little about the books she has written. She had just published the second in a series. Well, today I bought the first one.

I haven't read real books in quite a while! I just don't make time for them. Magazines, yes. Decorating books, yes. Creative books, yes. But now, I've bought it and I'm determined to read it. She was such a sweetheart and the storyline sounds wonderful. You can visit her website here ~

1 comment:

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

They look like they might be intersting. xo NITA


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