Saturday, October 27, 2007

I invite you to visit my pay-it-forward volunteers!!

How sweet is it to pay kindness forward to the next giving soul. I wanted to highlight the first three women who commented on my Pay it Forward post and are going to do so. I'm not sure if they all have their three that they will send one little handmade item to, but you can join in if you visit their blogs and check!!

First: Karin of Meandering Travels and Mindless Thoughts

Second: Sandy of Quill Cottage (who also is hosting a giveaway here)

and Third: Lori of Faerie Window

Thank you so much and each of you will be receiving one special something from me!!
If you'd like to get in on the fun, just go to these blogs and comment on their blog or visit their first three commentors! See? It's neverending!! One of the blogs to visit is Weber's World . . .


Eva Agnes said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful words on my blog.
I so like your blog too.
"Some wonderful finds" from October 26 are really nostalgic.
Thanks for visiting me.
Love Eva Agnes

Eva Agnes said...

Oh dear! I forgot to tell you that all the items are for sale on my netshop:
Hugs EA

Lori said...

Hi Dawn! I went over and visited your friends, their blogs are very sweet! i am so excited about this "Pay it Forward" idea and horray!! i have three girls now who signed up:)

Anonymous said...

Great idea Dawn...and I'm coveting those little ballet shoes down below!
PS- thanks for checking on me.

Lee Weber said...

thanks for mentioning my blog! I have my goodies made, and one person signed up so far!


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