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Monday, October 22, 2012

Counting my blessings ~

It was such a gorgeous fall weekend here in Georgia!!
Beautiful, bright blue skies and cool, crisp temperatures,
I just love fall so much ~

I certainly didn't plan on spending
one of those gorgeous weekend days
in our local emergency room.
Yes, all of Saturday and into the night.

Because I've been neglecting my health.
I've had shortness of breath for several months now,
trouble sleeping through the night and
lately awful swelling in the evenings.
I truly had reached my breaking point Saturday morning
and my DH convinced me to go.

After a scary wait, many tests, and even more waiting ~
they determined I had extremely high blood pressure
and so much fluid inside me that it was in my lungs!
They gave me much needed medication and within
a few hours I finally felt like a human being again.
I'm so, so very thankful we went and now I will be
following up with my doctor
who I've neglected to visit for a VERY long time. (OBVIOUSLY)
I've already made several lifestyle changes
the most important being
eating healthier and moving more!!!

Why am I sharing this with you?
We have just GOT to take care of ourselves!!!
Do not ignore small warning signs
and let them trouble you for months...
I am evidence that they will not go away
and only worsen with time.
So today, even more so than usual ~
I am TRULY counting my blessings!!!!

for a few photos I took while working on
a few more Christmas candy cups:

I just added these two to the shop!!

Wishing you a beautiful Monday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Al said...

Happy to hear that you are doing ok. Your husband did the right thing by convincing you to get checked out. Glad you are feeling better. Your pics are beautiful, the cups so sweet. Have a good week. -Al

The French Bear said...

Dawn, that must have been so scary! You do need to think about your health... hubby was right!
I love to see your abundance in lace...OMG, you have been blessed!!!!
Love the Christmas cups, they are gorgeous.

Maggie said...

so VERY glad you were checked out in the ER, Dawn, and that medication was the answer to your woes. How scary indeed, and a blessing to get some answers. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! <3


marda said...

Needless to say I'm glad to hear that everything is NOW under control... but girl, why didn't you see your doctor before a needed trip to the ER??????? Yes WE do need to take care of our health....with kids and grandkids that is a must. We want to be around and have the ability to play around with those sweet kiddies. OK.. 'nuf said.
What a wonderful bunch of vintage laces you have to play with. I keep adding to mine when I can, but I'm envious of your stash. Great little peat pot pretties.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello dear Dawn, I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems but I'm glad that the medication helped so fast.
Your lace stash is amazing and the Christmas cups are beautiful!
Take good care of yourself!
Hugs to you,

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Dearest Dawn,

I am SO glad you are ok!

How totally SCARY for you!

Keeping you in my prayers.

And I looooove loooooove looooove all your beautiful things you make. You are so amazingly talented.

In fact I plan to blog about it in the future, yes ma'am! ♥

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh dear Dawn that sounds really serious and I'm quit shocked!
May I suggest instead of taking life long medications now (which almost always is the case once you have high blood pressure and don't change your habits) which of course always have side effects too, to try eat vegan? It's so easy to do especially in the US where you have so many great wholefood stores and vegan restaurants etc. and it is really yummy! It is simply the easiest and best thing you can do for your health (apart from the animals and the environment etc.)and to get your blood pressure down the natural way. I never thought I could do it before I tried it (started this year) and now I love it and feel so much better in so many ways and I lost 9 kg (20 pounds) already without dieting and starving. I eat really well and healthy. Here ist a link to get you started:
Feel free to ask me if you ever have any questions about getting vegan.
xoxo~ Carola
P.S.: Love your beautiful "Christmas cups"!

The Crafty Chick said...

I am sorry to hear about your recent health problems. That is certainly one Halloween scare that you or your family don't need. Please take care of yourself. LOL

sharon's shabby creations said...

Dear Dawn,

You new cristmas cups are wonderfull!! Take care with your health!!

Hugs sharon

Diane said...

Oh my Gosh Dawn..well, that could very well be the reason why in your earlier posts you've been not feeling very creative. I am sure glad to hear you are better lovely lady. Lasix does wonders. God bless you and take care of yourself.... xxoo Diane

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn! I'm glad you went. I am due for my annual physical and knowing I am due will force me to look for a primary care doctor here in Ohio. I loved my doctor in NY ~ she was great. She listened! Already got my annual GYN, mammogram and eyes done so far.

Your suitcases of lace are amazing! I could sit there and go through those for hours. The peat pots turned out great. I love the lace but that bling you add just brings it home to me!

morkaren said...

Ja men Dawn dog, godt du kom til lægen, ens blodtryk er ikke at spøge med, jeg har for lavt blodtryk, og det giver også gener, svimmelhed. knus morkaren.

Susan said...

Dawn, I am so sorry you have not been feeling well. High blood pressure can be a scary thing, I have a friend at work who has blood pressure issues.
I have to say that I am sitting her drooling over your lace. It is so beautiful.

linda eller said...

Scary.....glad you went on to ER and got diagnosis, so that you can now take care of yourself. Sometimes we think this or that will go away and like you said, while waiting, it only gets worse. Have a good week ahead.

Vee said...

Sometimes I am guilty, too, of waiting too long thinking it will go away on its own. And, no matter what the problem, I always say to myself that I am too heavy and that is why I have all my ills. I think that that is quite possibly true and so I am resolved to try again to do better. Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, let us take care of ourselves! (Sometimes, women are guilty of thinking that we should not spend the money to do so. Not true! Our families need us.)

GiGi said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! We all have to take the time to care for ourselves. We are not getting younger. Ugh! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Primitive Seasons said...

Dawn: I'm so glad you went in for that check up. Blood pressure is so important. I have a neighbor who is 70. She hasn't seen a doctor or a gynecologist in 42 years. I have taken her pressure and it's high but she won't go. We want to have you around inspiring us for a long time. Good for you!


Maureen said...

So glad you got the needed attention to feel better Dawn! Your cups are amazing! No wonder they sell out right away. They must look beautiful on a Christmas tree.

Kathy said...

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I follow your blog daily, and you are such a talented person. I will send prayers your way. Try and keep up with your gorgeous crafting. Love.

Dorthe said...

My dearest Dawn,
that makes me worry for you,dear friend-how awfull you have felt!
I`m so happy it is now over,and that the medications worked at once. Yes sweetie, we are not to let one day take another,-when feeling something is wrong-but just have to hurry to the doctor!!!
Please take care another time, my precious friend.
Love and hugs,Dorthe
p.s. your cups are all so beautiful!

Doni said...

Hi Dawn, SOoo glad you found out about your blood pressure BEFORE it became too late. I recently found out about my diabetes the same way...waited and waited, then finally went. I'm so glad God knows how stubborn we are and yet graces us with people who love us and take care of us when we don't take care of ourselves!
Get lots of rest...looking at your laces rests me!!

Barbara Jean said...

hi girl. me again.
what is the color of the ribbon you have on these?
I am putting in an order again, ans sooooo hard to decide on colors.

I want just a light or medium tan, not to the yellow or pink side.

thanks for the help sweet friend.


Pam said...

So glad you are okay, and making a little more time for you! I received my sachet and I LOVE it, thank you so much!!! ~ Pam

Jessica Dotta said...

Thanks for the reminder, Dawn! Love the lace cups! How amazing!

Cotton Peony said...


did you see me just dive into that pile of lace.. and then swim over to the next pile? LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE the lace. Yes, my dear, you've collected ooodles of it. And you've gotten a great start on your etsy items too!


Cotton Peony

Sandi said...

Oh sweet Dawn! So glad you will be okay! I am on high blood pressure meds, fibromyalgia meds, thryoid meds and MVP meds...crazy, but they work and that is the main thing. YES we must take care of ourselves.

Createology said...

Dawn Dear I am very thankful that you are now on the road to recovery. Life is very short and even more precious and we need to take very good care of ourselves. Please continue to share with us as you progress. Blessings dear...

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

These are just darling!! Love them! :) Happy week to you! xo Holly

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Oh Dawn, that is so frightening. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but thankful you were able to realize it before more damage was done. Praying for healing. ~ Abby

Brigitte said...

Hi Dawn, we have only one life and one body, take care of both, hope that you feel better,
I love your christmas buckets!

Claudia Tyler said...

Dear Dawn,
So glad to hear you got your health under control before you had a major health event! But knowing you, I am surprised you weren't working on craft projects in the emergency room! I probably would have!
Please take care of yourself.
Claudia at www.homesteadvintage.

Becky P. said...

Dawn, so thankful you have gotten a handle on your health and are already making the necessary changes you need toward a much healthier lifestyle! It's so easy to put things off, until they hit us with a vengeance and finally get our attention! You are so blessed to have a honey of a husband that was insistent you go on to the ER immediately. Now... you are on the right track, which makes us all happy:) Be kind to yourself, you deserve the rest! Sending you many, many hugs, and lifting you all up in prayer!!! Beck

Lorrie Orr said...

Dawn, I commented but if it shows up it will be from anonymous since I wasn't signed into blogger here at work.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad your health problems are being solved, and that I agree with you about taking care of ourselves.
And that your laces are gorgeous.

Have a wonderful day.

Lady Pamela said...

I am so thankful that you listened to your DH. Please keep us informed of some of your lifestyle changes, I need to do that myself and I need some encouragement.

June said...

oh how frightening Dawn. I am so glad you went in. It could have turned into something very serious.
Please take care of yourself dearest are such an inspiration to us all!
much love...

Pat C. said...

Oh, no, Dawn, how frightening that must have been for you! But I'm glad that they got to the bottom of the problem right then and there, and started you on meds to help address it. I don't have to tell you what a very close call that was, but the main thing is that it was also a wake-up call, and you will definitely be following up with your own doctor--and that's all that matters now!: )

Lots of ♥♥love♥♥ and {{{hugs}}}, my friend.

Cathy K said...

Dawn, Please take care of yourself!! Most insurances cover an annual physical, and at our age, they can help detect possible issues in the early stages. Promise us and your husband that you will be more mindful of your health! It's no less than what you would do for a pet, right?!?

BTW, there is something in the mail on the way to you! :-)



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