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Friday, August 14, 2009

Time to fluff!

As an artist, fun to me is of course playing in the studio ~ using new products, trying new ideas and creating something beautiful....

As a woman I also love having a beautiful home. A cozy nest that welcomes you home at the end of the day. So many changes are going on here that my mind is going nuts!!!

I want to freshen things up, clean carpets, straighten and paint! Of course, knowing a camera crew will be visiting your house is encouragement as well!!

I've been shopping for a new kitchen floor too!! It needs to be replaced terribly and what a wonderful time, right?

Decorating is fun, but not like creating art fun ~ I want to enjoy the changes and beauty of freshening up but now at almost 50 yrs old, making these changes myself, painting bathrooms, etc. is not as easy as it used to be!! So we'll see what I can get accomplished.....

I went to Lowes yesterday for some Kilz to prime the guest bath, bought a few rollers and a cut in brush....but I couldn't stand it and had to buy a five dollar canvas dropcloth.
Not for painting mind you, but to wash and use in my art!!!

I love the size of these paint swatches, they are really BIG!!! And of course, what am I thinking?? "wouldn't these be wonderful to alter with images and such???"

Have an amazing Friday my sweet friends,
hugs and love,


Angela said...

If you decide you want to drive down to Macon...we can hook you up with flooring and paint at our store, I'll make sure you get a (sweet friend of the owner's wife)deal, :)))!! I can't wait to see what you do, when will the camera crew be there?

vivi said...

the colours you show are pretty perfect!!
kisses from argentina

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

Time to fluff. Seeing as your header is of sweet bird eggs, my immediate visual upon the title of your posting were birds fluffing and preening. Of course, that is exactly what you are up to. Love the shades you have shown. Sea Witch

Lori said...

i have seen some altered paint swatch collages, very cute idea...and the colors you have are so pretty!!!

Marietts said...

Hi Dawn. May I please have some of your energy?

Laura Haviland said...

Always lots to do and our creative mind sees things different than not artful people, hahaha.
I know your floor will be beautiful, you are so stylish.
Hugs, Laura.

BellaRosa said...

Hi Dawn, I hope your havin some fun :) ( I know how much work fluff can actually be) But the result will be so worth it~ Please share lots of before & after pics, that is the best part. If we were closer, Mr. wonderful and I would be over to help in a heart beat :)I love teh colors you have picked out, do you think that the 2 tan and the darker shade would work in a room the size of my bebe studio and not make it look smaller than it is? Take care Lovey...Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I turned 55 yesterday and I know what you mean! Painting is not as easy as it used to be. I still do it though! Can't pass up the beautiful colors that are available now. It just takes me longer than it used too but I can live with that! Have a great weekend! Karen

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,-
what beautifull colors you have showed, so elegant, and lovely, it will look great.
The camera folks, will have so many wonderfull shoots to take in your sweet home Dawn.
I guess it is not the new floor or painting that counts, but the spirit in the house,-and in yours, it is a spirit of love,of cosyness,of a dear very talented woman living there.

Wishing you work-power, and a wonderfull week-end.
Love to you, with hugs from Dorthe

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

AH! Miss Dawn, did you actually say 'Decorating is fun, but not like creating art fun' ????!!!

Horrors! I fear that I must disagree with you for possibly the first time ever!

I love art. I do, whether I create it or someone incredibly talented like you creates it. But decorating....well.... it's the air that I breathe! Not a single day goes by that I don't decorate even the smallest shelf or corner of our home, or someone's store, or a show booth... well, you get the idea. I can't live without it!

The Joy of Nesting said...

HEllo sweet Dawn!!

Paint samples,matchbooks, formica samples, fabric swatches it's all the wonderful fodder to take you on another art journey!!

I love this quote of Emily Zola: "I am an artist... I am here to live outloud"!!

So perfect don't you think dear Bloglandian Sister???

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Barb said...

Oh so fun fixing things up, but yes, a lot of decisions and work.

Love the little bird pics. Thanks.

So glad for a new house for your kids, and so close!!

Blessings and take care.
Barbara jean

Miss Sandy said...

How exciting to be fluffing your nest for the photo shoot! The swatches are so pretty and soothing. Relax and enjoy the process. I sure wish I lived close, I love to paint walls and cutting in is my specialty!

PCarriker said...

Isn't this latest issue of WWC fabulous??? I got bit by the bug to give my studio an updo. So completely wonderful that you are going to be in the upcoming issue! Your space is so wonderful.

Cheryl ~ZanyMayd said...

Camera Crew ~ My Word, I know I have been lack in reading all My Favorite Blogs Lately with all the Baby waiting going on here this summer, but What have I missed..... A Camera Crew????? Sounds Exciting

Berni said...

Hi Dawn!
I just love you and all your beautiful creations.
You are so encouraging and uplifting. When I am stressed and need a little peace I come visit you. I love the color swatches, blue and ivory. Can you tell me the color names and company?
God bless you always,


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