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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet speckled eggs ~

I've been wanting them forever.....since I had the antique store!!! Sweet little speckled egg soaps....I could never afford to sell them and knew good and well that my customers wouldn't buy them retail (the ones that were available) ~ I mean they're soap, not gold nuggets, right??
These egg soaps in their package of ten are going to be priced under 10.00...RETAIL!!!

Finally my sweet friend Dawn has come up with these sweeties and I love them!!!
The blue is a little stronger than I want (the photo has softened it up some but believe me, they are TOO blue) but that can be remedied easily.
I do hope to have them in my Feathered Nest Shoppe very, very soon!!!

I had to share a few goodies I picked up the other day when I found the precious little girls photo ~ I love the strangest things but know that they will be wonderful.....

Look at the mail love I received Saturday!!!! A wonderful handpainted heart from Rebecca at A Gathering of Thoughts ~ I won a recent giveaway she held and was able to pick what word to have painted on the wooden heart. Definitely for the studio, right??
Thank you so very much dear Rebecca, it's just beautiful!!!!

Some recent photos of sweet Emily and Clara ~ they are both so beautiful to me......

Wishing you a most wonderful, happy Monday sweet friends ~

hugs and love,


Rebecca said...

Glad you like the CREATE HEART, Dawn! Thank you for sharing your own heart with all of us. LOVE THE SOAPS!

Blessings to you...and thanks for the LINK, too!

Hugs, Rebecca

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Dawn-
congratulations with your own soap line, they looks wonderfull,sweet.
And so does your goodies, expecially the wooden feets.-I don`t have to say that your two dear ones they are the most beautifull in your post.

love to you with good wishes for your monday.
Hugs ~Dorthe

bee'nme said...

Hello Dawn!!

It has bee WAY too long since I've stopped to say "hi"...I come and see what's up regularly, but haven't had a lot of commenting time of late... I LOVE your soap/scent line - how EXCITING!! It's gorgeous...what lovely packaging and POS display!!! I'm so very excited for you!!

Your beloved Emily and Clara are just too cute...I'm happy for your son's sweet family that they will all have their own little nest soon! Your babies are all sure growing up fast...

Congrats on winning the CREATE heart...perfect! I've been so excited to watch and be inspired by your amazing, gorgeous studio will be great to see it in the upcoming magazine!! I'm in the early stages of having a studio built/finished and am so looking forward to being able to move everything in and set up/decorate! Thanks for sharing such inspiration...I love all your storage ideas and the whimsical, sweet way you make your supplies part of the fun and beautiful!

I hope you have a glorious week - good luck with the floor covering, paint, etc... Happy Creating!!

Hugs & Blessings,
Becky S. at Just Bee 'n Me

Lori said...

i love the last picture of Clara and Emily...they have the sweetest smiles on their pretty faces!!!

Karen said...

The soaps are so beautiful. A must have for sure!! I thought of you as I shopped in JoAnn's yesterday and scored nests and eggs on clearance!!! Your create heart is terrific, enjoy!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beauties, both of them! I love that second shot with the little smile. The egg soaps look great; I can't wait until you have them in your shop. As I said in your last post, I will definitely be buying. Rebecca did a really nice job on that painted heart - I love her roses. Looks like it will fit in nicely in your studio.

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

Love the soaps. There is something magical about bird eggs in any medium. Sea Witch

juno said...

Hi Dawn!
Great news about your soap line. Congrats!
Juno's Place

Cards by Carol --- new blog...Come and visit when you get a chance!

Primitive Seasons said...

Oh Dawn what a beautiful family you have in your daughter in law and Clara. Such sweet wholesome faces. You are so blessed.


Linda said...

I do love the soaps! Emily and Clara ARE beautiful.

Lou Cinda said...

Congratulations!! Your new line is WONDERFUL and I can't wait until they are available because I will be ordering those precious soaps!!!

Lou Cinda :)

Miss Sandy said...

I am camped out waiting in line to purchase some of your new products. I love the soaps, they are just adorable!

I finished the nature journal from your tutorial and it is posted if you want to take a peek.

Your girls are very lovely indeed. I know you will miss them when they move.

Have a sweet day!

Muneeba said...

Such a pretty blog! And those speckled eggs are darling ... as is your cutie-patootie grandaughter :)

Anonymous said...

Dawn , Both your girls are so lovely -- I must say Baby Clarais scrumptious -- all the sweet baby kisses -- makes me long for a new grand - just looking at her --Thank you for sharing --
Kathy - ga --
Ohh the soaps lovely !!

Nancy in CA said...

Love the new soap line...will watch for them to be in your Etsy shop. Just wondering what great creation will be made from the sweet wooden shoe molds. On our travels to the east coast in 2002, I bought several pairs from an Amish farm sale in Lancaster, PA. Just thought they were so cute, but really don’t know what to do with them. Emily and Clara are just the perfect pair. Love your blog and all that you share with the world. Nancy in So Cal

Diva Kreszl said...

What a wonderful line of products...I especially like the egg soaps!!!

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Beautiful girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Emily and Clara are beautiful. They will treasure those pictures.
I just love the soaps and I bet you will have trouble keeping them in your Feathered Nest Shoppe. I cannot wait to buy some!! I hope your "home" projects are working out well and I am looking forward to the pictures.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your line of soaps, they look wonderful. I hope you really do well with them.
Love the photo of your girls.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Sweet soaps, and great prices, the final display is so classy. I know they will do well. Sweet pics of the girls too,,they sure look alike!


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