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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our fourth son, Chase ~

How in the world did this happen??? From such a tiny sweet going to college today??? It truly was in the blink of an eye my friends ~
cherish the moments, as they are so fleeting.....

hugs and love, Dawn


SharDon Exclusives said...

He was a cutie pie as a boy but he grew up to be a gorgeous young man. You have a right to be proud of him...going off into the world is harder on Mom than on is harder than sending them off to kindergarten because he has his own opinions. You have raised him, gave him the moral roots and all the love you could. Now he belongs to the Lord & all of the heavenly angels to protect & keep him. Blessings to you during this time.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Dawn,

What an exciting time for your son. I am sure he will do great.
I have been enjoying your posts recently on your children. You are so right that time seems to just flash by.
Your boys are so beautiful and you have been an awesome mother. You are truly an inspiration.

....and 1 more leaves the nest. I hope you are enjoying some of the quiet.
Speak to you soon,

The Jeweled Postcard said...

What a handsome son you have there! I remember when my daughter left for college, so hard ;( She was the last to leave so we were "empty nesters" and that was a big hurdle to overcome. When we got home from taking her, her towel was hanging in the bathroom still damp and I just buried my head in it and cried like a baby. But it all passes in time.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I know how you feel, Dawn! Last year, my youngest and only son went to college and dormed there. He was in state, but far enough away that he needed to live on campus. I was okay on the day we brought him, but would tear up for weeks afterward ~ and it could be anything that brought it on. I tried to hide my feelings prior to his leaving because they do get so excited to be on their own, but I think he knew because I got extra hugs the whole month before he left!

ByLightOfMoon said...

What an Awesome Cute Gentleman you have! My daughter turned 40 Yes, Forty last year!

Times do move fast, so you really do have to pay attention!

SMiles, Cyndi

cityfarmer said...

you're meltn' me, girl!!!

Deb said...

Hi Dawn,

Your post is especially meaningful to me as I'm feeling pretty much the same thing this week. My third daughter is heading back to college. For the very first time in my life, it will only be me and the 2 boys at home! For the last 24 years, I've always had a girl in the house! Hopefully it will allow me to really connect with the boys without the diversion of all the "girl drama". The time does go by so fast..Thanks for sharing! And, I know you must be so proud of all your kids!

Bambi said...

What a darling little guy to a very handsome young man. My heart goes out to you. Time does fly by so fast. They don't quite understand how hard it is on us moms!! Hugs to you and best wishes to Chase.

Frippery said...

Such a doll. I know how you are feeling. My daughter and youngest will be starting college this year as well. It is hard to feel that all that sweet childhood is behind us. Ack, now I am all choked up. Known that we are out here feeling it with you. Take care, Pam

Dorthe said...

Dawn sweet,
yes it is hard to let go,
my only daughter is now 32 , so she left many years ago, but till now, I feel empty when she and her family leaves after a wisit.
Our son died in birth, and we never trusted to go through another pregnancy, so she is the only, and much loved "child".
Your son is realy handsome, and from what you told about him,very clever,and will cope very well, with this new life.

Sweet dear, take care, and all the best -
with love ~Dorthe

June said...

Hi Dawn,
What a handsome young guy your little sweetie turned into. Hold him close before he goes. Sons are such gifts to their moms.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn....

I daily enjoy sharing your life through your blog, and seeing those photos today reminded me when my sons took that first REAL flight from the nest. Hello, college.....hello, world! Now there are grandsons, and I watch today as one of the nine-year-olds tests his wings as he rides the bus to camp ON HIS OWN. Our job is to give them their wings....and the gentle breeze of a mother's love to keep those wings afloat.
Keep fanning,

Karen said...

You have a handsome son! It's so hard to let go but he'll do fine. Karen

Allie said...

Hi Dawn....
What a handsome young man your son is! I come to your site often but don't always leave a comment, but this time, I just had to. In two weeks, my one and only child will move into the dorm for her first year in college. It's an exciting time for her and we've had lots of time this summer to spend together but I know I'm going to miss her so much. Thank goodness for cell phones and texting! I'm trying to ignore the "pink elephant in the middle of the room" and trying to keep the tears stored away until after she leaves. So far, so good.
Take care,

madrekarin said...

It's a bitter-sweet time when you realize that the child you cared for, nurtured and helped grow into an independent adult is actually leaving you. Tears are to be shed- for joy, for hope, for missing them.
Chase is going to do wonderful things. :)


What a wonderful handsome family you have we watch our children grow to be adults life only gets better and better - and believe me you get use to the "peace and quiet"...(however you have quite a ways to go yet)!!! LOL!! You are right - savor each moment as time flies by so fast - and how blessed we are to have those moments!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh handsome young man and a beautiful child he was :-)

I happen to have a beautiful granddaughter going off to college..Hmmm?? LOL


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