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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My sweet MIL gets me!

I do love strange things....I admit it ~ a forgotten bird's nest, rusty things, tattered books....they're not your typical items that are collected.

This past weekend my husband's parents came over for a visit and my dear mother-in-law brought me a few goodies! A sweet bird's nest that I've placed in this gathering basket and added a few fake eggs to ~ just look at the beautiful skeletal leaves that are tucked all around, I love it!

Here are a few more gifts as well....a sewing machine drawer and her own mother's train case! I think I'll use them both to store supplies in ~ much better than a plastic container, don't you think?

Plus a bag of old, stained linens that I simply adore ~ she knew that holes and stains are OK in my book and of course I love them! They're freshly laundered and ready for whatever comes next ~

My favorite piece is this one, the flowers and white leaves are so beautiful ~

Seeing the beauty in the old, tattered and worn is truly a gift and
I so appreciate my sweet mother-in-law for thinking of me :)

Sweet Noah has had a WONDERFUL first few days of school ~ it's a big step going from elementary to middle school but it helps when all your friends are with you!!

And here's my favorite photo of Ellie just for Kimi ~ I would be honored if you would paint her portrait!!! My email address is:
Thank you so much sweet friend!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday dear friends,
xxoo, Dawn


KV Creative Designs said...

Wow! You lucky girl! So Sweet of your MIL! Enjoy your goodies!
Artful Blessings,

Pam said...

All such lovely vintage pieces Dawn. Lucky girl you.

Betty said...

Such a sweet mil. Its so great that she can see the beauty in these things and pass them on to you. Hagd.

Dorthe said...

Oh sweet, such great gifts, I love how you placed the little birds nest, and all the other goodies, are wonderfull too.
Thanks for your ever so sweet comment, dear friend-love you.
And thanks for telling about the beautifull game pieces,I`m sure my Mathilde will love to play with them in some years.
Have a lovely day Dawn -
Hugs and xxx -Dorthe

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

A treasure trove. How wonderful that you have such an ensightful MIL. Sea Witch

Connie said...

You are indeed loved and thought highly of for her to give you those sweet things, sweetpea!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the portrait. As a painter, I think that is a good photo to use.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh...goodies!! Doncha just love it when someone "get" it and then surprises you with PERFECT findings!!?? You are a lucky gal - and good luck to Noah - he's do great - just look at that handsome face!

June said...

Hi Dawn,
It is such a blessing to have a great MIL. You have a wonderful one I'll bet. Judging by these treasures, she's got style.
I'm glad that Noah is having a good first week at school and I hope he has a great year.

Michele said...

What a sweet MIL you have're one lucky girl with all those treasures!

Yes, middle school is a big jump for a child..good thing he's with his friends!

I just love that picture of Ellee - what a wonderful portrait that will be...can't wait to see it!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I wish I had a MIL like that! Those linens are especially gorgeous.

marie said...

How wonderful that your MIL knows you so well and how special that she shared all these beautiful things with you! The sewing machine drawer and the train case will be perfect for storing things in ~ definitely better than plastic!

Noah looks very happy about school and his smile reminds me so much of yours (in your blog photo).

Jamie said...

Your Mother-in-law does know you well:) I really love that sewing machine drawer:) I loved your comment yesterday and no, I do not know what you were thinking! I didn't realize they were all so close together. You are Super Woman for sure! I am so glad Noah is enjoying middle school. What a cutie pie he is! Love You! Jamie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

First, I have to say that your Noah is too cute! I remember when my kids made the move from elementary to middle school; they seemed more grown up some how {sigh!}. Of course, now they are 22 and 19, but I still look at them at see my "little" ones!

How nice that your MIL brings you little treasures! It must be funny if she says to others, "yes, I have these holey linens and this old sewing machine drawer for my DIL". That must raise a few eyebrows! LOL!

Lori said...

that is so wonderful that your MIL gets you and shared those treasures with you...i know you will put all of those pretty linens to good use...can't wait to see what you do Dawn!!!

i'm glad to hear that your sweet Noah is enjoying school:)

Lady Pamela said...

Such a blessing to have a MIL who understands you and showers you with gifts. And of course, her greatest gift was your DH!

sjhackney said...

Dawn, those linens are great. Nice MIL you have! Thanks for showing them to us. Sally

SharDon Exclusives said...

Mother in laws are either wonderful or ...... you obviously found a KEEPER! I know you bless her life with adventure and a sweet spirit. What a blessing for you to have such loving inlaws. Lucky you,

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a fun post. It's such a blessing to have a great mother in law, one who knows JUST what you love, too! :)
Thanks for entering my give away, I've put your name in the hat...xo and hugs to you, sweet friend,Lidy

Becky said...

What sweet pic's of all that you love. Thanks Dawn for for you kind words, always.
And hay that nest would look great in my new bathroom... not to worry, I have one...LOL.
It is amazing how much we have in common, and
similar taste.



All sweet things for sure...especially NOAH!!!

Sandi said...

Send your MIL to me asap! LOL Loving that birds nest and train case especially!!

Shopgirl said...

Love the stuff, I know you will find a reason for every little thing. Noah looks so handsome, he looks ready for his big day. Middle school is a big step...not always a easy one.
Happy everyday Noah, Mary

Halo Hill said...

Wow! Your mil DOES get you! What a lucky girl you are!!



Scarlett Clay said...

As always, your blog is so lovely and I really enjoy your photos! Have fun with all that old, beautiful stuff :)

stagingworks2009 said...

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