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Friday, August 21, 2009

An inspiring friend ~

My blog has enabled me to meet some of the most wonderful people!! Last year a sweet woman, Sandy Denarski, contacted me to let me know how much she enjoyed my blog and that it inspired her daily. But after reading an article that she had written for Horse & Rider magazine, SHE is the inspiring one!! I'm am totally amazed at her story and loved reading about her life-changing decision. Knowing she did this to take care of herself, gives me hope that I can follow down the same path!! Please read about Sandy and her success story HERE ~

Sandy has also started a blog for Horse & Rider that she will be posting on regularly! Be sure to stop by and welcome she will soon begin her own personal blog as well ~

Sandy, I'm so glad you're here and I just want you to know sweet friend, YOU inspire me.......

A scan of a beautiful horse print that I own ~ for you wonderful horse lovers

Sandy and her precious horse Nitro ~

I'm so glad you're here sweet friend!!

hugs and love,


Roxie said...

Beautiful post Dawn. I'll have to pop over and read Sandy's article in Horse and Rider. I love inspiring stories. Thanks!

Sandy Denarski said...

Dawn, I just logged into my computer at home. Thank you for the beautiful picture of the horse and the nice words. I really appreciate your encouragement, it gave me the courage to hit the "post" button. Sandy Denarski

Amanda said...

You are such a sweetie, Dawn, to mention Sandy. I did read her article and I'm so happy for her--she looks great!


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