Sunday, October 17, 2021

Happy fall dear friends!


I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted!
Time flies no matter what you're doing!

It's been busy around here since I last posted.
I pulled out some antique lace and was playing
with a paperweight in these pics.

Well, the pickets on the front porch of the studio
were really janky and not spaced well.
My dad took them all off and replaced them a few weeks ago!
They now match the spacing of the stairs too.

Then I had to add a few porch curtains and love how they look!!

Next, I hand painted a new sign to add to the top of the stairs!

In between all of this, I had to go through all of my mama's things
as we planned to have a yard sale the beginning of October.

This was not an easy task and wouldn't wish it on anyone.
It was like saying goodbye all over again.
We made it through though and donated what was left.
I even cried at the thrift store.

We also had brand new double-pane windows installed in our new home!!!
They are absolutely wonderful!

I took several small pieces of artwork to a wonderful antique store
here in our new hometown, Lazy J Mercantile!

There were five pieces and now there's only ONE left!!!
It's so cool when someone loves what you make!

AND....of course I couldn't leave empty handed when I picked up my first check!!!
Look at this gorgeous bridal crown, antique muslin bag
and a pair of rhinestone shoe clips I bought...

It's now the middle of October and
the weather is finally cooling here in Georgia.

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year.
Cool breezes and gorgeous blue skies always make me smile!!!!

Thank you always for stopping by sweet friends,

Much love,


Mary Woeppel said...

Dawn so sorry for your loss. I just want you to know how I look forward to your posts. You are so talented. I admire and the way you put items together. Your vision of putting all my favorite bits and pieces together perfectly💕💕💕 Thank you for sharing.

Em22 said...

Hahaa!! Wow, its so funny that you say you havent posted in a while...because I havent been here in a long time, lol!! I havent been to any blogs in TOO long! I was actually going through some old bookmarks from 2019 & before & came across a few of your pages I bookmarked...THEN I remembered I bought a tutorial from you, although it was too close to Christmas to actually make it, I put it away and...FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT!! I actually clicked the link to your Etsy shop from a blog post in 2019 not expecting it to be an active shop and I am all too happy to see that was NOT the case! AND that is when I seen the Snowman tutorial & thought OHH YAAAA, I bought that one!! Lol! So good to see youre still posting!
Also, I was looking through your shop to see if you happened to have any tutorials on how to make the hanging pockets with old doileys and other linens & laces? Or if you had any Christmas shadowboxes you'll be posting for the season? I love your stuff and your tutorials! So glad to see you are still doing the thing =) =)

The Feathered Nest said...

Em22, thank you so much for visiting me again!!! Do you still have a copy of the tutorial you purchased? I'll be happy to mail you another copy if not!!! I'm sorry, no I've not created a tutorial on the pockets. Life happens!!! You are so sweet, let me know how to get back in touch with you! xxoo


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