Friday, March 27, 2020

A few glimpses of the studio to make you smile!

I don't even know what to say about all that is going on right now.
I can only say, stay home...stay safe and pray for this to please pass precious friends.

I was up in the studio yesterday cleaning up, putting things away and
thought that I'd take a few close-ups of vignettes to make you smile.

And yes, I do need to get busy making something pretty...
it always makes me happy and distracts me too!
I've been in a funk for waaaay too long it seems.

First, a print I scanned years ago that I love!
Right click it, save it and print it out.
You can print it to frame or even make some sweet cards!

A jar of rhinestone jewelry and bling!

The last bloom from our hydrangea bush at the farmhouse.
It brings me sweet memories you know.
It's not finished but will be soon.

Old photographs recently given to me by my sweet cousin Sherry.


More pretty stuff...

My very favorite jar filled with vintage buttons!

A few of my very favorite things. Gifts from friends, artwork from others and
my favorite photograph of my sweet grandmother.

A paper clay bird I made for my tutorial in the Etsy shop and the most
gorgeous handmade nest from a blog friend Vicki Boster.

Another dried hydrangea bloom resting in an antique aquarium with a bird's nest.
And yes, those are real eggs that never hatched!

One of my first little pincushion baby shoes that was published.

Treasures pinned to a dress form.

She is waiting for her modeling job when I finish those hair bands in the background.
Get busy Dawn and stop stressing...

Some fabulous bark that Tammy and James brought back from a mountain trip.
It definitely needs to be used!

More artwork from friends that I adore!

The sweet little retro blue tooth speaker
that Brent and his family gave me for my birthday and
a few more treasures and supplies.

I just wanted to bring a little sweetness to your day.
Please stay safe, stay home and of course stay clean.
I love you all!!!

Thank you for visiting me always,
hugs and love,


Fonda said...

Your entry today is HUGE. It fills up my screen, and I have to scan from side to side. I hope it's temporary.

I love seeing your little treasures. I have treasures in my craft room, too. And, around the house!

just me... jan said...

Many thanks for the print! Like you, I’m kinda finding it hard to be creative as well. I seem to be spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I’m even losing track of what day it is! But all is right in my world so far...I haven’t left the house in days! Take care Dawn...hopefully both of us will get our artsy mojo working soon!❤️

Pam said...

Your collections, and bits and bobs are just beautiful. I too cherish things from nature. "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous"...Aristotle

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I love all your stuff!!

Vee said...

Hi Dawn! This little wander about in your blog gave me such a warm old times! I have recently been spending more time in my sewing room and I have copied you many times over. I just love your style and your sense of beauty. Joining you in a prayer that this virus will soon be over. Take care!

Linda Shukri said...

thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of your studio and your pretty stuff! :-)

Becky Carney said...

Always love your sweet vintage style Dawn...💖

Caty said...

You have got really great treasures in your studio, wonderful all. Your page is amazing, love the little birds, very happy.
I wish you a very nice day, stay safe and well,
Big hugs, Caty

Junque Seeker said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful bird image, and the pretties in your studio. Everything looks lovely!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Dawn thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images of your not so new studio by now!
Love everything in there inc. the bird images, eggs and nests, the dried hydrangeas and that bark looks so interesting!
I wonder how you will use that I would love to see!
Sending you some big hugs and stay safe and stay sane dear Dawn!
Love Suzy

Mary said...

Hi dear Dawn - I was just re-reading the comment you left me several months ago and for some reason I noticed I was no longer a 'follower' on your blog so have signed up again.
It's always a pleasure to visit you here, so much gentle beauty and loveliness to view.

Hoping you and the family remain well during these very different times, and that we are all able to get back to something more normal very soon - as long as we can stay healthy!

Loved your photos - my new season hydrangeas are just starting to bloom - like you, my dried ones are always a source of pleasure through the winter months too.

Hugs - Mary

Rory said...

Hi Dawn,
I have just found your blog and am enjoying it.
Some very nice items in this post, I especially like the Bluebirds.

- Rory


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