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Friday, March 13, 2020

A thankful heart ~

Last week my sweet cousin tagged me in a link.
It was an estate sale for an eclectic artist.
I went to the link and there were 200 photographs!!!
I may have foamed at the mouth a little bit because
she loved all that I love!

My cousin lived VERY close to the estate sale and said she may go.
I asked her if you find anything at all that you think I'll love, get it...
I'll send you the money!

Well, she went.
And ohmyland...what she bought for me is WONDERFUL!!!
I asked her what do I owe you hon?
(thank goodness it was 50% off day on Sunday)
Sherry told me's all a gift from me.


Thank you so much precious Sherry!!! I love it all so much!
I'll let the photos speak for themselves....
gosh, I've got to get back to creating.

Such sweet, precious treasures!
Some I will keep in honor of the sweet artist who passed.
I want to honor her taste, her love of old and her artistry.

You know I had to share though!
Wishing you a beautiful spring and
thank you always for visiting me!!!

Hugs and love,


SleepyFoxFolkart said...

Such absolute treasures and they just "scream", ever so silently, you!!!!

Mom said...

What a wonderful, kind and thoughtful thing for your cousin to do. Everything is gorgeous but I especially love the bird print, the lace, and that nest! I know you will be doing marvelous things with these special finds. Hugs and blessings!

Sonya Badgley said...

What a sweet cousin you have! All those treasures passed on from another artist. Truly keepsakes. Thanks for sharing with us, Dawn! We always enjoy your posts. <3 Sonya

PKBrandon said...

Hi Dawn,

Are those portrait photos real or prints, and are they part of the things your cousin bought??? Geez - either way they are treasures. I don't understand how old photos can just be sold or trashed. Glad you have them!


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