Friday, June 12, 2020

Getting by in this crazy world ~

It's been forever ago that I posted.
I'm so very sorry but this year so far hasn't been my fav.

Well, I just haven't had much to say.
I've been frozen.
I was able to create a LOT of masks for friends and loved ones
and mailed them to them.
My son and MIL helped me pay all of the postage.
I don't really want to go into that but praying
one little mask helped.

My sweet sewing girl!!

The beautiful spring sky
Seems no matter what us humans are battling, nature presses on.
I'm so thankful for that!

I finally decided to try my hand at needle felting!
I purchased a pattern and already had all of the supplies.
It is a sleeping bunny and I love that the pattern shared
the scale of the pieces needed so the bunny pieces aren't all out of proportion.
I purchased the pattern from The Wishing Shed on Etsy and loved her instructions!

My finished bunny!!!

Well, I'll end this post here
because I'm trying to learn the new Blogger posting format
and have so failed!!!

Love you all,
Please stay healthy angels...

Hugs and love,


Pam said...

Love your pretty posts. That little bunny is precious and so real looking. Take care.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Dawn~ It's been such a strange year for all of us! Glad you were able to bless some family with masks~
I really had to comment - as I had not ever heard of needle felting - until my artistic grandson decided to try his hand at it a few weeks ago!! He made an amazing little fox; it is beautiful. Your bunny is awesome and SO life-like! Congrats on mastering this delicate art! Hugs, karen o

Mary said...

I'll take your cute bunny over the little devils in my garden chewing on my plants and veggies! We seem to have a big rabbit family this year - along with so many squirrels and a few chipmunks. Have discontinued filling the bird feeders for a few weeks - seed is so expensive now and the animals are eating 90% of the birds' food, grrrrrr!!!!

Yes, this year has not been a fun one at all. I have to try the new Blogger platform in the coming days - not happy at having to learn anything technical but guess this one is necessary to keep blogging!

Do stay well dear Dawn - Mary

Mom said...

I adore your felted bunny; great job and the fabrics you used for the masks are gorgeous!!

Stay strong, keep creating, and know you are in my prayers.


Vee said...

Yup. I know what you mean. Great sewing it's a lot of fun. That rabbit! He is very realistic. What a talented woman you are! Is there anything you can't do?

Lisa said...

I love your bunny - and I've followed your blog through the years. You are so creative and I love your style!! Hang in there - my daughter has been making masks, too. Praying we get through this pandemic and it goes away soon. God bless you!


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