Monday, March 23, 2015

It's the little things that make you happy!

Well....we've lived here at the farmhouse for almost five years now!!!
I've looked at the red brick fireplace day after day just knowing
that it could be so, so much more beautiful with just a teeny bit of effort!

I mentioned to my dad that I would love for him to build me a fireplace surround
completely out of gorgeous moulding.
Completely removeable but wonderful all the same.

Well, mom and dad came down last week and he was ready, willing and able!!!
At almost 75 years old, this precious man
(a total handyman by-the-way) wants to make me happy!

He measured and measured again.
We headed to Lowes and started looking at all the components we would need.
We totally designed it on the concrete floor of Lowes!
We purchased some items but after one night's sleep,
my dad dreamed all about it by-the-way...
(he is who I get my artistic goodness from!)
and decided we needed to return some things and buy a few others!

He used thin luan as the foundation for his fireplace surround creation.
He purchased small flat-head screws that he screwed in from the BACK
of the luan so they would not show from the front and need to be puttied.

He used 1 x 6 boards on the sides that he shaved down
to the proper size to apply the luan base to.

Then he began using wood glue in addition to the screws
to add the different mouldings to the front.
The wonderful thing?
The fireplace surround is only attached to the wall on each side of the fireplace!
It can easily be removed if needed.

Here are a few photos of this wonderful transformation!!!


I still need to add a finish coat of white paint but
It adds so much more character to our sweet living room!!


And as wonderful added bonus?
My sweet son Brad gave me an early Mother's Day gift.
A pretty ceiling fan for my studio with a great light!
My dad and son Brent installed it too...I CAN SEE NOW!

Happy Monday angels!!!
I'm wishing you a beautiful week ahead ~

hugs and love,


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely transformation! Your Dad did a great job.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Jane said...

Amazing! Your fireplace looks wonderful - great job!

Lesley UK said...

You are so lucky to have such a loving family. Blessings


Oh, I love your new fireplace surround! How ingenious it is, too. And what a wonderful daddy, you are so blessed!

At Home in English Valley said...

What a blessing to have your Daddy and you collaborate on this fireplace project. It turned out so beautiful, and the fan is the perfect gift for your studio. What would we do without the sweet men in our lives? Enjoy dear Dawn! Love, Penny

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

How lovely, Dawn...and so nice your father could do it for you!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your Dad did a great job on that fireplace surround, Dawn! It looks so pretty!

FredaB said...

How great to have your Dad to do things for you like that. give that man an extra hug. He did a beautiful job and it is transformed.


sue said...

Your dad is not a handyman - he is a master carpenter! Job well done!!!!!!!!!!

just me... jan said...

Does your dad come with wings??? I've got a few projects here I need tending to!! LOL Seriously, he did a FABULOUS job!!!

Bente said...

Oh, your fire place looks so beautiful now. Love the transformation.
Hugs from here

Barb, from Texas said...

Gorgeous fp surround. YOU DID GOOD!!!! How wonderful to have such a great Dad!

?????Do you know the title of the dog and lamb picture? I remember seeing it long years ago in a neighbor's house....would love to find one like it. Thanks!

Jann said...


Marlynne said...

What a thrill for you1 Beautiful! Hurrah for Dad and son!

Josephine's Girl said...

What a great transformation! It reminds me of my 1927 Dutch colonial's fireplace!


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