Monday, March 30, 2015

Busy as a little bee!

After my precious mama and daddy's visit I knew I had to get busy
on a few special orders!!!

I have a couple of treasure organizers in the making.
I always have to adjust my pattern to the size of the wooden hanger ~
The pockets are created from a long strip of lined fabric and then
measured and ironed into the appropriate sizes.

Then I choose from my collected laces and doilies to see what would
be perfect to adorn each and every pocket!

I will soon decide on a few gorgeous vintage buttons to finish off
each pocket as well.

Here are a few photos to share my progress:

And take a peek at what I finally broke down and purchased...
An Ikea Raskog utility cart!!!
I've always wanted one for my studio and for some reason
they've reduced the price from 49.99 to 29.99!!!
It was such a great deal that I simply ordered it online
and the shipping was only 10.00.
Much better than fighting traffic to get to
the nearest Ikea in downtown Atlanta.

Now...what will I put in it???

Here's the link to it online:

I just found some WONDERFUL magazines that I know you will LOVE too!
I promise to share them in my next post.

Happy Monday angels!
Thank you always for visiting me here ~
hugs and love,


Shelia said...

Dawn, these are so beautiful! You are so very talented and I want to wish you a happy Easter!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

At Home in English Valley said...

You are so blessed to have your dear Mom and Dad, their visits always bring you such happiness. All that joy seems to spark your creativity. Such beautiful work with the prettiest laces. Have a Happy Easter dear Dawn, enjoy that wonderful family of yours. Love, Penny

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

A great start with your project, it will be beautiful when finished. Love the little metal cart..wish I had room for more storage ! But I've maxed out my space. Enjoy a lovely week.

Jody said...

I just recently ran across your blog. The first entry is this one. I am making something very similar. It's called a hussif or housewife. Mine will be made to hold cross stitch and silk ribbon embroidery supplies. Mine is done in much darker colors. The lace will be dyed and beeded. Upon seeing yours, I'm going to make another one and I haven't finished the first. I love your monochromatic look. I love your embellishments. It is a treasure all by itself.

Maggie said...

Hi Dawn--I haven't come over here and left a comment in ages! Oh, I had a fun time reading thru a bunch of your older posts to catch up!! You are such a doll and so sweet and creative. I love your blog:-)

This new treasure organizer is scrumptious and all the laces you used are beautiful! It was fun reading thru the drop-cloth dialog on FB last night! Now I'm ITCHING to go to Harbor Freight! They have such CHEAP prices. I get my steel rulers there, x-acto-type knives and blades, giant packages of the cheap soldering brushes, mini propane torches, awesome leather tool belts, and so much more. They have the cutest stubby ball-peen hammer for just a couple's great for jewelry hammering. And cheap little clippers and pliers--mine are always getting rusty and crusty when I solder, so it's cheap to just replace them. It's weird that I love a hardware store so much, haha.

And NOW I also have to plan a trip to IKEA...what a great new price on the rolling cart. I already have an aqua one, but I think it needs a buddy. And Lord knows I have the junk to fill it!

Have a great week--

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How funny to see your post today and talking about your organizers, Dawn! I mentioned you in my most recent post where I am embellishing a shoe organizer. It won't be as pretty as yours, but it will work for me.

Love, love the cart! I wish I had room for one. It looks like it would certainly come in handy and I like the color you got.

Michele said...

Dawn your organizer is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Have a Happy Easter! Hugs!

Teah said...

Thank you for your ongoing inspiration. Thanks for posting the link for the IKEA organizer. What a great price! I would have missed the special if it weren't for you.


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