Thursday, May 29, 2014

Searching ~

So what really inspires you?
I'm currently searching for my muse and delving into some old photos
hoping that they will stir up a little creativity!

Is it amazing supplies?
Buttons, gorgeous old lace, beautiful fabrics?
All of the above definitely get the wheels turning for me.

Sometimes I love to look back at my own photos of things I've made in the past.
It certainly helps.
I love making new things though, different things.
But if I can't come up with anything,
I simply return to my old standbys ~

I thought I would share a few old photos
that I ran across on my search...
for my ever elusive muse!

ps. Thank you for all of your well wishes,
I'm definitely feeling MUCH better ~

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday precious friends!
hugs and love,


Michele said...

SO GLAD to learn you are feeling better. I have been praying for you!

Love these old photos - your work is amazing - hope you "get your groove back" soon.


Jen said...

The old photos are something to cherish and the lovely whites for embelishing. Some more lovely projects to come.

Lace Age Girl said...

What beautiful inspiration photos. How could you bear to cut that gorgeous lace? Your artworks are breath-taking - I guess there needs to be sacrifice of something to achieve something greater.

Lesley UK said...

Hi Dawn, I'm so pleased you're feeling better. As usual your pics are wonderful. Blessings

susan hemann said...

Lots of things inspire me, but I would have to say nature is number one. Sometimes I wish my studio would be in the middle of the forest.

Theresa said...

Love looking back at old photos for inspiration:) I am happy to hear you are feeling better! I have the sinus thingy going on but not bad enough to go to the doctor! Enjoy your day dear Dawn, BIG HUGS!

Curtains in My Tree said...

The old pictures and lace and buttons all looks great just laying together
Makes me want to get my old pictures all in one location in the studio.
I framed a few with old purse frames

Vee said...

So glad that you are feeling much better and that you are pawing around in your studio once again. That means things are about to take shape. Have you ever done fancy scissors holders?

June said...

Hi dear Dawn! I think of you so much when I am out in the studio. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well, but happy to hear that you now are starting to feel better.
I think going through your beautiful past creations would inspire me to do anything sweetie. You've been inspiring me for years!
much love,

jeanniemc said...

Love to hear you are feeling better! Whatever you make and whatever materials you use is going to be beautiful--just like you!!

Hugs, Jeannie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Such pretty creations, Dawn! I am having "creative block" right now. I have a couple of projects I'd like to do, just need to get the enthusiasm to go with it. Plus, I started a part time job this week and I'm trying to get into a new routine. Hopefully, by next week I'll have one and can actually sit down and make something!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, So many times you are my inspiration. I see something beautiful that you've created, I am inspired to search through my stash, find something pretty and start creating myself. Sometimes I have to take myself out on a field trip to jump start that need to make. Whatever it takes, creativity is so important in our lives and makes us who we are. Thank you Dawn. Love, Penny

Deb Plapp said...

Hi Dawn,

I was looking at your photos of things you've made in the past, and when I came to Prairie Girl I said to myself, "she's mine". I'm still enjoying her every time I go and sit on our screened-in porch. She's holding up well.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Glad you're feeling better! I like many go to my Pinterest boards. I often forget what I've pinned and seeing what others have done always gets the creative juices flowing.

Relyn Lawson said...

Well, my friend, you do. You inspire me. Specifically, the feathered nest art box I won years and years ago when I first started blogging. I love it . Thank you again, my friend.

Dapoppins said...

I love everything you craft. Can't wait to see what new places you explore with your creative muse!

Olga Siedlecka said...

Visiting your stunning blog makes me smile :)


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