Monday, July 1, 2013

Thankful for blessings ~

We've had quite a crazy weekend around the old farmhouse!!!
Some things good...and well, some things NOT so good!

It all started Friday with my sweet niece having her beautiful baby girl
and my hubs and DIL Emily and little Clara were going to go to the hospital
to visit and see the new little angel.

I said I would watch baby Murray and knew I would see the new baby soon
so they headed on their way and Murray was so happy he didn't even realize it.

Well a big storm started brewing Friday afternoon and the skies grew darker and darker ~
I knew that I'd better start getting ready for it so I laid little Murray in his playpen
and began unplugging all the electronic devices, TV, computer, etc.

I kept peeking out the window all the time and seeing the pecan trees swaying wildly.
The rain was hammering against the windows so bad I could hardly see outside.
The thunder and lightning began picking up and then I grabbed Murray and little
Ellie the pup and headed to our hallway knowing this was going to be a bad storm!!!

We heard crashing on the front porch, terrible thunder and heavy rain.
Well, after it was all over, in just a manner of minutes, maybe 15 or so?
I laid Murray back down in his little Pack 'n Play and started peeking around
to see if there was any damage...omygoodness ~ the storm totally ripped our
screened door in half!!! Our heavy rocking chairs were all turned over on
the front porch, as were the metal chairs around the sweet old iron table.

Thank goodness we didn't have any giant pecan limbs down as they
can be so weak but I just hated it about our screened door!
I'm just so very thankful there wasn't more damage
than there was.

Here's a photo of the poor thing:

Then Saturday evening we had our sweet Clara over to spend the night!!!
She was so excited!
What's so funny is that she kept asking me for a haircut....
I've cut her hair since she was a wee one and she is terribly
tender-headed and just needs her hair to be shorter so she can
endure brushing and such.
So, we did it!!!

I didn't take a ton off and she was amazingly still for a little 4 1/2 year old!
Here are a few pics, before AND after:



And Sunday?
Well, it was a day of making yummy pancakes for this
precious granddaughter and relaxing.

I did manage to get a TON of sold goodies
packed up ready for the post office tomorrow though!

It's been a great weekend and guess what???
We've gotten our first few sales in our new
I truly am a thankful girl....

Wishing you a beautiful Monday dear friends!!!

hugs and love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! Blessings to you and so nice to catch up with you and your delightfully feathered nest! Congrats, too - I daresay - but so sorry about your door. Sweet baby girl spending the night and getting a cutie haircut makes all things better, i suppose. Joy to you!

Theresa said...

Sorry about that sweet screen door but happy you didn't get any trees on the house! I can't believe that you can EVEN cut hair:) You amaze me! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

The Painted Nest said...

I'm so thankful you and yours are safe! And I'm very Happy about your General Store soap is doing Great! I can't wait to get mine!!
Blessings Sweet Friend,

Dorthe said...

Sweetest Dawn, you must have been so terrified, my dear... What a blessing that not more happened!! I`m saying that ,even I know that you ofcourse are so sad about your wonderful screen door - I hope your husbond can refix it, maybe !!
And little sweet Clara , with her new haircut looks so very adorable and beautiful, -a true treasure dearest .
Well done to sell so many goodies in your Farmhouse Goods Shop- there are so many things to wish for- and congratulations for your first sales in your, now, own soap shop!!! Wishes for many more to come!!!
So I wish you a wonderful July in every thinkable way precious friend.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

marsha cannon said...

I love Clara's haircut - my daughter is Clara also, named for my mother! She is 20 now and it seems like yesterday that she had that same haircut - so sweet. We had a catastrophic hail storm here in March and I so relate to the devastation of a storm. Happy Monday!

marda said...

That was some storm...I admit I love a great storm.. so long as nothing gets damaged. When you wrote you heard a loud noise on the porch I was afraid you were going to tell us a tree came down on it!! When I was a little girl, about Clara's age, that happened to my grandparents house where my parents, brothers etc were all gathered to wait out a bad storm.
That was scary for me back then. You do such a beautiful job cutting Clara's hair. Did you train as a hairdresser? If not, I'm truly in awe of your skill!!! She's such a sweetie.

Brigitte said...

Hi Dawn, I know that you are talented...I didn't know that you are a hairdresser too :) Glad that you are ok and that your house is ok. Have a creative day!

Barb, from Texas said...

Dawn, I'm one who ordered the soaps, and can't wait for them to arrive. I do wish that they came in smaller amounts....but am thinking that I will parcel them out over a year or so as gifts.

Glad you dodged a BAD storm! Seems like the world is in West Texas we have 'enjoyed' 106 temps last week. Yikes!!!!!

Love everything you share!


Laurie said...

Oh glad you stayed away from the doors and windows and stayed safe!


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