Friday, July 5, 2013

Isn't it so funny...

just how our minds work?!
After completing that last assemblage
I couldn't wait to make another one!!
My supplies were all still laying around so....

I've had this wonderful, old wooden box for years.
I've displayed treasures inside and placed in on our mantle,
moved it around here and there just knowing that one day
it should become an assemblage.

Well, today was the day!
It has been raining non-stop here in GA
so all of our Fourth of July plans were cancelled.
So since we were at home, my husband wanted to cook us
a wonderful meal to celebrate and I ended up
heading to the studio to play ~

Here are the results:

I just love the small size of the precious old wooden box!
Can you believe it's only about 5 3/4" tall by 4" wide??
I love the joinery of the ends to the sides...

And I guess the man that previously owned this neat old box
added the screws to frame up a small cardboard box
to help organize things ~ I left all that as-is.
Because really, that's what made me love it so!!!

I lined the inside with the pages of a great old bird book I have and
added several beautiful elements of nature.
Now, this lowly old wooden box has been transformed
into an assemblage....
"A Nature Study"

I just added it to my Etsy shop if you'd like to take a look!

I so hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!
We'll be celebrating the Fourth Saturday if it will stop raining long enough.
These weather extremes from one side
of the country to the other are crazy!!!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend dear friends ~

hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

it is fabulous. too cute with the screws in it to hold box up.
I can see see your wheels turning on how to use that idea somewhere else.

And it is so tiny! would never know by looking at pics.

be blessed

Theresa said...

We had a quiet 4th because of the rain! Love your beautiful creation! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Tea in the Library said...

Very special! Love it!

Vee said...

Hope that you reschedule the 4th for the 5th or something! This creation is making me rethink the little sewing drawer I did. I'm looking at it right now seeing some changes I could make to improve it. Thanks! May it sell today!!

Lesley UK said...

Dawn, this is extra special. I love it. Blessings

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It rained here, too, Dawn. This is just beautiful and I could just see this on a bookshelf with some wonderful nature books and journals. I love how you "play"! : ) You've inspired me to do something with that clock I mentioned in your last post. I'm thinking I'll take it apart this weekend.

The Rustic Victorian said...

How adorable! I have a weakness for old boxes, and this one has real soul.


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