Thursday, July 11, 2013

A new twist on an old favorite ~

I had something so neat happen last week...
I was at 999 sales in my Etsy store!!!
Well, I declared it on Facebook as I couldn't
believe I had almost reached 1000 sales
after all these years of having my Etsy shop.

My sweet friend Cindy Craine of Lilly's Lace
messaged me and said,
"Create a listing for a baby shoe pincushion for me,
I want to be your 1000th sale!!"
How wonderful is THAT???

I haven't made one in a while but of course,
it all comes back to you when you get started.
I sell the tutorial in my Etsy shop
if you're interested in seeing how I put one together :)

Since I was making Cindy's special order, I decided to go ahead
and make another for the shop as well.
The twist???
I painted the soft leather of the vintage baby
shoes before I put it all together!!
I painted them a beautiful champagne color using
regular old craft paint. I think what I used was from
Folk Art and I love this shade because it reminds me
of beautiful old pearls.

So here is the sweet pair....
one will be heading to Cindy and the other
has been listed in the Etsy store!

I also made a lavender sachet for a friend and
made just a few extra to put in the shop too!!

I hope you are doing so good this summer!
I'm so sorry if I've not been to visit your blog lately,
I plan on visiting everyone really soon ~

Thank you always, always for stopping by to see what I'm up to!

I hope you have a great Thursday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Doni said...

Congratulations Dawn! You have the most beautiful items in your shop and I am always inspired by your projects. Lovely pincushion pair of baby shoes. Just so pretty. Looking forward to seeing your craft space again!

Dorthe said...

Sweet dear Dawn,
your old little leather shoes are now so very lovely, -in the new painted vertion- I love that colour Dawn, and the beautiful way you decorated your number 1000 sale- congratulations on that, and so lovely a thought of Cindy`s.
Next year when my shop is closed I will try to do something about my own Etsy shop !!
Wish you a lovely day dear friend.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful, Dawn! Love the color you painted those shoes and, of course, the bling. : )

Maureen said...

So adorable Dawn!!! Your work is so wonderful - oh and I wanted to let you know that the carders arrived yesterday! They are awesome and I had to laugh at the packing material... best.packing.ever!

Thank you so much dear friend! Be sure to pop by this weekend as you'll see two of your things in my Where Bloggers Create post photos!

marie said...

Congratulations on all those Etsy sales...your work is so pretty it's no wonder that we all want to own a bit of it! I know I love the sweet treasures I've purchased!

Love these adorable shoes too!

Vicki Boster said...

Dawn -- I am so happy for your great success in sales!!! Congrats for your well deserved success!!

The little baby shoes are darling and so very exquisite -- only you could make them so very beautiful.

The little sachets are just precious -- they would make such wonderful gifts~


Laurie said...

Hearty congratulations on 1000 sales! I will get there someday, I hope! Your baby shoes are precious -- and so is that little bird pillow!

Barbara Jean said...

love the color. But acrylic paint is a flat finish, did you spray with something?

hugs barb

so sorry you have had to add word verification. i'm slightly dyslexic so it is hard....but know I am reading even if I do not comment.


Pat C. said...

Congratulations, dear Dawn! What a huge milestone!

It was sweet of Cindy to want to be your 1,000th sale... and what a beautiful creation she bought! I love the color you chose, especially the hint of iridescence. (Lovely sachets, too, as always.)

Congratulations again... I'm wishing you many more sales that bring joy to both you and your blessed customers.♥ xoxo


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