Thursday, June 6, 2013

Feeling a little "vacation-ish" lately ~

I have. I can't help it...
With Noah now out of school,
there's no real schedule around here now.

And since we haven't really been on a REAL vacation in a while,
I can't help but have a free feeling when school's out!
He's our last one of our five sons in school too ~
next year he will be in tenth grade!!! WOW!
It's like I can't believe that my baby is that old and on the other hand
it's like I can't believe I still have a child in school too  :)

But I still wanted to post even though I've not been very productive this week
I just love to say hello,
and always love to share with you ~

Happy Thursday my sweet friends!!!

hugs and love,


Suzan said...

Love the old photo of the girls in bathing suits. Family members?? and the young child!! Again - family?? When looking at old photos, I wonder who the person is, if they're still alive what are they like, how have they changed?

Dorthe said...

So wonderful for you, my dearest Dawn, not to be forced to get up early , ( I guess) as Noah is home..on summer vacation!--and feeling the freedom of it!!
You just enjoy, my dear and relax!
Thank you sweets for those beautiful images, the two friends are wonderful ,:-)
I send you my love and hugs, across the oceans, flying on a little summerbreeze :-)

Vee said...

Always loved school vacations, too. I very much enjoyed having the extra time with my kids. The bathing beauties are just so cute!

Luvcreatincards said...

Hi Dearest Dawn,

Your vintage bathing belles photo is gorgeous, as are the rest of the charming images you so kindly share today. It won't be long now(end of June) that school finished here in France, and I am looking forward to relaxed schedules too.
Sending lots of love hugs and warmest best wishes. Hope you have some very happy fun filled 'vacation' days to share with the family.

Lisa said...

Hey Sweets,
Love the bathing beauties, the one on the left has my legs:)

Vickie said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the photos and gifts that you do. I love wandering through your blog.

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Dawn,
I know what you feel about vacationish! Me too. In fact my best friend and I are off to the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck NY this weekend. Can't wait! Hope you get rest and relaxation and maybe just a little adventure for your vacation time! Thank you for sharing these lovely images. I love them!


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