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Friday, February 15, 2013

A little bit of everything...

The beauty of blogging for six years now
is that I have TONS AND TONS of photos
that I've shared here.
I just love going back to the early days and
looking at what I shared and loving the photos all over again!!!

This is a wild mix but since I don't have anything new to share today
I thought you would enjoy a few pretty pics ~

My buffet in our last home....filled with our clock collection ~

I've always LOVED this pouty girl, isn't she precious????
Use her to make a funny card for someone!!!

A few treasures I found while junkin' a few years back...

A few things I created from some gorgeous bark cloth I have...
funny thing, I sold the pillows to a blogger in Washington state and
eventually met Tracey in person at the new Victoria magazine
launch party in Dallas, TX!!!
Blogging has really allowed me to do so many wonderful things.

I just love the way these pillow turned out...
and yes, the tiny things in front?
Lavender sachets.

Remember the sweet blogger looking for the house plan
in an old Victoria magazine issue????
One of my readers FOUND IT!!!
And she's such an angel that she's mailing the issue
to the sweet girl that was looking for it ~
I just love it!!!

One of my works-in-progress paper clay pieces...this was to be a bunny ~

The next step...

A random shot of the antiques store I used to own...
good grief it was so beautiful that day!
Can you believe I hand-painted that huge sign that hung out front???

A little something I created in a tiny, old window pane.
The simplicity is beautiful to me.
The backdrop for the graphic?
A gorgeous Ralph Lauren sheet I purchased to cut up and use!

More paper clay projects in progress...

And finished here for my sweet friend Joy ~
She OVER paid me for this as I was about to leave for Texas
for the new Victoria magazine launch in Texas...
I will never forget her precious kindness!

A pincushion I made and sold back-in-the-day ~

A nice photo of our china cabinet I hand painted
loaded up with our vanilla pottery on top
and with the china my sweet husband gifted me for Christmas one year!!

I hope you didn't mind this crazy post but
I so enjoy looking back at all that I've shared over the years ~

Wishing you a wonderful weekend my sweet, sweet friends,
hugs and love,


morkaren said...

Jeg har ikke været din følger så længe at jeg har set alle de skønne billeder, din "ur-samling" betager mig, for jeg lider også af samlermani. knus morkaren.

Tina Eudora said...

What a great trip down memory lane Dawn! Although I wasn't able to blog much over the past few months I did keep up with your wonderful art on Etsy!
I too adore that little girl, what a face!
Have a super weekend!
Tina xo

Lisa said...

Hi Sweets,
I never get tired of seeing your amazing pictures. I Loved that store, even tho I never saw it in person. I can imagine how it looked inside (and smelled of lavender & soap). That sign is beautiful! Your such a talent. I know you don't have the time or strength anymore but I wish you still had it. Like a big girls playhouse:)

Primitive Seasons said...

How lovely Dawn! Nice to look back at "the good old days" right? I think you shoul do more clay pieces and how about some tutorials on that? I saw some little bunnies on Pinterest of yours and I don't ever remember seeing a tute on those. Please? Have a great day sweetie!


The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

Oh, I do love "looking back" at old pictures too. This trip down memory lane was wonderful.

Jan ♥

Dorthe said...

I love when you takes me on a tour to earlier dayes, dear friend- and alwayes am enjoying seing your projects, finished or waiting for the final touches. I swoon over your cup pincussion, and the frame with the beautiful fabric and lovely graphic. And I admire you for having painted that big sign, all on your own.
Love and hugs to you dearest Dawn.
xx, Dorthe

marie said...

I love seeing things you've shared in the always share such wonderful things.

Your shop looks like it must have been such a neat place to visit!!

Roseanna said...

I didn't mind at all! You have been a very busy creative soul! The wonderful thing about blogging is the journal you create, one we probably would never have gotten around to putting together. Now our great, great grandchildren will know what we were up to! I kind of heart that frog...thank you for stopping by with your sweet comments.

Vee said...

I do believe that you hand painted that sweet sign. I believe that you could do anything. Now why does knowing that someone found just the issue that your reader was looking for make me so tickled to know? It does. It really does. It's always fun to arrive here and see some new and some old. I remember the little pouter as I named her Mamie. I've identified with her in my'd pout, too, if your mama got ahold your bangs like that!

Rebecca said...

Hello Miss Dawn...

Oh girl~I'm so HAPPY that you came to visit me. Please don't EVER worry about the time between visits. Truly. When I come to your place I peruse my way through lots and lots of postings and I love them all. I, like you, am just busy with all I do and that doesn't always leave extra time to chat. But I love and drool though!

Blessings to you. Loved the pics from past posts... I started year #5 in January...WHAT? Crazy, I know!


Maggie said...

Hi there, Dawn! Nice to see glimpses of your old posts...a nice journal of what you were up to at various times. Interesting how there seems to be an ebb and flow with our creations and interests at a particular time, before we move on to the NEXT thing we love doing. So many projects, so little time...

Have a great weekend!

Simply Shelley said...

I remember some of these :) I remember also you being in that shop when I first started coming to visit you....don't you miss it sometime. I miss my little shop from time to time......blessings

Little Birdie Blessings said...

There's a serious amount of loveliness all in this one little place. Thanks for your generous heart. ~ Abby

Theresa said...

I LOVE looking back thru the years:) I am SO thankful for blogging, it has made me journal my days! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Annette said...

what a delightful way to start my Saturday and images you share are wonderfulll Thanks so much for taking the time to do so. xoxoxoxo

Pat C. said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos, Dawn, and bringing us along with you on your delightful trip down memory lane.♥ xoxo

FredaB said...

This was fun looking back. I sometimes will take a blog and go way back and read for the last couple of years. It is fun.

Also I love victoria magazine. I was so sorry when they quit publishing but was right there when they came back. I just received my new issue today and will sit with a cup of tea and read it this afternoon.



Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love a blast from the past.. Love the post and always love your blog... YOUR full of inspiration and loved looking at the old pics . I love it when they smile in the picture .. HUGS Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl


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