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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Déjà vu sweet friends!

Do you know what déjà vu means?
It is French for "already seen" and is used to refer to
when a person experiences the feeling that they have seen or
experienced something at an earlier time....

And what am I referring to?
My very first article in Stampington's Somerset Life
has been republished!!!!!
What a true honor to be in their upcoming (July 1st)
Handcrafted 2010 issue!!!!!

I received my free artist's issue a couple of days ago
and have since been able to look through each and every bit of it.
Friends, this is a WONDERFUL issue!!
And I'm not saying it because my pincushions are inside ~
I had to take a few photos to give you a preview.
I think you'll love this one!!!!

My little article ~ and they even used totally different photos from
what they originally used in the Life issue!!!! Neat, huh?

Now, for a little taste of what else is inside:

OK, I'm in LOVE with this bear!!!! And they even include the pattern!

I just had to share this with you!!!

Mitzi of Mitzi's Collectibles has a few wonderful ideas for wallpaper
on her latest post....take a look HERE!


Julie of Junkin Julie is celebrating her 100th Post with a giveaway HERE!

OH, and I JUST realized....I have reached 1400 POSTS!!!!!
Goodness, I'm a blogging FREAK, aren't I??!!
But I've been doing this now for 3 1/2 years so they do add up :)
I think a giveaway is in order, don't you??
And I think tomorrow's post will be the giveaway post.....

Thank you for always coming by...
and for the sweetest comments
on my recent soap box art!!!!
Do you think I should give it away? Hmmmm....

Have an amazing Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Leanne said...

Darn it! (Hmm, is that a pun?) I just ordered Art Journaling and now I see I'm going to have to order another magazine from them. *sigh*

OK, I guess I'm not *really* complaining...

Karen Valentine said...

Well, as if you being in this issue isn't enough reason to go out and get... now that you've given us a preview I can't wait to get one!!
Congrats my dear. You are becoming the grand dame of Sommerset aren't you???
Much love,

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Dawn ~
That is so cool !! I remember seeing that issue and just loved reading it and seeing your beautiful work in print !

rustandruffles said...

Congrats is more than well deserved!! I admire EVERYTHING you do and always know that if you are featured in a publication it will be a top notch issue!!! I will look forward to grabbing this one next time I'm at Michaels!

Dawn Dutton said...

Congrats! Can't wait to pick up my issue..

Sandy D. said...

Wow, Dawn, a big week! 1400 posts and the magazine. Wonderful news. Congrats to you.

Big Hug from NJ.............Sandy

marie said...

Congratulations Dawn! Your pin cushions are so pretty ~ no wonder they wanted to use them again!
I can't wait to get a copy of the magazine!!

Createology said...

A very much deserved honor and Congratulations on your latest publication with the tiny adorable shoe pincushions. Well done! Happy creating...

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Love all of Stampingtons magazines. Congrats on your article that is so exciting!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

I loved this issue, bought it last week. Loved it not only because it featured the art of my dear sweet friend, but because it's totally awesome! Your so right, great art inside. I can't believe you've posted that many times. I could barely make it to 100! That's a lot of inspiration you've shared. Lisa

Anji Johnston said...

Congrats Dawn - what a wonderful surprise for you and all of your fans!! Must run out and pick up this issue..

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

How wonderful that your pincushions have been published again! Congratulations, dear Dawn!!! What a pleasant déjà vu! The bears are really cute. Will you make one?
Good night and sleep well!

Lululiz said...

Brilliant! Congratulations! It must be a wonderful feeling to see your work in print again.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congrats, Dawn! Another magazine that is new to me that I will have to look to pick up. It looks like it has some great pictures and ideas in it.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Congratulation,Dawn!It's sooo exciting.TFS.
WOW,1400 posts thank you for that.
Have a wonderful day my friend.

Primitive Seasons said...

Dawn Sweetie: Whatever you give away, one of us lucky people will treasure. You could give away a Kleenex and we'd all think it was great. You are so generous and loving and it comes across so clearly in your blog.

Linda M. said...


Congratulations on being RE-Published! Thanks for showing all those pages. I think I will try to get a copy of that issue too!

Warmly, Linda

Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

Dawn - How exciting! Is that mag out on the shelves yet? I will pick it up by the weekend and start scouring it. Three and a half years of blogging. That is roughly 1277.5 days...less that the number of blogs. You ARE a blogging freak! (A most lovely and dear one at that!!!) Keep them coming, girl!!

Smiles, Carol

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, I have to get that magazine! Can I have your autograph? Hey, there you go... giveaway idea:)

Have a blessed day my friend!


Lisa said...

What an honour! Congratulations on being published again! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek into the magazine. I just hope I can get it here - it's always a hit/miss thing if the stores can even get Stampington's magazines.
And congrats on 1400 posts too! Wow, that's a lot of writing - and a lot of reading too! I've read every single one of those posts - some of them several times!!

Miss Sandy said...

Congrats on your article being republished! This does look like a yummy issue, I'll have to keep my eye out for it. Congrats on the blogging achievement too! Hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness.

Jillayne said...

Congratulations on the re-publication, they obviously know a good thing when they see one! I have been counting the days until July 1 and will be hitting the newstands soon...

Vee said...

No, I would not call you a blogging freak...a blogging delight is more like it. (I'll never be able to catch up with you at a mere nearly 800 posts myself...ha!)

Congrats on the republishing of your excellent article. I enjoyed the new photos and the glimpses of the other pages. I doubt that I can purchase this one, but I'll definitely sneak a peek when at JoAnn's.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Of course it was reprinted! Hey, if it's good, it bears repeating, right? :-)

I was with Lisa when she spotted this.
Sheesh, I'm just SURROUNDED by Somerset superstars, ain't I??? ;-)


Cottage Panache said...

That's awesome Dawn! With Lisa and now you and who knows else I am truly doing the "I AM NOT WORTHY BOW" right now! How does one keep up with all the multi-talents in our midst! GOOSH! I can barely muster up a little time a couple times a week to blog. Maureen

julie miller said...

Hi dear Dawn, As a lover and collector of pincushions, I admire yours often and am glad to see them in print again!! Congratulations to you and also on your 1400th post!! WOW, I can hardly believe you have done that many and I'm celebrating my mere 100th--you put me to shame!! I look forward to many more inspirational posts from you! THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning my giveaway ~ you are such a doll and I would love to call you my FRIEND as well!! Love to you, Julie

MosaicMagpie said...

Congratulations 1400 post, being republished and loved by all! Thanks for the preview of the magazine, it looks to be filled with all kinds of great articles. Can't wait for it to hit the newsstand.

kluless said...

Congratulations on Handcrafted! I made three little shoe pin cushions based on your inspiration from the original article so I can hardly wait to see the new pictures!

Cindy said...

Congrats on the issue...I'll be on the lookout for it!!! What an honor...and it looks like a gorgeous article. And congrats on the mile high club - 1400 blog posts! Now that's an accomplishment as well!

Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

I picked up the magazine on my lunch break today. It is gorgeous, as is your article. Congratulations!!

Deb {Posted from} Home said...

Congratulations Dawn ♥ They say you can't judge a book by it's cover ... but you just know by looking at the Stampington magazine covers that the inside pages will be equally as fabulous! Can't wait to pick up my own copy (especially knowing your work is inside) :-)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm so excited to get my issues of Handcrafted and other Stampington offerings. Congrats on your certainly deserve more recognition for those adorable shoes! And thanks so much for mentioning my wallpaper post. I love hearing from your readers, they are the best!

Your Friend,

Jann said...

Wonderful, wonderful post! Thank you for sharing all of this . . . and congrats on being re-published--another wonderful thing!!!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Dawn:
Congratulations on being published, yet again! I'll have to get a copy!

Sherrie said...

Congratulations on being published! Can't wait to get my hands on the new issue :0)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello Dawn! I am back from vacation and what a blast I had. I have so missed the creative network but I am anxious to see more of what you are offering! Enjoy the week. Anita

June said...

I'm so excited for you!!! DAwn, your talent is amazing and I love that the editors of these magazines can see that too. This looks like a wonderful issue. I can't wait to get one of my own.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Did you say "Blogging FREAK"???
okay...hanging out with Lisa is starting to rub off on the sweet and innocent Dawn of "The Feathered Nest" that I "used" to know! hahaha
I pre-ordered the copy and I'm dying because I STILL have NOT received it yet. I'm pissed. oooopps...sorry. Darn it Lisa! (I gotta quit hanging out with her too)
For the millionth and two are such an inspiration everything that you do and share with are amazing :))))

Sharon said...

Stampington could do a whole magazine on you Miss Dawn! Congrats!!!!

A bird in the hand said...

Congratulations, sweetpea!
Your creations are beautiful and deserve to be published twice!

xoxo Colette


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