Friday, April 9, 2010

Speckled eggs, peat pots & my lovely new hair color ~

An egg print for you....
I scanned this a few years back ~

Lovely poem too....

You know I love giveaways, right??
I won a sweet one from Karla of Karla's Cottage!!!
Her altered peat pots are so precious and
I won one!!!
She custom made this for me....and IT'S GORGEOUS!!
Look at the beautiful feathers she added too ~
Thank you so much Karla!!!!
I just love it all!

And do you remember how much I love junk?
I love old lace, old buttons, smushed baby shoes...
wonderful speckled bird eggs,
nests, and everything at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, right?

I will buy any of the above,
in the blink of an eye...of course it has to be a good price
or have a coupon but still
I love spending money on anything old or arty.

What I don't like spending my money on is hair maintenance.
So, I get my hair cut as inexpensively
as I can and still
not cry.
And L'oreal does my hair, in my bathroom.
But this time, right before the sweet Southern Belle gathering,
the color I chose reminds me a little of this:

Oh well, who cares....a girl's got to have her priorities straight!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shellagh of Ticking and Toile is having a Cabbage & Roses giveaway HERE!

Rebecca of Miller Campbell Designs is having a sweet giveaway HERE!

Have you been wanting to have a giveaway?
I just want to say, it doesn't have to be humongous.
It doesn't have to be expensive.
It doesn't have to be 42 items.....
Just the thought of sharing with others is beautiful ~
remember that and enjoy having your own giveaway,
you meet so many sweet new friends!!!!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Friday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Hi dear,Dawn
Thanks for wonderfull images,and for showing your beautifull pot and gifts from Carla, such a lovely gift,
I`m sure you looks sweet and beautifull with your new haircolor, I expect to see fhotoes from,saturday teatching, please.....
Love and hugs,sweetie

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, I am sure your hair looks lovely...Can't be as bad as when I wanted highlights and ended up with orange as in carrots, red and lemon colored hair...uhmmm all at the same time...and I had to wait 2 weeks to redye it, did it black...only to have it look like I had rubbed ash in my looked so dull and see...I bet your hair looks purty :) Adorable gift from Karla :) Amor, I love these images your sharing with us, you always share the prettiest things including the best giveaways :) Thank you! Besos, Rose

CosmoGirl Carla said...

What a beautiful creation from Karla! Oh, I'm with you, Dawn, on the not-wanting-to-spend-money-on-the-hair thing. I'd rather spend my money on "pretties" too! I'm sure it's not as bad as you think!

Thanks for the heads up on the giveaways. Think I'll go check 'em out . . .

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa said...

Go look in your email! I swear I wrote it before reading this post. I called you Vampira, because your up all night! LOL Love it all & thanks for the poem. Lisa

madrekarin said...

I am sure that you do not look like Eddie Munster! Silly girl.
Love your new artwork. It's always a treat to come and see what you've been up to.
I've been working on a new quilt pattern. Let's just say it's very bright and mod. I can't wait to finish it! You'd never believe it was inspired by the wallpaper at the VA hospital! lol
Hope you have a great day tomorrow. :)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh,,nice,,isn't Dorothy a sweetie, I must visit her today. Congratulations on your win, Karla is another sweetie! I have many to visit,,think I will cut the house thing very short today and play,,,maby even post myself! Have loads of fun Saturday, wish I was there,,so take some photos to share.

Angie said...

I have been busy so I haven't stopped in anywhere in a while. I wanted to stop in and see what you have been up to and I see it's more wonderful things! I love what you create and thanks for sharing those eggs! I haven't given up on the nest project, I've just been so busy with other artworks that need to get done.

kathy said...

Dawn , can hardly wait to see all my Ga bloggies -- SEE YOU THERE - Kathy -ga ♥

Joy Lett said...

Dawn- you are too funny. Your color can be like Eddie's as long as your cut isn't. ;-) said...

I'm so glad you like your prize!

Oh, those L'Oreal makeovers, I've had a few that turned out the wrong color too. Plop on a flowered hat and you'll be set to join the Southern Belles! Is this Jenn's event? I went last year, it was amazing.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Dark and mysterious! I like it! LOL. I'm sure your hair looks great. Don't worry about it. Have fun! Thanks for sharing those links today, That little doll "Dot" is so cute. Have a happy day!

Julie Pishny said...

Haven't we all had a color go wrong??? I've done them to myself and paid for them...thank goodness for a sense of humor and semi permanent dye! I hear hats are making a huge fashion statement this year....;)

Love your blog, it's a bright spot in my day. xo Julie

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I love Karla's peat pots. So cute! And Cabbages and Roses too - I'll need to check that one out! Thanks so much for letting us know about these.

Sandy said...


You are too funny about the hair color and I bet you look nothing like little Eddie Munster! I tried dye on my hair exactly one time and it did not take to my dark hair, had a reaction and turned it Lucy orangish-red! I hid in the house for weeks until it faded. I love your attitude and your priorities are perfect - art before hair!

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Charm House said...

You are a hoot!!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Are you doing something at the gathering? I tried to contact Sharon and tell her I would pull something together but I couldn't. The Lord probably got in between us because HE knew I needed to stay focused on these weddings. I am doing good to make a nametag and pull my artsy gift together.

Lisa & Alfie said...

Funny thing is I downloaded that egg image the first time you shared and finally used it for the first time the other day on the gift boxes I make for the store. You are my crafting mentor. I come here to get inspired all the time>
Lisa & Alfie

Carol said...

Hi Dawn!
Popping in to see what's happening -
Thank you, thank you for those gorgeous photomats from the other day. So pretty!
I have a downloadable trifold Ginger Jar shaped card on my blog at the moment that you might enjoy ;-)

Juno's Place
Cards by Carol

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Dawn, I agree with Rose.... I'm sure the color doesn't look as bad as you think it does. Try using regular soap to wash it a couple of times. The soap is a little harsher than shampoo and might help fade the color more quickly. Just make sure you condition really well. I, like Rose have walked around with orange hair before, so just know we have ALL been there!!!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

stefanie said...

love the
thanks for all the giveaway info!

Hearts Turned said...

Such wonderful things you're sharing today, Dawn--all so beautiful! And I really don't think you look like that--I'm sure your hair is just gorgeous!

Have fun today!

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Been there done that with the hair. Dark browns really turn out to be black, in my experience; that's why I went blonde. hehe Love the egg print. please have loads of fun, and give Sharon a hug for me, tomarrow! Both of you ladies are a great encouragement to me!
Blessings, Gerri

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Dawn, Eddie Munster? I doubt it! I'm sure you exagerate! Have a lovely time this weekend!
Thanks for the lovely eggs and quote. I love the bird theme and will be doing more with it soon. Your gift from Karla is adorable. I keep buying peat pots and can't figure out what to do with them. Those feathers are gorgeous too.
Yes, I am thinking of a giveaway soon when I open my Etsy store. Thanks for the advice!

Lori said...

Dawn, we are so similar...i get my hair cut as infrequently as possible...i don't like going, i do not like appointments, and it seems like a waste of money that i could have more fun spending on fabulous finds...and i color my own hair most recent color was not so hot either...i swear it was orange the first two it has toned down to a brown with a hint of red which is what it was supposed to be in the first place...i love your peat pot pretty from Karla, that was so sweet how she personalized it just for you!!!

nancarts said...

Hi Dawn, can relate to the hair color thing! My daughters always laughed because they never knew what color my hair would be next!
I've had almost every color in the go to the salon to have it done!
Thanks for sharing all the goodies with those of us in blog land.
The art work is beautiful.
Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh Dawn!
You made me laugh with the hair color thing. I've been in a quandary for a year about my hair. I have gray hairs popping up everywhere. I also have the curliest hair too. Well it's looking awful to me and I've been trying to decide what to do. I haven't been to a hair salon in at least (gasp!)10 years. I stopped going after I had the most disastrous haircut. I've worn my curly hair long ever since then.

To dye or not to dye that is my question.


Marlene Hood said...

Thank you so much for the egg image and the lovely poem. Your generosity amazes me! Hugs!

Karen said...

Your hair could never look like that!!! LOL You are so sweet and I am thrilled that God is indeed working in your life (no doubts on my part!) I am glad you sound so happy and can't wait to hear what all is happening for you. Have a super fun day today, waiting for pictures. Hugs, Karen K

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Dawn,
It's been fun catching up with you after spending the last two weeks with my family on spring break. Love all that you have been up to, and congrats on your giveaway win. Looks like she created it just for you! And thanks for the images! I love them!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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