Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am so very blessed ~

I mean it. To have YOU as my friends....
to have YOU as my encouragement....
I can do anything!!!

Thank you all so, so very much for such a positive response
to my desire to lose weight!!!
Seems so many of us want to shed a few pounds ~
to feel better,
to have more get-up-and-go....
to just have the energy to deal with what life throws at us!!!

I want to be SO much more productive.
I want to be able to pop out artwork like it's NOTHING!
Plus keep up with the laundry,
keep my house beautiful and dust bunny-free (HA!),
and then have the energy to do even more.....

I've decided to create an additional blog to this one.
Just for you to share with me in the comments,
tips, tricks, stuff you've found at the grocery store
that tastes wonderful and that is good for us....

or maybe you just want to share your thoughts....
please just comment and everyone will read and share as well ~

You can come visit me and join me on my journey......
The journey back to me ~
Thank you so much my sweet, precious friends!!!!

And we will return to our regularly scheduled
programming here at The Feathered Nest!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday dear friends!!!
hugs and love,


Patricia said...

I am with you Dawn and so proud to be your first follower because I know that YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

I feel the same way! I am so tired lately that I have not written on my blog I just read everyone else's! I used to have so much energy that I could stay up half the night and be fine the next dy! I am with you, too!

Cynthia K. said...

Well, dear cute Corvette lady!! I'm in need of getting some inner fortitude to get started just as you have. It's awesome that you've been eating healthy for several days now - good for you!!

I'm going to follow along on your new weight loss blog and hopefully, I'll get some guts too (not gut - I've got that already!)


Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Unknown said...

Oh Dawn...I loved this post. I realize hat ou are one of the lucky ones that consistently sees the glass half full, not half empty. That is why we are "blog sisters".

I readd your post on committing to better health...and here's the reality...YOU WILL! I did the same thing the day after Christmas when my oldest left with his precious girlfriend. I knew it was time to start moving more, eating less and giving up my evening glass of wine or two (ok, or three). 22 pounds later, I'm dong better and feeling good. You will also!

You are a good nd very talented woman...wonderful mother and you just need to focus on YOU a bit more. You will. Everything is good. You have so much talent, lave and support around you. I can feel it all the way from Georgia ; P).

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, I am so proud of you for taking these first per my promise to sugar today...I have a feeling by tomorrow nite the sugar withdrawl headaches will start, will be so worth is almost 11:30 and I will be in bed my midnight! woohoo can you believe it 2 whole hours earlier than usual! I KNOW you got some good sleep tonight too right? :)I sure hope so, will make a world of difference. Let me know what happens with the treadmill mission :) I hope you find a keeper! Talk to you later amor :) besos, Rose

ps...I am going to try that recipe soon!

Dorthe said...

Sweet strong woman, all the best,with luck on your new journey,it is a wonderfull step, to make a new blog, for this travel,to invite others,to join,and get good advices,from each other.
You are fantastic Dawn,sweetie.
I will look inside for a hello now and then.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Theresa said...

Girl, you are hot, hot, hot! My daughter has the perfect weightloss plan. She and her husband were in a weight loss contest. She lost 22 and he lost 37. I will get her to document it and send it to you:) It isn't a drop it in a week, but a healthy change in life! She is da bomb! Have a blessed day my friend!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

You're a blessing to us, Dawn! Such a wonderfully sweet person to have to connect with in blogland.

I love that you created your "support" blog. Can't wait to get over there and share and see what other's have to share as well.

WooHoo! Look at you, posing on the hood of that hot car! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Dawn, you can DO it! Just one thing though...please don't worry too much about the dust bunnies! No fair if you have a cleaner house than the rest of us! ;-)

Love you!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Dawn... You have found great inspiration and wishes for much success.... I also will try to do better... Just wanted to remind you not to be too hard on yourself however as I find you to be a very lovely woman and loved by all of us... Loosing weight will help you personally but you will always be the loving and caring woman we love to come and visit and draw inspiration from... Good luck and best wishes... Blessings....

Sandy said...

Wishing you joy on the new journey!

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Dawn,I pray you can accomplish all you need to...I have no Skinny pictures to look back on....I have battled with obesity for as long as I can,I am trapped in a body that won't cooperate with my mind to do all that I see and want to...I am in constant pain from severe arthritis,fibromylgia and suffer from depression as well....I have lost up to 100 lbs in the past and it always manages to come,I am facing complete knee replacements in both legs or I am sure to be in a wheelchair in the very near future..May God bless you on your journey and I will keep up with your progress on your new blog....
Oh yea,and I still have hope for me....I haven't completely given up on hope and faith lies completely in the Lord but,as you said in your previous post...the ultimate responsibility is mine...and I am accountable...there is so more to would take a long chat to get into it..I have been co-dependent for so long and focused on caring for others rather than myself....with God's help and the means he provides for my help I will learn to see differently and make many changes in my way of caring for me....truly just writing those words were hard for much details....God is able...I will be praying for are truly so beautiful from the inside out...your creativity and love shines through your eyes and beautiful smile...blessings

Hopemore Studio said...

Dawn, since I have been following your blog you have amazed me every day...just to be able to blog everyday is a feat IMO.

I'm sure you will have success with this journey too, there will be bumps in the road and helping hands, it's all part of the process. I can't wait to see where this road leads.


nancarts said...

Hi Dawn..much success with your plan! I too have some of the same feelings as you and am glad you did this as I am not comfortable with blogging about all this stuff!
However, I can see the wonderful feed back can really keep a person striving to reach goals. I am on that same track! You will be in my prayers!
Can't wait to see your new blog!
Maybe I will have something to contribute. Good luck!

Smiles and God's Blessings,
Nancy C

Jann said...

You're adorable, no matter what, Dawn--I will hurry on over to your new blog and comment there about what I'm doing to get back to me--I love the way you put that!

Unknown said...

My Beautiful LDawn:

I could so relate to your post. The day after Christmas when my oldest son left to go back to California I decided that was it!

I have been eating very healthy (making my veggie soups) and exercising almost daily without fail. My dog is happy and I am happy. I have lost 22 pounds and going for the next 20.

Like you, energy and good health are my biggest motivators, but hey, the fitting into pants you haven't been able to wear for awhile is also a great plus.

I will definitely be cheering you on as you start this journey.

You are a very special woman and you can do whatever you set your mind to--I just know that about you.


Nita Jo said...

Oh Dawn, that's so exciting. Just visited your new blog, and I am happy to be one of your followers! I just decided this week to begin my journey of finding my former self and size. It will be a long one for me, but well worth it!

Lisa said...

Oh Dawn,
I read these comments & it just moves me to think of all the women (& men) who suffer with weight & the issues that comes with all of that. As usual you move people & inspire with your willingness to show yourself to us all. I love that pic of you & Dennis, your both so cute & young. Child bride! And on the Datsun, OMG think I have one like that except on a firebird with t-tops! Just another journey for you to explore my friend. LIsa

myletterstoemily said...

oh, the dreaded weight loss. i would
rather give blood!

good luck and blessings!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I know exactly how you feel. I don't let any pics be taken of me from the neck down. It all happened 14 years ago when I gained over 60 pounds because I changed my work schedule from full time hours to working 32 hours every weekend and being home with the refrigerator all week long. Now I am back to regular full time hours but working night shift for over 28 years has played havoc with my metabolism.
Plus there are the health issues that I also have which are high Blood pressure, arthritis, back problems and past surgery for 4 abdominal hernias.
Even though yes, I am a nurse and I know the health hazards of obesity, it is way easier said then done.
I wish you luck and hopefully, you will inspire me to join you in your quest!!

kate said...

Hey Dawn, dont forget, it is you who is in the inside, that really comes out!!! PS. I did the women's diet
three yrs ago and lost my weight and kept it off.
it starts with pure cranberry juice each morning )not
concetrate, pure from health food store) mix it 1/4 cranberry juice, to 3/4 water, drink morning , one
at 10.00, one at lunch and one in afternoon, with
healthly eating, no skipping meals, have snack of
almonds, carrots, apples, raisins, no going hungry,
it really works, and stays off.
good luck

ByLightOfMoon said...

I am very surprised at your post today Dawn. I Guess everyone in their life has something they are unhappy with. You just seemed so perfect! LOL ! I am almost glad you have a flaw, just kidding of course. I have posted a reference of your today's blog post on my blog for sharing with my friends, you are so inspiring I know this will be a " WILL DO" and be achieved.

Smiles, Cyndi

Lee Weber said...

Good for you Dawn! I am lucky that someone gave me a treadmill. I was doing really well- up to 1.5 mile running, but have slacked off lately. I haven't been feeling well. But, it's a start. I am proud of you!!

Oh, and BARN HOUSE- seriously- you are going to DIE! Tammy and I saw their booth at Farm CHicks. Awesome, congrats!!!

Wildflowerhouse said...

I already think your a beautiful person. Now I am with you on your journey except for one thing.... the dust bunnies. Just give them names and call them house pets. Works for me! xoxo Sharon

Wish on a Whisker said...

Dawn~ I wish you the best on your new journey. You are already such a beautiful lady. Happy weekend wishes... Love~ Mandy

Free Art Printables said...

Dawn I love that pic on the car! I know you are going to do great! I think you are gorgeous no matter what!!!


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