Monday, April 26, 2010

A few buttons...old books...and rusty iron, what more could a girl want?

The most wonderful tin type I've ever found....
I think they're precious friends.
~ For you ~

Friday and Saturday I was able to do a little treasure hunting!!!
Well, I've got to share with you a few of my finds....
Some have already landed at Antique Griffin but some,
are still here :)

Take a little look:

Yummy buttons...little jewels.

These cool metal things....from old post office boxes maybe?

Old trims and you know old photos...

The most wonderful old books, here's one ~

You know how I love baby things...look at this!
The tin type I shared with you,
and a really gnarly old digger thing.

A beautiful old print, with lovely water damage ~

more buttons :)

Brand new old baby hangers in the box!!

I love the colors of this old book....I need to alter this one!

See the pages?!

The girls again ~

The baby again, I just can't believe her beautiful jacket.

I'll be sure to scan these two photos to share with you!

Dictionary love ~

I found this beautiful fur coin purse, LOVE IT!!

See the amazing patina on these pages??

And these beautiful hands....

This wonderful woman is mesmerizing to me....
life looks to have been so hard for her ~

I want to give her a hug.

I hope you don't mind all of the photos....
I love sharing my finds with you!!

Here are a few giveaways I've found!

Melissa of Piney Rose is having a May Day giveaway HERE ~

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post.
I just love blogging so and the dear friends I've made
that I want to help anyone else join the fold ~
I promise I'll let you know when she begins blogging!!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Monday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


RosesMarijke said...

How beautiful are your presents....

the baby is soooo cute....

and all the others ...gorgeous!!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I have loved seeing all your finds! I would have brought them all home with me if I had found them first! :) It looks like you had a successful weekend! Hope the week ahead brings all good things...
Laura :)

Anne Fannie said...

I love all your pretty treasures. I think its so sad to see pictures for sale in a thrift store of people. They should be in the hands of their family and I feel so sad for them that their pictures end up in a thrift store!

Silvia said...

Bellissimo post!
Happy new week,Silvia

den lille lade said...

Hi sweet,
you realy did a wonderfull bunch of finds, lucky you.
I`m kind of in love with all, you found, funny to realy find ones soul sisters here in blogging---such a gift.
Thanks for the wonderfull old fhoto, -love it.
Wishing you a happy sunny day,my sweet ,precius friend.
Hugs, and love, Dorthe

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dawn,
what beautiful treasures you found
thanks for sharing and thank you for posting my giveaway.
Have a wonderful day sweet friend

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What fantastic treasures you have found!! Lovely! I love the old photos. I usually photo copy them, place them in frames and then call them my "Instant Relatives". LOL!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dawn,
It would be so much fun to go junkin err, ah, treasure hunting with you.
You have such a love for old things and the way you describe all the imperfections makes me want to go tear up something just to make it look better.
Your love for vintage patina, faded and tattered is contagious.

Great post.


madrekarin said...

Ha! I saw those little metal doors and immediately thought of you! Did you get the ones with the glass still in them too? I know you'll come up with some clever thing to do with them. :)
I love my little egg soaps. I put them in a bowl in MY bathroom. The hall bath isn't worthy to have such cuteness in it yet. One day, one day.....

Anonymous said...

Miss Dawn, I have a question for you. Since you are always "teasing" us with the lovely finds for your booth, if we were ever to see something here that was small enough to ship...would you consider selling it to a person who begs for it on your blog? ;-)

I have a feeling there are lots of us here who would be thrilled if you said yes! But then...maybe your booth would be empty! ;-)

Have a wonderful week! It looks like it will be another busy one for you.


mary beth said...

so many pretty treasures! I look high and low around here for places that sell the tiny trinkets, buttons and lace, but they are hard to find. I really enjoyed looking at your finds this morning! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Melody said...

What a lovely bunch of stuff. I wish I would have found those hangers. They remind me of my childhood. We had some of exact same style, with what looks like Bambi on them. Have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing with us.

My Arts Desire said...

Great finds, Dawn! Those hands are really fun...and could be used for so many things. Wouldn't your bird soap eggs look darling in them? I'm with you on that last instantly stirs the emotions. You can't help but wonder about her life story. Thank you as well for mentioning my giveaway & helping to spread a little more hope to our neighbors in Haiti. xo sue

Leslie said...

I love old photograghs! ~ wondering about thier lives, you can make up a story for each face.
The buttons and hands are great!
Awesome finds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, you're right about those metal things. They are old post office box fronts. In our small town, we used these until about 10 years ago. Ours had letters around the dial. They gave us ours and sold the others when we went *gasp* to keys. I like the tintype pic. It's nice to see smiles on the older pictures. Thanks for showing us your great finds. Sally

Hearts Turned said...

Such gorgeous finds, Dawn--so glad you shared them with us! I love those old photos...those baby hangers--eek!...and beautiful handfuls of buttons...all so wonderful!

Have a lovely Monday!

Debby said...

WOW!!! You are a girl after my own heart. Look at all your treasures. I love everything! The tin type is awesome and the baby pic amazing. The buttons, the book, wow..

Sue K said...

Wonderful treasures you have found. I just love to come over to your blog each day, and see what you have posted. Makes my day! I'd love to 'find' some goodies as nice as you have found. I am going to have to start checking out our area antique shops. Thanks for all you do! Love the giveaways you post too...thank you!

Dragonlady said...

Oh, what lovely things you have found, I just adore that lovely baby picture, it is so sweet...and thanks for the giveaway post too...

Numinosity said...

Great stuff- (covet, covet, ahem). Especially the mailbox doors. What fun!


Sandy said...


What delicious finds! I think you might have purchased my wishful thinking front door - I love the intricate designs on the iron post office box doors and my initial is even on there! The hands are gorgeous too, love it all. I hope your week is a happy one!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the way you displayed those buttons on the silver tray, Dawn!

Vee said...

Why would anyone mind seeing such lovely images? I recall reading "The Last Post" by Ford Maddox Ford once upon a year. I think whatever you do with it will be preferable. :D

Leanne said...

I have finally started a blog (still need to upload a profile pic and post something of substance), but I thought after months of lurking, that I should share :)

stefanie said...

goodness you found the BEst treasures ever!!! how fun!

Andy's Attic said...

The baby girl with the duck is one of the most precious things I have seen lately. All your treasures are great...wish I could find things like that, Annette

Anne Lorys said...

What gorgeousness, Dawn! Thank you so much for sharing these sweet images.

And I'm dying over that copy of Les Miserables you have there! That is, bar none, my absolute favorite book EVER! What a treasure!

Hugs and love,

Romeo said...

Can you say "SCORE" - go Dawn go!!! Fantastic finds!!! My favorite has got to be the little girl print holding the fluffy yellow chick - how precious is that?!?!

Have a great week!!!


"Her" and Romeo

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Dawn,
How could anyone mind seeing so many wonderful treasures. I love the cupped hands. I have a them a matte white glaze. They belonged to my great grandmother and I cherish them, but I almost started drooling when I saw yours in that lovely brown. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lisa said...

Hey girl,
Okay, that old granny is so awesome. I just want to take her to Victoria Secret for a wonder bra, I think it would take years off & make her feel like a young girl again! LOL Love your haul, you can just put those hands & the tin type in a box for me. Okay, throw in the fur purse too! Lisa

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying seeing the treasures you have found. I love old photographs of people too! It's amazing that if their period clothing were swapped out for clothing of our times, many of the faces look like people I've seen on the street! Well,maybe with the exception of the elderly woman on the porch...she does indeed look as if life has been a struggle. We have it so easy by comparison.

Sally L. Smith said...

I love everything here but the hands are my very favorite. Gorgeous stuff; it would be difficult to part with any of it.

Sue said...

What wonderful finds! You must have had such a fabulous day coming across all of those treasures. Thanks as always for sharing the photos with us - LOVE the tin type!


Createology said...

What a lot of treasures you have found. Such wonderful items to be certain. Happy collecting...

Val said...

What wonderful finds Dawn! How fortunate you are to be able to find such things. I'm afraid "vintage" items are non existant where I live. The photo of the old "grandma" reminds of pics I've seen of my grandmother.
BTW, love your blog!

Attic Rat said...

Those cool metal things are post office doors and they would make lovely frames I bet.

I love the wonderful treasures that you found. So fun!

Happy hunting,

Pellie / Penny said...

Such wonderful buttons and those sweet baby hangers are a real treasure.Glad you had such a nice weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love everything...especially the little girl in the frame! So beautiful! Thanks for the links to the giveaways, too. You are so sweet to share! ♥

June said...

Dawn you are a tresure hunter for sure, And what you have brought home is a trove of treasures. My weekend was not so impressive. Just a couple of little frames. We just had no luck at all...but the great thing is that there is always next time! I love your stuff!!!!!

she dreams big! said...

I'm on the hunt for oodles of old white buttons. Are you willing to sell yours? And those hands - love them! You always find the best stuff!

Linda said...

What wonderful treasure you found...thank you for sharing them with us!


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