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Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Yard Sale ~

If you happen to live in the Atlanta area and would like to come to our yard sale, I would love for you to!!
Just email me and I will give you directions . . .
it's from 8:00 am til 3:00 pm ~

xxoo, Dawn


Jan & Tom's Place said...

Wish I could...wish I did!

But, alas, I'm in Michigan and having a yard sale tomorrow, too.

I love going to sales - and seeing what everyone has. I'm still looking for pieces to complete my set of "ROSEMERE" dishes - 4 more cups and some completer pieces and I have it all.


curious servant said...

Good luck!

I know it's a lot of work!

Denise said...

Hey Dawn,
Brenda and I would love to come to your yard sale. Directions would be great or even just your address and I'll put it in my GPS.
See you soon,

Miss Sandy said...

Well wishes for the yard sale! I am just going to comment on all the posts I missed below. Love the velveteen bunnies and sweet little baby booties. Great finds!

Tara said...

Oh gosh, I need a shuttle from NY to you! Love to be there!

Sheila R said...

Oh, I wish I could be there! But a little far from Kansas City. Good luck

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Good luck at your yard sale Dawn! I know how much work they are. Now i just load up stuff and take to the salvation army and get a receipt for taxes. I've got lazy, hu? Oh well. I'll be thinking about you.

curious servant said...

So how did the sale go?

curious servant said...

So how did the sale go?

Nancy Hood said...

I wish I did :) Had someone take all my items!! so there won't be a yard sale when we move!! Which leaves me more time to move ha ha

Utah Grammie said...

You know if I were there, I'd come and take all of it off your hands! Goot luck & stay cool..

janie said...

Dawn, wished i lived in your area. I would love to come to your yard sale.
Good luck and have fun, Janie


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