Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it Saturday yet??

In my book, you earn each and every penny you get when you have a yard sale! The one GOOD thing is that it's making me go through lots of things. Today I've been going through and organizing my fabric stash. I love my fabric, can you tell? I'm getting the urge to do some sewing too, just moving it around and going through it, makes me want to make something! This is just one shelf that I'm organizing ~ I still have two more to go!! Don't the colors look all nice grouped together? The sad thing is, I've only parted with a small stack so far.....I do have more to sort through, so hopefully the "sell" stack will grow.

This is just one of my favorite framed prints in our bedroom, don't you love the colors?

This is the most adorable little bag that a customer gave me once. It's a flower sack ~ lined with a heavy mil plastic bag so you can add water and a small bouquet of flowers! I was going to make some but haven't gotten around to it! You could leave the flowers in a small vase, then place inside. Hang on a door knob, chair or anywhere you'd love to see fresh flowers!

I hope you're having a great week. I'll be so very thankful when the yard sale is over!

Thank you so very much for so many of your sweet comments about the magazine article!!! You all are such an amazing group of women, I've just never seen anything like it. Have you seen the movie, Steel Magnolias??

Well you ALL are my Steel Magnolias!!!

xxoo, Dawn


Renna said...

I love Steel Magnolias!

I also love everything you showed today. My, but you have pretty things. :-)

All the fabrics are lovely, but that stack of blues is especially appealing, and the bedroom print-adorable! The flower bag, what an ingenious idea!

Veronica said...

That is going to be a yard sale worth going to!

Congrats on the Magazine article, Im so happy for you! We are both celebrating!


Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn, Beautifull stasches you`ve got, and I know exatly the feeling of parting with just a little bit-its very difficult!!
And what a sweet flower picture,the colors are fantastic, I love it.
Hugs ,Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.. I want to come to your yard sale..You will do quite well. I can't believe how vintage lovers stash things. I know if I start digging I have things put away better than I can find at a sale or shoppe. Hummm. maybe I need to get busy.. Good Luck .. I have been busy searching for a place to rent for a month in Florida.. It has me just about shakin in my boots when you have never done this before... yikes.

Becky said...

I think I love your fabric too.
Oh, I could never part with my color coded stacks. You look like you have some pretty stuff there.
Oh how I wish I could come to your yard sale. With all I see you do here, it has to be the best yard sale ever!
Have a great day Dawn, I'm so glad you stopped by.


Deb said...

I loved the movie Steel Magnolias. Years ago we went to Dolly Wood where a scene from Steel Magnolias was set up. It was wonderful :-} and so is your collection of fabrics! Love all the colours.

Anonymous said...

You have rung my bell today with all those beautiful fabric stashes!!! Just looking at them provides inspiration. I can hardly wait to see what you sew...(after the big GS).

Is your sewing corner in the same room as your creating desk? Did you sew things for your boys when they were little?

Anonymous said...

You have got some great fabric there. I have thought lately I need to go through my fabric and get rid of some of it, but it's too hard. I often find a fabric I love and just buy gobs of it because I don't know for sure what I will do with it. I would love to get into your stash!
Have a great week and garage sale!
Debbie from

Lori said...

your stacks of fabric look so pretty Dawn, you have an amazing collection of pattern and colors:) gorgeous!!! and i ADORE the movie "Steel Magnolias", truly one of my favs...i think it is the perfect combination of drama and humor...and it is one of the few movies where i think all of the actors did a fabulous job, everyone was SO believable...yes, a GREAT movie...

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Dawn, I wish I was at your yard sale. We probably could make a show and tell on posting all of our fabrics. When I'm a little down, my husband always says, don't you need to go to a fabric store or get in the sewing room and sew. It just makes me happy!!! That is why I opened the fabric shop with my antiques. Your colors are great.
Have a Blessed Day,

Naturegirl said...

Stacks and stacks of fabrics to inspire! Groupimg by colors>>I do that with my books..I remove the paper jackets and group by color!
Thank you for your sweet comments re:
my bundle of JOy! hugs

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Dawn, you make everything look so beautiful. Saw your "make do" in Romantic Country this month. You're everywhere!lol

xo friend,

cindy santiago said...

I wouldn't get rid of any of that fabric! It looks too nice all stacked up like that! I love the blue stack!

Jenny Carter said...

Wow, that is a lot of fabric! I see some nice ones I would love to have. I have yet to venture to a quilt shop...oh boy and when I do, watch out.



Curious Servant said...

I placed that photo on my recent post. Thank you for letting me use it. Perhaps I can return to it and write about it a little more directly.


Sandy said...

I think I want to live in your closet! Love the ones that look like old bark cloth! Great stash!

Shopgirl said...

Your fabric is beautiful, I would have a hard time giving any up myself. your yard sale will be wonderful, wish I could be there.
I can hardly wait to go over to B&N to get the magazine...I still haven't found Romantic Country, but I will.
Love the flowere bag, a great idea.
I haven't been doing much for the blog, mostly working on my house and Garden.
Big Hugs, Mary

Shopgirl said...

I am proud to be a Magnolia, you are so good!
My Daughter Jenny and I love Steele Magnoiias the movie....we have watched it together many times and cried...she and I are suckers for a chick flick. I just love bashful and blush!

Lorrie said...

I'd love to come to your yard sale - the fabrics look delicious. I think I spied a couple in the blue stack that I have in my own stash.

Think about how much stuff you'll clear out and focus on that while you work.


Tina Leavy said...

LOL I had to stop by to see how you were feeling about the garage sale thing too..daggum it but it has been hot as well you know what outside lately..whew..and everything that needs pricing my garage now..ugggh.
yeah..I'll be glad too when the garage sale is OVER and I can count my pennies..ha.
oh gosh..I love Steel Magnolias too..and Fried Green Tomatoes..both in my book are definite "southern classics" and "must sees" for any southern gal.
well's wishing you a terrific sale on Saturday..and crossing my fingers that I do well too at ours.
So much to clear out for the upcoming house preps.
All the fabric looks simply the french looking ones...the soft toiles and florals.
that flower bag is terrific..never thought of that before..but looks like a great idea. Will have to mention it to my daughter..we love flowers indoors..and have that cottage garden out back that is literally overflowing right now with coreopsis and gloriosa daisies in the brightest of sunshiney yellows.
have a great evening!

Robin said...

Love your fabrics Dawn and they look beautiful grouped by colors!


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