Monday, June 23, 2008

The goodness of giving ~

I find that I'm so totally relieved to have the yard sale finished, over and done-with! Things like that seem to make me feel totally constrained and restricted to only work on the task at hand.

Sunday was such a groggy type of day. Just trying to recover from Saturday! I do have to tell you something though, it feels so good to give. Having come from a family that lived quite modestly, then marrying and having so many sweet boys, money has always been quite tight. Sunday we had a woman who came to the yard sale, stop back by, knock on the door and ask if she could still buy something. We sold her no. But she could have it for FREE!!! I went to the garage, grabbed a box and helped her fill it with things she loved.
She was so very grateful.

Then a few hours later a mother and daughter arrived to pick up the very old treadle sewing machine I sold to them (15.00) They just loved it!! Well she remembered when I had the antiques store and we ended up talking about loving old things. I showed her my Somerset magazines and what I was doing now. Then again, we offered for them to please, take what you'd like and give it a good home! They ended up with about four old windows, a screen, a chandelier and two old children's chairs.

So back to my point. I have to say that it always just feels so wonderful to GIVE!!!

Wishing you a very happy and sweet Monday!


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Dawn, I think if everyone could just give a little they would see how it makes them feel. Specially when the items you might cherish gets a good home. You can rest good tonight. Thanks for sharing.
Have a Blessed Day,

Curious Servant said...

You are right. It does feel good.

I love those old treadle machines, When I was 20 I had one. Bought leather and various fabrics... made teddy bears... thought I'd get a business started.

That was back when I was reading Mother Earth News... all that self-sufficient stuff.

I remember that machine fondly. Not many sewing machines can handle leather.

Glad the sale went well.

God bless, Sis.

vikki said...

whadda sweetie you are!! i love my treadle machine, was my grama's sisters' who sewed men's suits in the day. love the detail of the iron work on it, and the wood drawers. since going thru the farm house and things, we are gonna donate to the flood victims in the area. that would make my heart happy. such a big giving heart you have, and you made them so grateful. with love and blessings, vikki xxooox

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing to "pass along". It is a spirit lifter for all involved and it is something you never regret. PLUS, there were a few less items you have to haul out of your garage! :-) PS I have a treadle sewing machine that belonged to my next door neighbor when I was growing up. I refinished it years ago and have used it as a side table in a variety of rooms in our homes. They are lovely items.

Gone said...

Dawn - that's lovely! You're so right in that it just feels wonderful to GIVE!!

We did the same thing at our garage sale - our neighbor came over and he bought a few things and then we gave him some things he'd admired, when our sale was over.

One little girl, with her mother, had looked at our Pumpkins with lights in them, but mom didn't want to spend the $$$ - so before they left, I told them to just take them! She was so excited!!

Then, when we were closed - right after we were deluged with rain - we began packing things up and taking them to GOODWILL - all the "stuff" that remained went there!!!

We felt sooooooo good about giving, too!


Storybook Woods said...

Dawn, you are always so giving with us. You bless so many. Clarice

Simply Me Art said...

I totally Agree Dawn, giving does feel Good.Very beautiful story. have a wonderful week, Jamie

Simply Me Art said...

I totally Agree Dawn, giving does feel Good.Very beautiful story. have a wonderful week, Jamie

kathy said...

Dawn , I am glad it was a success - so sorry I missed it - you have such a giving heart .It was pouring rain here -- but the main thing is I am having a back issue --lower back - can hardly move -- going to the chiropractor -
a dreaded trip - but i am unable to do very much with this pain - not even sure what brought it on --
Blessings to you -- Kathy - GA

My Arts Desire said...

Such an inspiring, heartwarming post. You inspire us with your art, your gentle spirit, and the many ways you share and give of yourself.

Important stuff. Thank you, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn... Sharing is a wonderful gift from the heart ..big or small... I had a couple over for dinner last evening.... I had made scalloped potatoes and ham and placed pork chops on top with a large bowl of mixed vegetables. Earlier I had cut some rubarb which will probabably be the last for this season and made a rubard crumb pie and served it with ice cream... I was so excited when they had seconds on pie.... It was just a small sharing but it is always a treat and always net when returned also.. You made some people very happy and it restores our faith in our neightbors ... You will be blessed for it.....

Anonymous said...

Dawn you are just so sweet and giving. Yes, I always find it is so much better to give than receive.Have a great day, janie

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Dawn, you are such a sweet person!

I hate to tell you this but i'm tagging you. See me new post for details. I give up on my 7 people. I have tried several different sites, but they are not coming up. I must be doing something wrong.(Imangine that?)


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say hi. It never hurts to check in every once and a while.

Anonymous said...

I am not getting many people on my blog. My mom said that you will get more by word of mouth.
I was wondering if you could tell some people about me. You don't have to if you don't want to. I was just seeing if you might.

From, Sarah

calamity kim said...

hi! am catching up on some missed posts.
It rained a little on my last garage sale too- I ended up taking a truck load to goodwill. at least I cleaned out the house a bit!

Vee said...

And, more than likely, they'll pay it forward, too. Giving is like that.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

yessiree - that's what the world needs - there have been times a
'snooty-mean-spirited" person wanted to buy something and was almost to the point of insulting - I told her it was not for sale & promptly gave it to a sweet girl looking admirinly at it!
It does feel good and I do believe they will pay it forward!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Dawn, if you ever come across a treadle sewing machine again call me. I will give you my phone number. I have been looking for one for years.
You are a gem.
xoxo Nita

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

By the way, that was very nice of you to do that for the ladies..
xoxo Nita

Robin said...

Dawn, I agree, there is no better feeling in the world than to give!


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