Friday, April 25, 2008

Good stuff!!

I've gotta share . . . another good cookbook put out by Weight Watchers!!! It's about ten dollars and so very worth it . . . wonderful tasting recipes, good for you and fast!!! xxoo, Dawn

PS: I should have told you that I found this at the grocery store where the magazines are sold....this one was near the register. Weight Watchers publishes this I believe four times a year and I always love to pick them up and try the easy recipes!


madrekarin said...

I love WW cookbooks. The recipes are delicious and you can eat them without feeling the least bit guilty. I will have to look for that one!
PS- MaryJane's magazine is out. I found it at B&N. The pinkeeper is in it. :)

Lori said...

FAST??? oh, i need to get that, i love fast!!!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I'm not certiain if that's the same one I have - yours may be a newer version, however, EVERY recipe taht I have tried, I loved. And Mr. B did too. When I stayed with my isiter Gerri after her operation, I made ALL of our meals out if this and she even had guests over for lunch and they were impressed. Best $10 you'll EVER spend!

Anonymous said...

Love cookbooks and weight watchers usually has great reacipes! By the way, love your "chubby" fairy. Still love my bear!!

lori said...

my daughter and i picked this up at sam's club the other night, it was less than $7. we have already marked some of the recipes... i told her that she can cook!!

thanks for your great blog and sharing of your creative gifts. you are very inspiring!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I need that thank you I am glad I stopped by my dr says I have to lose weight and my blood pressure is high now!

Lady Em said...

Oh weight watchers meals how I love you so. Oh hash brown cassarol how I would gladly eat the whole dang dish. That dish is dangerous, but oh so good. Can you tell I'm off subject and totally craving some hash brown cassarol? I miss ya'll so much!! I want to visit soon!! Love ya'll!!

Tina Leavy said...

funny you should post this..I am going to get out all of my WW cokbooks tomorrow and start planning a few menus and getting back on track to trying to lose weight. I'm in desperate need of losing weight..have all the tools at my disposal..just need to get back on board.
so easy to say sometimes..but hard to get out of those ruts we get ourselves into and get back on track to healthy habits. Anyhow..thanks for showing the reminded me of what I simply must do for my health's sake.
I have been seeing the words Weight watchers on several of my blofgging friends blogs..and can only take it as confirmation that yes..I need to get back on track..for me.Thanks Dawn.
p.s. your prayers and kind thoughts as I re enter this phase of taking my dieting/health a good bit more seriously would be nice.thanks in advance.I can use all the kind thoughts and prayers I can get.I have struggled with this aspect of myself for a while.


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