Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't you just love beautiful things?

I went to Griffin today to add a few items to my little space there. I was able to talk with Phyllis' daughter, Charmon, as she was working today. She is such a sweetie. She has completed some beautiful artwork and I just had to show it off. Because, of course, I love beautiful things!! These are a few bookmarks that she's finished to sell in the store. Aren't they amazing?? They truly are small works of art ~

This is another piece that she's just finished. A wonderful cover of an old book that she has altered perfectly!!!

This is a wonderful jar that you know I fell in love with. (so sorry about my reflection in the front of the jar) But believe me, it's so beautiful. The bird image coupled with the nest and feathers is perfect! Next to her artwork are her mother's collages which are beautiful as well. She's used wonderful vintage bits and pieces, combined together to create a sweet work of art ~

The garden section at Antique Griffin ~

This is looking a bit like a fairy house to me!

These are little picks to place in your plants. I think they are precious!

This was a set of mats that I loved the images. Have you ever thought of using plate hangers and hanging them as art?

My little space. Slowly but surely filling up. I've taken most everything I've made there. If you should see something that you're interested in, just email me . . . I'll be happy to talk to you about it!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! xxoo, Dawn


Lady Em said...

What a cool idea to make a collage in a jar. That is so neat!! I love your space, I can't wait to see it!!

Sandy said...

I see you found your little feathered friend! I hope you took him home and any others you liked!I was wondering about your shop being empty, I thought you must have sold out! Gee I wish I lived close enough to browse through that store! I was in your neck of the woods last spring and wish I'd been blogging then so I could have looked up that wonderful Plum Tree and met you!

Armon & Phyllis Brinson, Owners said...

Thank you so much for posting photos of my artwork. I love visiting your blog!

Vee said...

Always a feast for the eyes to visit here. I love your little corner at the shop...hope that you do very well with it. And, I loved finding your reflection in the jar...a nice addition to the vignette!


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