Sunday, April 20, 2008

For you ~

A couple of photographs I've scanned for you from my personal collection.
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday ~ xxoo, Dawn


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
I absolutely love your blog. May I add it to my list of favorite blogs. I love altered art, woohoo.
Also the Bunny Picture you have underneath your Daily Inspiration reminds me of Harrington Woods where the Bunnies who run my shop live, and right after the arch is a field of Violet's along the country lane right?
Theresa @ CottageViolets

Noël said...

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos. I just love to imagine who they were/are!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby! Your blog is so pretty. It looks like something out of the magazine Victoria.

Sandy said...


Lori said...

how nice:) the wee babe is darling sweet!!! thanks Dawn!!!

Nancy Hood said...

I can't wait to meet you :) if not here, then most certainly There~
April 21, 2006 I went for a routine endscopy type procedure. Things went horribly wrong with doctor error and died three times the first four weeks. Everything that could wrong did go wrong & I developed ARDS within a week's time. 70 days in ICU, five weeks in rehab, out of diapers and both drainage bags on my side gone by October! Went to Paradise and back to tell about it (I saw the most beautiful garden!). Tragic, but God brings about the most beautiful flowers after the storm. We've learned we're stronger than we thought, we're closer than we were, life is more vibrant, and love endlessly precious. Two years tomorrow :) and I'm getting better each day~we serve an awesome King.

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful images with us.

PocketsOfInspiration said...

Beautiful baby and woman. I'm they almost look like they are one in the same....years gone by of course. Such beautiful eyes.



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