Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This and that ~

I love statuary. It's so evident all throughout our home. I've been given gifts, inherited and also purchased these wonderful pieces. They're in almost every room so I can see them when I walk through the house! What's so funny is I haven't even pictured them all!
Buy what you love, surround yourself with it. Your home is your haven. Your place to recharge and to be comforted from the stress of the outside world . . .
there truly is no place like home ~

These cherubs were my grandmother's

This is such a sweet mother with her children

I love this sculpture of a little boy ~ a gift from my husband one Christmas representing our sons.

St. Francis of Assisi ~ patron saint of animals, birds and the environment.

I love these busts of the boy and girl.
A Spelter lamp featuring a pair of beautiful women.

Another lamp in our bedroom featuring a boy with his basket.

A sweet statue of a girl.

This beautiful bust of a woman is in our master bath ~ she wears a pretty necklace that I found.


This is a beautiful cake candle that Cindy gave me right before Thanksgiving. The scent is Spice and it smells heavenly! I can smell it even when it isn't lit.

Well, I had saved a several branches that were trimmed from our Christmas tree out in the garage and today cut up a few sprigs and placed them under the candle. I put a thin plastic dessert plate underneath the candle to lift it up just a bit so I would have room to insert the greenery. The small candle holders on either side are from The Plum Tree and I just love how it all looks together . . . coppery and festive!


Essential Oil Premier University said...

Dawn, I love statues too. I only WISH I had as many as you do though. My mom had some of the ones you've posted. Brings back memories for me. Thanks.



Simply Shelley said...

Hello Dawn, love your statues. I really like how you added the pearls to last one. Just the right touch. Have a very Merry Christmas.


Bethany said...

Oh those are all soo elegant. My favorite though I have to say is the mother and child one....sooo pretty :)
I left you a smile award on my blog :D
After yet another one of your wonderful posts (like this one)...yep, you've made me smile again! :)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Oh My Gosh Dawn! I love all of your busts and statues. They are beautiful. The little boy your husband gave you touched my heart :-).

Journal Swag said...

Hello, I LOVE your blog, your statuary AND your beautiful art work. Hope you are proud of yourself. Happy Holidays!


Heidi said...

This we have in common. I have the prettiest angel statue in my bedroom, busts, various statues in the garden. I just bought a new bust a couple of weeks ago and because of my Christmas decorations, have not yet shown it on my blog.

How wonderful that you burn your beautiful cake candle. I sometimes keep these kind of candles and you would have missed that scent. It looks really pretty with the greens under it.

~~ Heidi ~~

Oiyi said...

I have never seen a Bundt Cake Candle before. Very nice.

Alison Gibbs said...

So many beautiful and elegant statues.

Anonymous said...

I love statues too. I have a few, one of a little boy kneeling down petting a puppy, one of a baseball boy all stretched out with a puppy resting on him, one of a mother and child and a few others. The neat thing is just last week I bought the bust of the boy and girl just like yours at a flea market, I think they are adorable. ~Teri~

Anonymous said...

this would be the only appropriate time to say I love you busts !!!! Have a merry Christmas Dawn. XOXO Mica

Storybook Woods said...

Gosh Dawn, you have such a wonderful collection xoxoxo Clarice


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