Saturday, December 29, 2007

A few goodies for you!

My oldest son, Brent and his sweet girlfriend Emily (soon-to-be DIL, I hope!) gave me the most wonderful scanner for Christmas, so you know we had to give it a try!

I have some wonderful French papers that Corey of Tongue in Cheek sent me a while back and here's one that I think you will enjoy. Use as a background in your work! I'm learning more about my scanner so I hope it's suitable for you to use. The other baby photo was included in a gift my husband gave me for Christmas, a beautiful vintage photo album!

Remember, click on the photo first to enlarge it to it's size and then you can right click to save these images to your computer!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your kindness to me about the Somerset goodness!!! You all are my cheerleaders ~


Alison Gibbs said...

Cute baby picture. Lucky you a new scanner.

Lori said...

what a sweet baby:)

am still without a fully functioning printer:(

SweetAnnee said...

Thank you so much
for the paper
and how lucky you got a NEW
scanner!! woohoo
love the baby pic too..
and a BIG
congrats on Somerset!!

fondly, Deena

Sandra Evertson said...

Happy New Year!
Sandra Evertson

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Oh My!! What wonderful news about Somerset Life!! You go girl!!!! Do you know what issue it will be in?

Here is hoping you have a FABULOUS New Year!!

Ottilias Veranda said...

What an amazing husband You have who understands what You want for christmas! I would Love to get an old tattered and worn album!

I wish You and Your lovely family
A very Happy and Preosperous New Year 2008!


Anonymous said...

Your new scanner will be a treasure chest :-)

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Thank you so much for sharing your french papers with us. I got some French stamps for Christmas so I'm thinking the paper will help in a project!

I treated myself to a scanner for Christmas to hopefully bring old photo negatives into the digital age but haven't had the opportunity to play around with it yet! Good luck playing with yours

Best Wishes


Sandy said...

So sweet of you to share your images. The embossed mat around the baby photo is awesome. Have a great New Year!

Oiyi said...

A scanner is a lot of fun. Lucky you!

Deb said...

Beautiful gifts Dawn ~ you are so kind and generous to share! The writing on the French ledger paper is exquisite & the sweet black and white baby photo is a gem.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Dawn, I love my scanner too!! I think that's the best gift I could have ever received, well besides my camera. Have a great New Years, Theresa

tongue in cheek said...

Good news about scanning, it helps guard the papers we love and allows us to re use the vintage papers by copying them!
I cannot wait to see what you will create.


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