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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet summer surprise ~

Earlier in the year I bought one pack of giant sunflower seeds.
Do you think I planted them?
I meant to, but "meant to" doesn't get much done.

A few weeks ago I noticed a large plant growing from the corner of our
front flower bed....that just happens to be right underneath
the bird feeder and well, this is the sweet surprise it became....
One beautiful sunflower!!
I want to dry the head when it's time ~
Does anyone know when that is??

It's blistering hot here in Georgia....
it's so nice to have a sweet summer surprise!

On another note...can I just say, I LOVE this sofa??!!!
I found it on the Willows blog....
here's their website ~

Have a wonderful weekend precious friends,
hugs and love,


Peggy said...

Hi Dawn
It's HOT here in St Louis too!
When you get an answer on how to dry the sunflower seed please let us know...I have some coming up.
My daughter planted some giant ones last year but I didn't get to do anything with them...except enjoy looking at them I mean.
Hope your family has a great summer!

marie said...

That's a delightful surprise and a beautiful photo!!

It sounds like a finger-prints of God surprise to me!!! Enjoy it. said...

Hi Dawn,
It is beautiful. The birds just repaying you for being so sweet and feeding them:)I did plant them but Chip and Dale ate them. Chipmonks are not on my good list. I will be blogging about them soon;)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Lori said...

what a nice surprise...i never had a bloom from the bird feeder...just a few scraggly looking sunflower plants...

Suzanne said...

The picture of the sunflower is so very beautiful
really a piece of art!

sissie said...

Hi Dawn!
I love that big ole sunflower. It looks so happy and reminds me of when I was a kid. My Granddad planted them among the vegetables.

Love that sofa too and those pillows are dreamy.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

The sunflower is beautiful.
Once the little center florets finish blooming they'll reveal the dark black seeds beneath.
I wouldn't wait too long after that for your furry friends shall covet it for their own.

Tanya said...

I absolutely love sunflowers. Unfortunately, the squirrels around here do too! That couch and the whole room for that matter are soooo perfect!

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Dawn,
I love when sunflowers decide where to plant themselves. As for gathering the seeds...

Once the yellow petals have fallen off, run your thumb over the brown florets. When they're dry enough to fall off, you'll see the black seeds underneath. Cut the whole head off and lay it flat in a warm, dry spot to finish drying. When its completely dry the seeds will be easier to remove. Note: if you hang it from the ceiling to dry, the seeds may fall out on the floor and you'll find yourself crawling around to pick them up. Trust me I know from experience! LOL.
Hugs, Susan

PeggyR said...

I love the sunflower!

Vee said...

Great sofa. Really great sofa. I have major sofa envy now that I've finally faced the fact that I have a volkswagon for a sofa with matching volkswagon chairs. Sigh.

Love sunflowers and love those kinds of surprises. I had one this week, too, when the weeds I thought were growing in the patio pot turned out to be seedlings from last year's petunias. I'm breaking out the fertilizer tomorrow!

Have a good weekend and I hope that those blistering temps ease up some.

Littlefoot said...

Good advise from Susan... rub your hand over the center to remove the florets. I usually place the whole flower head in a brown paper grocery bag. Tie the end shut with string. I usually cut off the stem of the sunflower about a foot or so down and leave it sticking out of the brown paper bag for support. Leave it hanging in a dry spot to dry out. A garage or porch would work. You don't want it to get damp or it will get moldy and rot. Once it dries you can either use it to feed the birds or use for your beautiful altered art!!

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

love the sunflower and what a lucky find.
HOT it is in Florida - layed my rubber coated cell phone on the dashboard of my car this week, and the heat melted the rubber coating on the phone.
what fun summer will bring LOL

June said...

What a glorious Summer surprise! Isn't it beautiful?! Dawn, the sofa is gorgeous!!!

Romeo said...

Oh wow! What an incredible sunflower - so purrfect!!!! And the sofa? Oh YES....nap time!!!!!

Purrs from a nappish Romeo

aimee said...

that is a great surprise!

Lululiz said...

Thats my kind of sofa, big and squashy and ever so comfy looking.
The sunflower is such a cheery fun plant, you can't help but smile when you see that bright face nodding at you.

Shopgirl said...

Dear Dawn, I see why you would love this sofa, it looks fun and the shades of tan and white. It is so good to be back in blogland...I missed you so very much. I saw the doll shoes and went nuts for them...I am looking to copy your pin cushion baby shoes as a project for Bazaar and have not be blessed to find what I need. Thank you Dear Dawn for your wonderful words of support...we have had some dark days. We really never know what is just around the corner waiting to shake us to the core sometimes...but we go on. I am so glad you like the quilt so far, I will show it off when it is done. I still haven't looked at all the good things you have done while I was I am off to take a peek!! Love, Mary

********************* said...

Hi Dawn,

The sun flower is sooooo beautiful. What a wonderful treasure to find growing in your garden. Hope you manage to find a way to dry it. Sorry I'm not too sure how it could be done.
Warmest best wishes to you me dear friend.

oldgreymare said...

hahaha I had to laugh. I posted about my one sunflower yesterday but yours takes the prize. Mine is only 3" across!


Brenda E. said...

You'll know when it's time. Years ago I had an entire row of giant sunflowers across the backyard. I mean they grew above the rooftop. At the end of summer when the blooms fell off I just cut them down and laid them out on an old window screen to dry. They just fell out when they are dry. You could put 2 window screens to keep the birds from eating them all at once. But the window screen really helped taking them off the flower. We roasted them. They were delicious. Had tons of them. And watch out - because next year you could have more than one growing in the same spot. Seeds fall off and make it thru the winter. That's why I had to cut them down - I would have had a million.

Anonymous said...

That's the biggest sunflower I have ever seen. Love it.

Bagatellar said...

Wonderfull sunflower, this year we have had so bad weather all spring and summer here in Norway so I have given up on planting any seeds. Only the weeds grows happily in this cold weather.
This sofa looks a lot like mine, it's Ekeskog from Ikea, the model is no loonger awailable over here. Mine is in brown cord, but I sertainly consider a linen cover now:-) It's wonderfull to sitt in, and sleep in allso;-).

Bettyann Schmidt said...

Dawn, a friend (Kim Frakes) sent me to your blog. It's gorgeous! I love it. In fact, I'm going to paste your linky to my blog, also on blogger. Just updated my scrapbook blog to all arts. "Creative Pursuits." I would so love to attend your September workshop and am planning to do just that. I'll be spreading the word about your site BIG time. You're good, girl.

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a fun surprise! Sunflowers are so cheerfull!

Tawney Peterson said...

I have grown these beautiful monsters lots. They are wonderful! Don’t forget to save some seeds for planting next year. =)


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