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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thank you.

Nice Matters. I just love this award and am so very proud of it. Some sweet, sweet ladies have nominated me and I just want to thank each one of them!

Thank you so very much but you girls are the ones so very deserving of this. Offering words of encouragement to me and always leaving such kind comments on my blog. I thank you for that.

Truth be known, each and every one of you involved in this little blogging world deserves this award. Because to have a blog and enjoy this wonderful interaction with each other requires a certain amount of kindness, consideration and concern for what happens in each other's lives. I've seen you bond together in times of crisis and lift one another up ~ just like Brianna's angel auction ~ what an amazing testimony for kindness that was. Commenting on each other's blog to lift spirits, encourage creativity, and relate to a certain feeling they're having ~ all kindness.

I nominate you all for being so very kind to me and encouraging my creativity. It is within me, I've had it all my life. But having this blog has made me nurture it and want to show you everything!

Thank you, xxoo, Dawn


BECKY said...

Well Dawn, your well deserving. Getting to know everyone and finding there are so many sweethearts out there, that believe in all good things, and goodness, sounds sappy, but its like a sweet bowl of sugar, and caramel cheese cake. I, like you am so happy with what I've found in blog land. First thing I do in the mornings is check what sunshine ya'll have posted. It makes my day.
"Peace to men (and ladies) of Goodwill"

Lori said...

amen to everything that you said here Dawn {and Becky}, this is what i love so very much about blogland...every every time i am feeling low, or sad, i am up~lifted by a sweet comment that someone leaves for me or a beautiful post that someone writes...this is a wonderful place and i am so glad we are all here!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

The Urge to Create is a Magical thing!
Nurture it and On With the Show!
Sandra Evertson

red tin heart said...

Dawn, you are so sweet. I wish I could drink a glass of ice tea with you, and just talk about antiques and junkin'. Nita

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Dawn and the compliments on the book. It was lots of fun to make.

daisy cottage said...

Congratulations Dawn on your so deserving award!

Deb said...

Congratulations Dawn on your Nice Matters Award - and thank you so much for your visits & nice comments ~ they are very much appreciated.

Teena said...

Dawn, thank you so much for your comment. Your blog is absolutely lovely and I am going to find the time to read it all. You are so creative!

Sadie Olive said...

You are very deserving girly! Congrats!


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