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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wonderful news & a giveaway for you ~

Hello sweet friends! I've missed you! I've been waiting to post so I could tell you this amazing news . . .

Last Friday an email was sent to me from the new publishers of Victoria magazine. I looked at it and thought "oh, this must be about my subscription." Well, it wasn't. It was an invitation to attend a "Weekend of Bliss" in Dallas, Texas next month!! I read it, and read it again ~ I just couldn't believe it. Me?

I've loved Victoria for so many years, I don't know how long it's been. Almost thirty years?! How can that be? I bought it, I subscribed to it, I cut them up, I cried when they stopped making them, I collected them passionately all over again from antiques stores, thrift stores or anywhere I could find them. I even have duplicates! And now, to have Hoffman Media rekindle that wonderful fire we all knew and loved so well, is such a gift.

Well, on with my news. I struggled with this invitation. How can I go? Such short notice ~ it's been quiet in the store due to the oppressive heat. Well let's just say, where there's a will there's a way and it's gonna happen!!! The dates are Sept. 21, 22 & 23. It will be a gathering of around 300 or so, meeting with the editor and staff of the new Victoria. We will be exchanging ideas, what we loved about the old magazine and what we would love to see in the new one.

THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN! This is my contest. If you will please leave me a comment on this post suggesting what you would love to see in the new Victoria magazine ~ or what you did love about the old publication, you will be entered to win. I will be drawing three names and giving away three different prizes!!

  • One is a Victoria book From Heart & Hand ~ beautiful, timeless treasures for you to create

  • Two is a sweet lavender pillow/sachet I made with beautiful lace ruffles, accented with vintage lace pieces and filled with fragrant lavender buds

  • Three is another a sachet I made using a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic fabric piece that is from my collection, filled with lavender buds and accented with a vintage button

I will end the giveaway at 6:00 pm next Tuesday evening, August 28th. The winners will be announced the following morning. Please help spread the word about my giveaway because I would love to have as much input as I can get.

I hope you can give me some wonderful ideas to take to Dallas. I have my own, but would love to know yours as well!

xxoo, Dawn


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn I was getting worried when you didn't post for a couple of days! I'm so happy for you. They (Victoria) made a wise choice when they picked you. OK my little suggestion has to do with fashion. My daughter is majoring in fashion spent time in NYC and will be returning there next summer and yes I'm dreading it already and miss her. Anyway she frequently mentions how most women really need some help with how to dress according to their age. You know we tend to either dress to old and boring or way too young. I said there really isn't a place for women to get ideas from that are flattering. Lets face it as woman get older we have to work at it a bit harder. I refuse to wear a pink sweat shirt saying "Best Grandma". I'd really love that they continue the fashion section while remembering us a bit mature women that still want style. Did I drag that out long enough for you? Again I'm thrilled for you. This is great you'll give us all the details when you get back. Your such a nice person you'll be such a good voice for us. Now when I fluff my pillow (that you made) I'll think I remember her when ha ha. Enjoy!!!

madrekarin said...

Of course they chose you to come! You are the perfect fit, my friend. If I had to suggest an inclusion in the new Victoria, it would be to bring back their Writer-in-Residence section. That was the first section I went to when a new issue came out. It is why I love Madeline L'Engle, Susan Minot, Jan Karon and others.
You will have to tell us ALL about your trip. How cool are you?

heidi said...

hi dawn - that is such exciting news, and i must admit i'm a bit envious! i always felt like one of victoria's biggest fans and i covet my collection of magazines, and my business of bliss book with tons of signatures by so many of the fabulous women who have graced the pages!
anyway, what did i love? i loved the magazine best when nancy lindemeyer was editor in chief, the photography, romance, featured artists & designers, calling card section, and travel. i can't wait to check back and see how much fun you had! enjoy!

Sandy said...

What would I love to see in Victoria? Exactly what they had before. Beautiful collections, laces, jewels, buttons, beautiful vintage white blouses, floral arrangements, beautiful photography. Maybe a new section on artists who use the vintage styles in their trade.

Lisa said...

Yes more of the women in business. I have their books and magazines and I too missed the lovely photographs and articles! Yay for you! Have fun!

Leigh said...

WOW!! This is such great news! Can I be your guest? Ha ha, just kidding! I love that Victoria had a lot of articles about, well, a lot of things. Seems now that most decorating magazines are full of ads. I liked the articles about female entrepreneurs, artists, history, travel, etc. I also always liked the business card spreads they'd do in each issue (or what seemed like each issue) where you could admire other companies business cards. OH MY GOSH, I CAN"T WAIT TO TELL MY MOM THE NEWS(I assume you didn't tell her b/c she didn't say anything to me today when we talked). Maybe she can work for you.

Lori said...

Dawn, I am sooo excited for you!!! How thrilling!!! I think someone already said this and I agree:I think Victoria magazine was absolutely perfect just the way it was!!! I came late to the magazine but I still have all of my issues, it is the only magazine I have ever read that NEVER went into the re~cycle bin...

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Dawn, you are exactly the kind of woman that they need! It's nice that they seem to "get" that, since we all do!

I agree, I loved the old Victoria, before they suddenly revamped it. We don't need another "home & garden" here's the latest trends type magazine, what was fabulous about Victoria was that it was different. period. I still have each and every one of my issues, I bet most of us do.

:) I'm glad you decided to GO!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Dawn! Oh how exciting for you!! WOW!! It is so great that you are able to go and give input... I love love Victoria! I hope to see the same beautiful style that they are known for.. clean beautiful photos... not too much pink frou frou like most of the romantic magazines favorite issues are the ones with the classic romantic styles.

Can't wait to hear how it goes!! Hope you have so much fun! Heather

LivingTheLife said...

I can't think of too many things I would want to see changed from the early years of Victoria...anything you love...I'm sure I would love,'s the softness...the subtlety and of course the touch of romance that I adore...

I am so excited for you...what a great opportunity...Where are you staying while in Dallas??...I can tell you some great places...and let you in on some great food places and stores...but I'm sure you already know these things and I'm sure Victoria will take you to the best!!....if you get a chance go over into Fort Worth (Cowtown as it is called) Dallas folks don't cotton much to Fort Worth folks...well...that's a myth...but kind of true, too...but Fort Worth is home grown...laid back...friendly and like a great pair of jeans...always welcoming...and their square is the best!!

blessings...and have a fun time...

GardenGoose said...

Congratulations to you! what fun!
I must say that..I never knew about Victoria magazine until I read that they were making a comeback and someone gave me 3 of the older magazines just about 2 months ago.
I guess what I think would be nice to see in a magazine like this are new ways that women can use the vintage treasures that they find at antique shops..ways to craft new items from old, and ways to create pleasing displays with "found treasures" or vintage looking treasures to truly make the Victoria look their own in a simple/down to earth way.

pixi.dust said...

Well, first off my greatest fear is that they will change the magazine too much. I understand that they will probably feel some need to update the magazine to appeal to the widest number of readers. I think one of the biggest changes that occured after we last saw our beloved Victoria is the explosion of the internet. Maybe they could introduce a new monthly section on lovely & beautiful blogs such as your!

Anonymous said...

I hope they keep the same format as before, things I would love to see added interviews and pictures of studios of women/men who work with vintage textiles etc for their businesses .
I would love to see projects that we can make at home...pillows, frames, etc in new creative ways..

Kathleen Grace said...

What an honor to be chosen for this conference! Victoria magazine has always recognized classic style, I believe it is one of the reasons that you can still pick up a 20 year old Victoria and enjoy it! Their beautiful decorating, fashion, music and literary choices were not flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow, ideas of beauty. I hope that they will continue to find editors and contributors that find the classically beautiful things that inspire and excite us. One of my favorite features was also the women who have been able to carve out a career following their bliss. That is as big a movement now (maybe bigger) as it was then. Clearly, you would fit into this category and that probably has something to do with your invitation to participate:>) I can't wait to hear all about it!

Carol Keller Bass said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn. What a treat. I am ecstatic for you!!! I truly loved Victoria and was so sad to see it end. I treasure my old issues and will never part with them. My suggestion would be to bring it back as close to the same as possible. I love the pictures, articles, business card page, gardening ideas....I love it all. It was the first place I learned what a "vignette" was. Please take lots of pictures and have a wonderful time!
Much happiness to you,
A Bird in Hand

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I loved that magazine too. I think they still owe me a few issues from my subscription when they stopped printing it. ha. Oh well, I can't wait for the new ones. I especially loved when they used flea market/antique store depression glass with tablecloths and lace and candles. Those pages were always so beautiful to me. I also like pages with ideas for old family pictures and collectibles. Have a great trip. I know you'll have lots of wonderful ideas for them.

Cindy said...

Ditto Heather and Heidi! Not so much frou-frou, but I loved their AUTHENTIC romantic look. My favorite thing was probably the Bliss Issue (Women Entrepuener's, sorry sp wrong I think), the focus on women in biz for themselves. As I scan through the October 1997 issue, I am struck by it's timeless, classic beauty, which still holds true today, ten years later. Wow. What an honor to be chosen to attend and thank you for your generous spirit of asking us for our opinion. Congats.
Also, after you head to Ft Worth, check out some tiny towns. : ) There's a great little town called, Waxahachie. Check out The Dove's Nest Restaurant and Antique/Gift shop and there are four great antique malls with some great shopping and great prices.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I got that email too! I wish I could go! I want the new Victoria to be as close to the old one that we all loved so much. I really liked the early years of the magazine. I love how the magazine was so timeless. I look at my old issues and they don't look outdated at all! Have fun and we want to hear a full report on how much fun you had!

maggiegracecreates said...

I also think they chose wisely by including you. I loved the "I am victoria" seelctions featuring women who live the beautiful lifestyle feeling of the magazine. I kept all of my old issues and still drag out the file to pore over when I am needing a romantically beautiful "fix". The stunning photography was always amazing. I have many of mine marked with "tell the photographer I want a picture of my girls similar to this"

Enjoy your trip.

wisteriagirl said...

Hey Sweet Girl! I received the same email. Love Victoria magazine and can't wait to receive the first issue. I'm excited for you, that you are going!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, how exciting. I received an email too! It really is too short of notice for me. I'm sad because now I'll miss an opportunity to meet you in person!
I like all of the suggestions previously mentioned many of which were on my mind too. I used the magazine to it's fullest from sharing to collaging with! I loved the ideas, the fashion, the writing. I found it to be such a good support for women enterpenuers ( I think my spelling is off). When I was sick, it was one of my favorites to take to bed with me. I can hardly wait for the magazine to arrive in my mailbox!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, the teddy bear arrived. I am so in love with it! He was suppose to be a Christmas present but I don't know ...

Mary said...

Hi Dawn - I was invited too but cannot attend as I will be readying for my trip home to England not long after that. Happy you will go and we can all learn of the promised "bliss" from you later.
Tell them to keep the format as when Nancy L. was Editor-in-Chief - and definitely use quality paper and inks to ensure great phototgraphs. People are willing to pay more for a magazine with these important attributes - we detest flimsy paper and less than perfect color! Fussy females that we are!!!!! No ads in the main body of the issue - keep them at the end, and try to leave out those awful inserts for perfumes, book clubs etc.
Renew the section on fashion - beautiful vintage inspired elegant clothing which they did so well, and stories on fabric, lace making, vintage linens, ribbons, hat making etc.
More of the wonderful cooking articles with herbs and seasonal fresh produce with easy to read recipes.
Articles about women who live their lives creating, with paint, fabric, paper or whatever - shop owners furniture restorers, flea market junkies - women who do follow their dream and find real bliss doing what they love.
The entire magazine was amazing up until the arrival of the issue with a new logo, thinner paper, and a cover looking like all the other decorating magazines out there. We must have the original back, or as close to it as possible. We deserve this - we were loyal and true subscribers from the first issue and we were treated badly the day they cut us off! Tell them Dawn - give it to them straight - please, please go to bat for us all.
With thanks and huge hugs - Mary.

Dolly said...

Hi Dawn I got invited to the Victoria premeire too... I wish I could go!
You will have to take lots of pictures and share with us all who WISH we were there too! :-)

I am so excited that Victoria is coming back...I so enjoyed every single issue...getting lost in every page! Every picture was breath taking! I do hope they keep it the same way it was back then!

I too have the From heart n hand book and never tire of looking thru it!

Thanks for shareing,
Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Cathy said...

I love Victoria and was so happy to hear they are coming back. My favorite thing was their overall romance and timeless treasures! The clothing, lace, textiles and their Valentine issues were my favorites! I hope they'll stay true to their roots and not get too modern on us. I do think all the paper crowns and some of the altered arts might mix well with the old and romantic treasures from the past--seeing them in collections and how the owners use them in their decor--not so much as projects.
How lucky your are to have this opportunity! Have fun and enjoy! Please tell them how happy we all are that they're back!

Cathy (hazelruthe) :)

Sweet Remembrance said...

So happy Victoria is coming back!
So sad I will miss the Bliss, when I got my email I too was so excited until I checked the calendar and realized I couldn't make it! Have a winderful tine for all of us...
PS~I wouldn't change a thing in Victoria

Anonymous said...

I REALLY miss the page that showed all of the great business card ideas and examples. I just loved the creative expression!! With a business card you get one have to make your image stick!! I always loved how fellow business women did this.

Karen Hoida

Sandy McTier said...

WOW! What a fabulous invitation.
I still have all my VICTORIA magazines and really loved the early days of the mag. Love all the period stuff, vintage lace, floral arrangements, linens, etc. Would maybe like to see a section featuring artists that use this style in their ART to inspire and give us other artists ideas. I'm sure it will be greatly received and welcomed back with wide open arms! Looking forward to having in my home again!
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

i have saved years of victoria magazine. i'm still enjoying every was my all time favorite.i hope that they will use the same format that they have in the past. the photograpy was wonderful.looking forward to the first issue and all that follow. constance lefevre forehand

Dawn said...

Hello Dawn...
I am sooo hoping that the new Victoria will adhere to the look of the early days of the magazine. It is what made it so special. I always looked forward each issue for different reasons. Loved the white January, yummy pink and red February, springtime March, April and May, the romantic wedding June, the patriotic summer July, the inspiring August, the cozy September, October, and November, and the December Christmas issues. Never did they disappoint.
Veering off into a more modern direction made the magazine less distinctive. I am also interested in artists whose work has that vintage edge...
Thanks for asking for our input..and I hope your Victoria weekend is entirely blissful!
Dawn @ (4:53am)

linda said...

Just tell them we are looking for a continuation of what they presented so well... wonderful female artisans and their products, glorious photography, beautiful pages filled, every inch, with inspiration and a wonderful vintage feel while to 20th century ideas.

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

Hi Dawn! Congratulations on being asked to attend, how wonderful! :)

I think everyone here has said a bit of what I enjoyed most about the magazine; the photography, their original format, their showcasing of artists and business women, the business card ideas and the romantic, vintage inspired clothing.

I remember all those things made my heart race the first time I discovered the magazine at a bookstore, I thought I was in heaven! Then they changed everything, I was so dissapointed it lost it's magic. I want to feel that magic again.

How exciting and enjoy your time!



The Glitter Fairy said...

Hi Dawn,
Congrats on being invited to the Victoria bash. They were smart to pick you!
As for the new Victoria, I'd like to see great, luscious photography, good design and lots of field trips to women entrepreneur's & artist's studios.
Hope you enjoy your fantastic trip!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What an exciting trip you are about to make! And what a lovely giveaway - you do make the prettiest treasures!

What my mom and I most loved about the old Victoria mags were the articles and photos of vintage-inspired weddings with gorgeous lace wedding gowns (probably because I was getting married at the time)! =)

dawn said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you will be attending. I also recieved an invitation but won't be able to go - can't wait to hear ALL about it! Have fun!

see you there! said...

I signed up for a subscription as soon as I heard about it.

Great that you are going 'cause I'm sure you will give us a full report when you return.

The original magazine was great, can't think of much to change. Maybe like someone else said, a feature on bloggers who create things with a Victorian feel.

Have fun!


Rosemary said...

LOL! hate to burst your bubble, but i'm assuming everyone who presubscribed to the newest magazine got invited. I got that same invite yesterday. Sounds like lots of fun, and i'm not too far from dallas, but no money for extras like that. Have fun if you go! Rosemary

La Tea Dah said...

I love your post --- and am also thankful that Victoria magazine is going to be reinstated. My idea is that they incorporate a 'romantic' garden, by season, in each issue. I would love to see herb gardens, flower gardens, etc. all with a romantic theme. Or historic gardens at old Victorian homes.

:) LaTeaDah

Joyce said...

You have a beautiful Blog Dawn. I don't know how I missed it before. Dawn from Hydrangea Home sent me your link and here I am! We're really excited about having representation at the Bliss event too. I love that they are giving readers a voice, but they always were advocates for women following their own bliss. Maybe we'll see you there!

oldflowers4me said...

oh it just gave me hope- that there where other people like me out there- the magazine was true bliss when i had my children in bed at night- id sit and just read every page- singing and skiping love jo anderson.

Sharon said...

I have EVERY issue published and all their books. I much prefer the older format before it changed to the more modern feel near the end of their publication.

I liked the fashion features because the clothing and jewelry was always wearable yet still had a vintage feel.

Loved all the features about vintage and antique collections and was inspired to start many of my own. The magazine had a timeless feel. I can still go back over every issue and read it like it was just published yesterday, it never got stale.

marita said...

hi dawn, visiting you from lidy's blog. i'm dutch, don't know the magazine but it surely looks beautiful to me. the linens and pillows are amazing. i love the botanical art pages.
if i may make a suggestion it would be featuring artistic ladies and their hand made unique creations, telling about their life stories, their inspirations, natural materials and way of surviving in the hard commercial world. sense of 'back to nature', 'back to the roots' issues.
wishing you succes with this fantastic challenge!!

Sharon said...

Hi Dawn~ isn't it the most amazing news that Victoria is coming back? I cannot wait to get my first issue~ but then to get an invite to "Bliss" I was elated~ I cashed in my frequent flier miles and I am going ~ !!Yay!!~ I hope to meet you there.
Sharon @ C'est Chouette

Anonymous said...

I am as excited as you are. I loved Victoria magazine and cried when it ended. I have the very first issue. When I received the card to re-subscribe, I could not get it in the mail fast enough. Besides the beautiful pictures and articles, some just took my breath away, I loved reading and learning about other people pursueing their passions. Starting businesses from their love of things from the past. It is just something that touches you deep in your heart. Maybe it's our desire to feel connected to a past time of such grace and beauty that so many of our daily lives lack. Maybe it connects me to the grandmother I never knew but to know we loved the same things.
Enjoy every moment.
Susan Gerdy

Whatsoever Things... said...

Oooh...same email to me too! Although I live in Penna. and the trip could never happen:-( I look so forward to the first issue. I think we will all make a huge sigh of love when we get that issue in our hands that the world might just roll a bit...(grin) I LOVE anything that calls to the lady in me and that takes in just about anything that Victoria could and will share.
P.S. I just added you to my blogroll folk list and am enjoying my visits here.
in simplicity,

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Dawn,
I seem to be having a problem being able to post my comment in response to Victoria magazine so I've sent you this note.
Anyone who loved the magazine as you and I, know that what set it apart from the others was simply the photography.Especially Toshi Otsuki. His ability to veil his subjects in an almost heavenly light made the photos come to life before our eyes.Every rose sparkled with the morning dew still heavy on it's petals.Women appeared angelic in their pose with an aura about them that he seemed to capture.No matter the article his photos made it magical.If they bring back this wonderful photographer everything else will fall into place.
Thankyou for your posting and please drop by for a visit at www.missmaddie' .Have a delightful evening.
Sincerely, Susan

(Posted by Dawn, this was sent to my email address)

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember growing up with the older version of victoria magazine, what a classic. I loved the english country side and the warm traditional looks they portrayed. it was a comfortable, inviting magazine.

Skye said...

I would like to see book reviews, tips for buying antiques, and articles on particular antiques such as English China, etc, etc,

luverlie said...

How wonderful to be invited to a new beginning of an old favorite.
I don't have all the old issues or books but the ones I have are dear and special. I love looking at and reading them over and over again. I don't know that I would have any input about the format of the magazine because what it was spoke volumes, as I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next issue.

I read your blog often and love your bits of inspiration.

Have a wonderful trip and look forward to hearing all about it on your blog.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hello dawn,
I received a welcome invitation as well and wish I could make the trip but cant fit it in.. I loved the magazine just as it was, classic, old time romanance. Loved the beauty tips, recipes, everything. I would love to see more photos of homes if I were to add anything to this already fabulous magazine. Did you receive the complementary issue yet??? Its enchanting!
Please fill us all in when you return, have fun Dawn!
Jo-Anne Coletti

Amy Wagner said...

I really liked the Children's Corner page and Chimes page.
I can't wait to have the magazine available again!!!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I don't want a prize I just want you to tell them that I really loved the European settings the a pastry shop in Belguim or a lace manufacturing place that has been in business for centuries...those places we don't see everyday in our world of malls, etc. Thank you Dawn. Got it? Okay now tell it back to me...

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

i am hoping that the editors can evoke the feeling of calm peacefulness that I always felt devouring their magazine. One that stands out in my mind is the issue that featured Tasha Tudor! I
many blessings to you and safe journey! I am so very excited to read this news and for YOU.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Thank you so much for asking us for our input; I am happy for you that you get to attend!
I love the magazine just as it was..... in the early days, before they "revamped" it. It was beautiful, timeless, classic. The photography was breathtaking. I could just sit and look at the pictures and feel transported to a different time.
I want to see them keep it just as it was then. No new "fads" or "trends" or the "latest craft craze". There are plenty of other magazines for that.
Let Victoria be just what it should be. Bliss.

Storybook Woods said...

Hello Dawn, I was invited to and would love to go if only to meet all the other wonderful bloggers. What I would say to Victoria mag is do not reinvent the wheel. From the beginning it was a hit (I have every issue) and it was only when they started trying to "improve" it the magazine went it started to go downhill.

Also I would say I hope they have some pretty amazing photographers. Even now most magazine do not t=ahve the amazing photos that Victoria does.

Just think how everyone still loves all their old copies of Victoria, that is some staying power. (We blogger are very picky to. With all the amazing blogs out there, mags. are going to have to step-up their game) xoxox Clarice

Lana said...

I'd like to see them stay true to the old Victoria.

Lots of articles on artists and business owners.

Articles with a history lesson, whether it be the history of the factories that produced beautiful porcelain pieces, a story about dolls of the 19th century, or day to day lives of the working women in history.

Have fun Dawn!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh, I am so glad I'm not too late to chime in on this!! I adored Victoria magazine and like you I cut it up and then bought old ones I found at antique stores!! LOL!! And I have duplicates,too! :D I loved the old Victoria, before they started to try to be more modern in the last year or so before they ended. I loved the amazing, romantic photography, the laces, the decorating that was pretty and romantic, but not all all "fussy" and overdone. I loved those issues where they focused on all whites, or blues and whites or beach themes, etc. I would love to see articles about women who use vintage treasures to decorate their homes and to make lovely crafts, artwork, jewelry and other items.
Thanks for letting us ladies contribute our thoughts!! Have a great time with ladies of the new Victoria magazine!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

There is one more thing I forgot to add! Another thing I loved in Victoria was the way the sprinkled famous quotes, poems, and book passages throughout the issues!

Penny Carlson said...

Oh! I envy you. I was invited too and I live in NC and just can not make it! Enjoy your time there! I can't wait to receive my first issue. I love that they feature women entrepenuers. I am a mosaic artist, selling my art thru my website. It is such a struggle to get noticed and lucky is the women that Victoria finds and promotes!
Penny, Mosaic Artist

Rebecca said...

Hello Dawn,
I loved the Victoria of the mid-90s, before it became quite so modern, when the fashions still held old-fashioned charm.
More things about Victoria to love:

-The Writer-in-Residence
-French Beauty & Fashion Tips
-Mouth-watering recipes (I tried many, and they were really *that* good)
-Interviews with artists, writers, film producers
-Travel pieces
-Literary quotes

A nice addition would be interviews with homemakers. I can think of two off-hand that would be a real inspiration to women who delight in making home-life beautiful, but aren't trying to run a business. See Anna at and Lanier at

Thanks for permitting us all a glimpse of your beautiful world through your blog!

Rebecca Newton

Lisa said...

Hi and congratulations! What a thrill to be chosen! Victoria was, I think, a benchmark publication in the decor magazine industry. I loved and I hope that they preserve the photographic style and over feel of the magazine. I love the white or blue or purple themes they would give and run with. I love the femininity of it. As far as changes/additions, well, I would maybe like to see a section on artist/designer/decorator inspiration...their photos, ideas, spaces, etc. Maybe more kitchen ideas and recipes!

Garden_Antqs said...

Dawn: isn't that wonderful news. I was excited too when I received my invitation, but I knew it was too close to doing the Roundtop/ Warrenton Show that I knew I couldn't go. I absolutely adore their magazine, even after all these years. I would still like them to feature some of the same topics, gardening, shopping, travels, and add more about unique shops in small towns. Have fun and keep us posted how it goes!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Dawn, I am going, too! I received my invitation and thought about it for 2 days. Struggled with the money and finally decided it was an opportunity of a lifetime! I am the owner of an on-line boutique and have been a Victoria devotee/reader (even now--I kept all my issues...)since 1992. How could I not go?! I hope to meet you there. Yippee!!

SweetAnnee said...

How wonderful!
I loved the gentleness of Victoria..the simple joy of a rose, tea in a cozy corner, and the lovely decorating ideas. I still have my Victoria's and
so WONDERFUL they are coming back.

Anonymous said...

hi Dawn

I am thrilled that Victoria is returning! I have every issue and still love to get them out and enjoy. I always particularly loved the August issues that featured beautiful shops. I hope they will continue to showcase some of those. Please include mein your drawing. Thank you so much! Have fun in Dallas.

Lou Ann

Zuzu said...

Hi Dawn,

Today is my first visit to your blog - and I love it! I'll be visiting often!

Congratulations on your "Weekend of Bliss" invitation - I can see that Victoria made an excellent choice!

The thing that made Victoria magazine THE magazine I loved most was the photography - pure art. I could feel myself drawn into the photograph and a part of the moment. I loved the beautiful clothes, the trips around the world, handmade lace, and the articles featuring women who followed the business of bliss. I know that Victoria magazine inspired me to start my own business, and my hope is that the new magazine will remain true to the original.

Thanks for asking us what we loved, and I cannot wait hear what you have to say once you've returned from your Victoria weekend!

Warmest regards,
Owner/Artisan - Zuzu's Garden

Christine of Epiphany said...

Hello, you have a lovely blog!
I always loved the exquisite items they would find; then, they would photograph them beautifully.
Exquisite things, beautifully and romantically photographed (usually evocative, misty photos by Toshi Otsuki!) ~ yes, that was what I loved most about Victoria!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Dawn,

I was reading the blog about the new Victoria, although I am excited I don't want to get my hopes up that it will be the same. One suggestion that I could offer that would make the magazine more beautiful is to print it on thee original paper that the early Victorias were printed on. I can't stand that cheap paper that tea time and southern lady are printed on. I know it would be more costly, but I think people would pay a little more money for better quality. That right there would intensify all the beautiful photography. I also hope they remain having a beauty section. I just loved all the parfumes, and makeup, and every other beauty product they recommended. I started reading the magazine at 11 years old, and it is honestly where I learned how to cook, bake, do makeup,and keep home . Even when it came to the books, and movies that I read or watched it is what was suggested in Victoria. Some of the ladies said they cried when Victoria was no longer being published, I thought it was done long before," When Nancy Lindemeyer Quit." I felt like I lost a friend. Please help them see they need to take the extra steps to make it the magazine it once was. Maybe even in one of the upcoming magazines they could interview Nancy, so we could all see our old friend. Sorry for the long e-mail, but it is a subject that still lays heavy on my heart even after all these years.

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BECKY said...

I thought of something, don't know if anyone already said this. But I'd like to see more featured shops, like antique shops, and flea markets around the country.There are so many and it seems to be ofreat interest on the web, why not put it in a Magazine.
yours. With great articals about how owners all got started. I'd love more of that.

Bejeweled said...

I loved all the stories about women entrepreneurs. How they were able to make businesses out of their passions and make them work. And some reason, I really loved the business card page too. The top notch photography made it easy to fall into the Victoria world.

What I'd love to see is more coverage of books. There are so many great crafting/garden/home decor and other romantic, graceful books out there, it would be nice to have more insight into them to make better purchasing decisions.

Terri said...

Hi, Dawn - I loved all the fashions they featured - how they would use contemporary pieces with an old-fashioned feel to them or features fashions made from vintage-inspired patterns. Have a wonderful time in Dallas! And thank you for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I am very exciting about Victoria coming back! I would like to see them have a very thorough area in the back that tells where you can purchase things within the magazine ... like when someone's home is showcased, include the name of the paint color, where it can be purchased, etc. Thanks so much!

~~Mary Smith~~

Scrappy Jessi said...

I used to love this mag. im so glad to hear its coming back.
can't wait.
jessi nagy

The Feathered Nest said...

Hello fellow Georgian,

I'm a native So. Cal. gal who now resides in Cumming for the past 13 yrs. I'm so sorry I missed writing about one of my very favorite magazines but hope you can inlcude my thoughts.

Was a original subscriber and have the entire collection of magazines. I don't feel there was ever a magazine more beautifully executed than Victoria. Their style was untouched. Even their advertisements were so well presented; the clothing & models were different than the regular magazinies, so fresh & inspiring. I enjoyed them bringing you into historic homes, showing any type of collections, and please let's feature some artist in every issue. They took you in their grasp with page after page of beautiful enticements. There is so much they cover in helping preserving our past but giving due respect to unique quality in the present.

I don't know if you have the book On Women and Friendship by arr Ockenga, who worked for Victoria, but it is my all-time favorite book and have given it to some of my very special friends.

I would very much appreciate you mentioning one thing that I definitely found somewhat disturbing near the end, so many issues dealt with France and French inspired articles. I feel that with what we have to offer as the good olde USA and with the troops fighting to protect our freedom & safety, that we should be given recognition. Not that the history and magnificant items from this country cannot be highlighted, but I think if they are going to feature a bakery, a artists, etc. of present times, let it be a good olde USA featured. We have to many wonderful people doing wonderful things out there and also, it would help promote the magazine. Let it be an American creating French-inspired objects not the French artists themselves.

Enjoy the wonderful experience that lies ahead; savor the moment & memories.

Marilyn L.

Cindy Riebe said...

Hello -- I found your lovely blog recently and have found so much inspiration! I subscribed to Victoria from the day it was first published and, when it ceased publication, I cried like I'd lost a dear friend.

What I loved most were the sumptious table settings and recipes; and the exquisite photography. And the gardens they showcased. And their special issues on England (I am a certified Anglophile.) Okay, I loved everything about the magazine!

I would love to see them include patterns and instructions on true Victorian needlework, etc., such as are included in their book "From Heart & Hand."

Also, I believe "A Return to Loveliness" -- their subtitle -- should be more financially accessible than previous. We are drawn to the magazine for the gentility and beauty it presented, but that doesn't mean we can afford $300 perfume bottles. I'm probably not articulating what I mean very well...

Sorry this is so long; this is like my one big chance to express what I'd like to see in a magazine...I might never get another chance!

Again, what a lovely, lovely blog you have!

Cynthia Riebe

Sam I Am said...

wow..lookie at all of these posts!!!!
well.. ::bowing my head:: i am a victoria virgin..
as i have yet to hold a copy in my hands and to experience the beauty of this magazine :(
but someday soon..i shall! I've signed up for a subscription last a few months ago..and eagerly await its arrival :) :) :)

So.. just seeing the new magazine in my mailbox will be the highlight of my week im sure :)

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Dawn, They sent out complementary issues, its called Launch Nov/Dec.
It features all of our favorites - Home decor, Insprirational accounts of women, entertaining, gardening, travel, beauty, fashion , and enlightenemnt..As far as quality, I aggree.. Paper is vital for beautful crisp true to life pictures. The pages are thick, glossy white pages. They are launching with a cover paper stock of # 145 and body paper stock of # 45.
It reminds me of the qualtiy of dovetales magazine.. It was wonderful!
Jo-Anne Coletti

La Tea Dah said...

Dawn, the package you sent has arrived safely and I love it and will cherish it! Not only does the pillow contain lavender (my favorite), it also is made from the same lace as my wedding gown. Thank you SO MUCH! It now graces my living room sofa and I appreciate it each time I look at it.

Many thanks!


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