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Friday, August 10, 2007

I am buying some strange things

Today was a good day. It started at the antique store, as I was planning on working for Cindy. She has family in town and wanted to be with them. Emily, a friend and dealer in the store, showed up and I trained her in the "complicated" procedures of running the store as she is going to be our "fill in". She did wonderfully by the way and is such a natural at this antiquing thing.

While I was still at the store I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Carol of A Bird In Hand. She is from Florida and was in Atlanta and about thirty minutes from the store and talked her family into driving on to McDonough to visit The Plum Tree. It was so nice to meet her! She has a wonderful business now doing shows and offers a great selection of vintage and other items to blend with the old. Thanks so much Carol for making the effort to visit our store and I do hope to see you again!!

After leaving the store I headed to the thrift store and came across a few neat items. People were looking at me weird for buying a junky old used spice rack but the bottles hold a lot of promise ~ can't you see them altered with neat old looking labels, vintage images and some twine around the neck? A wonderful jadeite bowl and sweet little bird butter pat.

Then I headed on to an Estate Sale that the former owner of The Plum Tree, Marti, was having. Well, I have to tell you I am drawn to the strangest things now! I know she was scratching her head as I was making my "to purchase pile"...A humongous ratty dictionary for a buck, a smaller dictionary, great old spools of string, a goofy looking dress form thing that I want to transform completely, a tarnished old sugar bowl with no lid, some old porcelain knobs, and last but not least the most wonderful bunch of beveled glass squares to do some soldered items!! WOW!

And last but certainly not least, after I go to the school, pick up my nine year old, and get home, I have the sweetest mail love waiting on me! Sweet Denise, a Plum Tree customer, mailed me a Random Act of Kindness package chock full of goodies to use in my artwork....what an angel you are, Denise!! I love it ALL!! Thank you so very much.

By looking at all my treasures you may scratch your head too, but hopefully all will be transformed into lovelies soon ....boy, I'd better get busy!

xxoo, Dawn


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Dawn! I am not scratching my head... I am totally SEEING the vision!! lol

I especially love the spice jars with the little lids. Your goodies from your friend are so cute too.


red tin heart said...

Dawn, the dictionary would be great for the altered art. I love your stuff you picked out. Nita

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Love all the stuff you found, I know it will turn into the great pieces of art. Especially love the string. Thanks for working for me yesterday so I could spend some time with my beautiful Granddaughter.

Denise S. said...

Dawn so glad you got my little package OK.

I so understand your purchases. I buy the very same kind of things when I can find them.

So neat you got to meet a fellow blogger!

GardenGoose said...

oh girl, those little jars will look so cute when you work your magic on them..and the other finds..what fun! hope you are having a good week..and have a great weekend!

LivingTheLife said...'s one gal who wouldn't scratch her head at any of your purchases...I would love to have picked up any or all of those treasures...I might not use them the same way, you seem to have "more" talent for designing unique items than I do...but I was drawn to them...good thing I don't live close...I wouldn't have wanted to "haggle" for love the things you've been posting and making...I'm still drooling over that sweet lampshade you posted the other day...


BECKY said...

Dawn I'm totaly drooling over that dress form. It is so beautiful. WOW! You lucky gal.

Pea said...

What wonderful goodies. OH I wish.
Please go peek at my blog today. I have a little suprise there for you!

Heatherly said...

You're such a sweetheart! Thank you for your kind comment you left on my blog! See ya at The Plum Tree.


KJ said...

A virtual treasure trove. Wow! I have never been to an estate sale and I so want to go! I have a friend who owns a high end store in the Marina area of Long Beach, CA.; Hiatt & Peek. She goes to estate sales all the time. her store is so eclectic!

Oh happy day, kj

A bird in the hand said...

No scratching of heads here! I would have pretty much picked the same things! You have such good taste!!!

Love your art too.
Colette xox

madrekarin said...

There is not a single thing there that looks strange to me. Nope, not one. What a score on that beveled glass. I can't wait to see what that becomes!
My mom came home today. She's crabby as heck which means she is probably on the mend. :)
My angel sister arrives tomorrow for a few days. Phew.

SweetAnnee said...

I love your treasures Dawn


You've been tagged by a "Nice Matters." Please go to my blog and retrieve the banner and then pass it on to at least 5 more but no more than 7

red tin heart said...

Dawn, I went junkin' and I got pictures. Nita

Lori said...

what a lovely bunch of goodies...i am especially loving that dress from!!! i cannot wait to see that transformed into something even more wonderful!!!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Dawn,

I love what you bought at the thrift store. Quite useful and like you say, you will transform them. What a nice surprise from your fellow blogger...


Wendy said...

Oooh Dawn, those are some really nice finds! I can definately see the possibilities! :)

Bejeweled said...

What fantastic goodies! I can see the possibilities too ..... wonderful finds!

Amy Wagner said...

I don't think your choices/purchases odd at all. I would have snapped up the dictionaries in an instant. I collect them and especially red covered versions! I saw lots of other things in your photos that I like too.


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