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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

{blushing} Thank you sweet Nita!

Nita at Red Tin Heart has nominated me for the Nice Matters Award! Thank you so much sweetie, What an amazing HONOR! You take the cake in this area as you are always a cheerleader for others and have the kindest things to say on our blogs. Just taking the time to post a sweet comment means so very much.

In this busy world, we all love to hear positive things. You get honked at in traffic, a cashier doesn't speak to you at the grocery store, and so on and so on as people are so consumed in themselves and their schedules. I feel like we all crave kindness. The human spirit needs it. Many do not know the power of kindness either. It's much too easy to get angry and spout out at someone. We all just need to slow down. We all need to take time and enjoy our lives, be kind to one another, treat someone as you would love to be treated yourself. Heck, take gap, give gap in traffic ~ don't you think it's just the simple things that make others smile?

Well, enough of my soapbox talking....there are so very many kind people in this sweet blogworld how will I ever choose my five? I love to visit you all, to comment on your blogs and to hear back from you, too!

Well, here goes:

1) Jamie at Tales from The Terra Cottage as she always has such a kind word to say.

2) Lori at Faerie Window ~ another sweet girl to cheer you on and build you up!

3) Dixie at Northdixie Designs ~ she's always kind and encouraging!!

4) Becky at On a Wing and a Prayer ~ she cheers you on and is encouraging also!

5) Heather at Pretty Petals Boutique ~ a sweet, kind soul and her mother is another angel!! I love them both!

I could list so many more because their are tons of blogs that I love, just look at my sidebar and I love to visit them all!! Such sweet women, caring and cheering each other on ~ thank you all so very much. xxoo, Dawn


Lori Karla said...

Thank You Sweet Dawn!!!

BECKY said...

AWHHH, Thank you Dawn. Well, were would we all be without the encouragment from others. It is my pleasure. Your to kind. One thing though, I'll have to put you on my list too.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Dawn, what a sweetheart you are!!! I would have to say that you truly deserve this award. You are always so kind and thoughtful and I have enjoyed "meeting" you here in blogland!! Thank you for thinking of me!

Heather :)

red tin heart said...

Dawn, thank you for your kind comments as well. You are always so nice. And you are one of the most creative people I have ever seen. Nita

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...


Thank you for your kind words. It's funny how quickly you start to feel a kinship with the lovely ladies out here in blogland. Thank you for your sweet comments...



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