Sunday, January 19, 2020

A little art, a little organizing and a precious gift!

I can't even believe it's already getting close to the end of January!
Seems the time flies by faster and faster as I get older.

I DID actually create something in the last few days!!!
This is an old clock case we've had for years and my husband
had the idea of me turning it into a nest assemblage.
Of course, he was right!
And it turned out so precious!!!

It being only 4" wide I had to use a very teeny nest.
I lined the interior with a wonderful mesh fabric,
embellished the nest with feathers and fragments of moss tucked here and there.
And then of course, added three tiny speckled eggs.
The top is tied with scraps of silk sari ribbon and an antique woven piece.

Don't you just love small things? They are my very favorite.
A dear blog friend purchased this piece last night as a gift to her husband!

As I was cleaning up the studio last week
I thought I'd share some of my antique lace collection.

Now this is not stored in some fancy antique chest but a new
plastic drawer thingee but it does serve it's purpose.
I took a photo of the contents of each drawer to share with you.
This is not ALL of my lace but some of my very favorite antique pieces...

Here is the contraption that I'm using.
They are not that attractive but work beautifully!

I'm trying to tag boxes so it will be easier for me to locate things.
It's terrible when you are looking for elements and can't remember where you put them!

I've even been organizing my button collection!!!

Dried roses and beautiful pieces of bark...

And yes, I have a thing for teddy bears!
They decided they wanted a selfie for me to share with you! HAHAHA!

THIS is the precious gift that I wanted to share with you!!!
As you know we lost our sweet Ellie girl back in November.
Well, a dear blog friend that I've know for YEARS wanted to
needle felt me a small replica of our precious pup.

Can you even believe it??
If you would like to request something for yourself
from my dear friend Cheryl Goode MacKinnon,
you can find her on Instagram HERE
or you can email her at

Thank you ALWAYS for visiting me here on my little blog!!
Wishing you an amazing week dear friends ~
Hugs and love,


just me... jan said... OCD heart LOVES your lace storage! I burst out laughing when I scrolled to your labeled storage boxes. Great minds must think alike cuz I’ve been using those photo storage boxes for years! Mine are white and reside in two bookcases (also white) in one of my crafting rooms. No dust, no muss or fuss, just pull the box needed and all is right when it’s time for crafting!

Colleen said...

I so love your lace collection as well..❤️ Where do you find such things? I love your button collection as well. When I was little, (many years ago), we had an old tin pot in our pantry full of old buttons. There were cards with old hook and eyes on them, old buttons from button up shoes...buttons of every shape and size that had been removed form old coats and blouses, etc. I wish I knew where that old pot was now so I could go through them again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collections!

Mom said...

I adore the miniature nest creation; wish I could have purchased and your friend's hubby is very lucky; it is beautiful and so unique, as always.

The lace and button collections are drool worthy and fabulous!

I must get in touch with your friend as the felted Ellie is over-the-moon darling and spot on. What a lovely and kind gesture.

Keep sharing your creations as they make me smile.

Be blessed!

ThereseMarie said...

Darling dawn! Your clock is beautiful and I just might copy your idea if that's OK. I also need you to come and organize my lace and white fabrics! It is such a mess that I cannot find anything some days. You are still my inspiration and I am glad that you are blogging again. I need to get back on my blog and make it work again for me. Love and hugs!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

I get so excited when I see you post, our old blogging times are a wonderful memory.... I love your sweet little Nest Assembly, you always have the perfect touches, maybe your Fab collection of Lace keeps those wheels spinning!
Again, I’m so happy your little Ellie has brought you Joy, after all my years of being creative I will hands down admit that I am Loving NF these tiny Critters, beloved pets ~ family “members” I get to a point that they seem to take on their true character....

I will keep you posted as to when I will be visiting down in Georgia, it’s been too long

Sandy K said...

I love the replica of your dog,what a loving gift.
I was wondering about the easel the clock face was sitting on, is it old? I would love to buy one.

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Dawn. What a sweet project! I've been collecting old clocks and I love this idea! So nice to catch up with your blog! And I LOVE the little Ellie. So sweet. And your organized studio is inspiring me to get mine in order. Hugs,

Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

Oh how I love your nest assemblage, it's so neat!

Girl, I'm a vintage lace lover also. But I have mine hanging on hooks where I can see it all, all the time. You have some gorgeous pieces in your collection!

My button collection is not near that big, but I do have all colors. I love the jars of whites, creams, and pearls... very pretty!

I also collect teddy bears... looks like we have lots in common. The needle felt looks exactly like your sweet baby. What a precious gift that is!

Vee said...

Happy New Year, Dawn! I was so pleased that you popped by. Blogging has definitely taken a back seat to life. Always something!

Your sweet creations remind me so much of those in my own home...either because you made them or because you made suggestions on something I was trying to do. Course, I open the linen drawer and there’s the lavender sachet with its sweet aroma and beautiful old lace.

I like your organizer...sometimes function wins!

Mary said...

Wonderful to see you are still creating such beautiful things Dawn.
That amazing likeness to your little Ellie, whom I remember well and am sorry you no longer have, is so adorable - I know you must treasure this.

Just came across you again after quite a while - hope you remember me. Have been busy traveling the world, but slowing down some now.

Sending best wishes for this new year - stay well, be happy.
Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air (still hanging around blogland - older but probably none the wiser!!!!)

Jessica Eiss said...

I just stumbled into your blog by accident, from someone else who had pinned a picture of yours. Holy cow, this is a treasure, and we are of kindred hearts! I'm not sure who has more vintage white buttons, but it's one of us! I just bought another tin today! Oh, and your vintage lace is to die for too. I have a lot and can't stop collecting it. I use mine on paper crafting, although did make a nice needle book for someone out of my collection. I'll be sharing your blog with at least two more people who are like us! :)
Thanks for some scrumptious pictures to drool over too.


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