Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spring is here in Georgia and I love it!!!!

Isn't it so wonderful how the spring of the year feels like a beautiful renewal???
We moved to our new home in the fall and
as it was pretty with all of the fall colors but
things changed fast with all the leaves falling
and the cold weather approaching.

I haven't shared this before but we have moved in with 40 year old friends and
are now sharing their home and ALL of the expenses!!!
They too are empty nesters and invited us to share their home with them.

They lost their youngest son (one year older than our Noah) in a tragic car accident
four years ago and the older daughters have moved away.
They have a huge home with an in-law suite that they occupy and offered
us the rest of the house as our own.

I met these precious souls, James and Tammy at my first day at art college.
Long story short, they fell in love...
Dennis and I fell in love and married a year before they married and
I was pregnant with our first son Brent at their wedding!

Dennis and I were the best man and matron of honor at their wedding.
And we've been friends for soooo many years now!
Dennis and James went to school together and were even co-workers too.

Oh, and they are both true artists!!!
And now, in our new home we have a gorgeous studio!!!!
Perfect for all creatives and of course I brought all of my supplies!!!

Anyway that is the backstory.
It has been a beautiful thing for us.
We have dinners together, laugh and reminisce then we all
retire to our separate living spaces to watch a little TV before bed.

So now to making things beautiful!!!!!
Our sweet deck is in dire need of new floor boards
so understand they'll be replaced soon.
But I couldn't help but do some spring planting today!



Just a random found nest that I placed a river rock inside...that kind of looks like an egg!

And one more ~

A few asparagus ferns with sedum in between!

A little rosemary ~

And chives!

The ferns have been planted and are ready for the front porch too ~

Different varieties of sedum have been planted in the old birdbath too!
Yes, it's rachet, and has been broken but glued back together.
I think that's why we love it so much!

Happy Spring precious friends!!!
Thank you always for following me and my journey through life.

Hugs and love,

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At Home in English Valley said...

So glad that you are getting settled and with dear friends. I wish you much happiness and that you find your new home warm and comfortable and filled with love.


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