Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Making my way back to the studio!

Now that our yard sale is over (and thank goodness for that!!!)
and some of our spring planting is finished,
I finally feel like I can get back to the studio!!!

Tammy was working on a few projects and noticed the beautiful
sunshine, sky and trees through our studio window.
I had to take a pic to share with you!!!!

The curtains are antique and sheer.
We have a string of pretty pearl garland draped on the rod as well.
The weird spiral thing you see is and old
store rack that I love.
I need to put all of my favorite antique baby dresses on it
but haven't gotten around to it quite yet!

And that's a dress form that I've pinned tons of stuff to.
I love looking at pretty things in the studio!!!

And our newest addition to the studio:
WONDERFUL task lighting so us ol' girls can see what we are doing!!!
I just love them. And our poor eyes needed them!

I'm trying my hand at button jewelry!
I've been wanting to do this forever and it seems like the perfect time
to give it a go!!!

So stay tuned sweet friends!
Hopefully I'll have some pretty pieces to put in my Etsy store soon.

Thank you always for visiting me here,
I cherish you all!!!

Hugs and love,


Lane Hill House said...

Welcome back, sweet friend,
Loving your frilly curtains and your new view, in and out! Blessings, Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

Roosterhead Designs said...

Wonderful Dawn : ) So glad you are at a place to 'get back in there'!!
Lovely pics of your new studio~ Happy Easter! Hugs, karen o

Lana said...

Dawn I have been an avid button collector for over 25 years. One word of caution, they are addicting. I have well over 1 million buttons, but I still can't say 'no' to another pretty button. Think of all the fun things you can create, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, too. Let me know if you want try soldering. xoxo

Beth Leintz said...

A peek at your studio is so inspiring, what a great place to create!

Tamara said...

How exciting Dawn,

I look forward to more visits. Your studio looks lovely!



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