Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tackling a few projects!

I had been putting off working on my herbarium prints but
finally got back to them!

I purchased cheap dollar store frames and of course, they looked cheap!
Gaps in the corners and crazy gold color. I love more subdued shades.
Here's my first one completed ~

You can see the gap in the corner and they ALL had them in all four corners.
So my solution was to caulk every corner of all fifteen frames.
Using wet fingers and a damp rag it really worked!

Below is one corner that's caulked. I didn't bother terribly much with having it
be perfectly smooth. I figured it would make the frames look older!

My next step was to spray Kilz Complete on all fifteen frames.
That took awhile!
But here they all are dried and ready for my next step.

I happen to have in my stash a beautiful Taupe colored metallic craft paint and it looks
BEAUTIFUL with the tones of my herbarium pages.
I brushed on this coat on all fifteen frames as well.
It's not perfect but I like that! Imperfection adds character.

These are my pages below. Now to finish cutting down the book page scrapbooking paper
I chose to be the backdrop of the pages and finish framing the other fourteen prints.
I'll have a few left over so I'm picking my favorite ones.

This is the look I'm going for except for I will have three rows of five!

Another project I'm in the middle of is framing
three beautiful Luna moths that I've found over the years.
First I have to re-hydrate them, arrange them with foam, pins and waxed paper
then let them dry back out.

Aren't they beautiful??

I've been hoarding this shadow box for a few years now and think
they will just perfect inside!!! I'll share my finished project soon.

And lastly I've been beautifying our front porch!
Four ferns hanging and a few other plants have it looking so pretty.

I even transformed an old fire pit frame into a small herb garden!

I've been a busy girl around here!
I'll be sure to share the herbarium pages as soon as I have them hung ~
Wish me luck!!!

I hope you are doing so very good ~
hugs and love,


Nita Jo said...

I always love reading your posts. What you did with your picture frames has inspired me. I have so many old, mismatched frames. I was going to donate, but they just toss them if they're not perfect. I'm going to try to fix a couple up and see how they turn out. I have so many pretty images I could frame. I'm also in love with your beautiful front porch! What a wonderful place to sit and read or just daydream.

Beth Leintz said...

Dawn, I love your herbarium dollar store frame idea- caulking is a great idea for fixing frame corners. Beautiful- please share when you have them all hanging. Hugs, Beth

Lana said...

I would never think of buying a taupe metallic paint....but I will now! That's a classic look, that I love.

Cynthia said...

Such beautiful projects! Can't wait to see what you do with the moths.

Lisa said...

This is an awesome post! Can't wait to see these botanicals hanging in your guest room!


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