Monday, June 19, 2017

A finished guestroom and I LOVE IT!

Whelp....this little, itty bitty guest room was months and months in the making!
Yes, I had no deadline but ten months is kinda ridiculous!
Oh well....It's been used way before now but I just finally hung everything on the walls.

My finished framed herbarium pages!
I taped together packing paper pieces from Walmart to create a huge piece of paper.

Next I measured as best I could so they would be perfectly spaced apart.
You should have seen me on the floor, creeping around this huge thing!

I decided to mark around the frames a little bit to help me with the leveling
when I taped the pattern to the wall.

I also measured the distance from the top to the hanger on the back of the frame
to mark where the nail hole would need to be. I had to remove the stand on the backs
before hanging as they were way too long.

I used painter's tape on the top left corner then used a laser level on the right side
to determine where to hang it so my pattern would be level.
I promise, it's not perfect but good enough to make me happy!!!

Next, I hammered in a small nail on each mark on my pattern.

And this is the result sweet friends!!!!

These herbarium pages are real specimens and were created in 1898.
I'm just so happy they have a place of honor in our home!

More photos around the room after more items were hung!

I found the rug at Homegoods and it was pricey but the velvet bed skirt was a thrift find!

This little room is probably only 10' x 12' but I've managed to cram about a zillion things
in it!!! But I truly am pleased with the results. I hope you can get a few ideas from it!

Wishing you a beautiful week dear friends!

hugs and love,


jeanniemc said...

Those prints are gorgeous! Love the entire room!

marda said...

Your room is just lovely. The prints are beautiful and make such a wonderful collection on the wall. Sometimes it just takes time
to get what you want to achieve completed. You certainly did that.

susan hemann said...

lovely room! I love the framed herbs!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a wonderful job you did and what an ingenious way to hang all of those framed botanicals! The room is really lovely!


Lana said...

Without a doubt, the hardest part had to have been the picture hanging. I love the way that it came out. Now just 1 question? When are you going to write a decorating book?

Cynthia said...

It's a beautiful room, and any guest would not want to leave! Do you get the urge to stay in it yourself? I love all the details. . .

BitsAndPieces said...

You did an amazing job on your guest room.
Such lovely details, especially the wall grouping,
the velvet bed skirt, and the bookcase.

Marlynne said...

Just Lovely! A delight for visitors and yourself as well!


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