Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Simple stitches ~

I've made strawberry pincushions in the past but I had the bright idea
to make a few that were filled with lavender buds!
You can hang them on a knob or hook and enjoy their simplicity and fragrance.

I just finished this pair yesterday and they sold mighty fast!
I'm always thankful when someone spends their hard-earned money on
something that I've made!!!

I still wanted to share them with you here.
I post my items first on Facebook and
eventually I end up writing a post about them on my blog.

The photos make them look different but I guess it was because
there was different lighting everywhere I took the pics.

I really enjoyed sewing the simple French knots on each one.

AND....I splurged and bought myself two sweet diamond doves last weekend!!!
They are so calm, cool and collected and pretty too...
I just love them!!

I already had a huge black bird cage so I scrubbed it up and now
they are living here with us. Noah has named them some goofy names
from that movie Dumb and Dumber (Harry and Lloyd) and I just let him
but they know they are my sweet babies!

This past Saturday I finally went to Michael's!
I promise you, I haven't been in MONTHS...

Well, they have TOTALLY remodeled ours and it looks wonderful!
I found some gorgeous handmade paper that looks like a muted bronze,
a few seed beads for my next pair of lavender strawberries,
glue that my sweet friend Lisa turned me onto and
some beautiful teeny frames that would look gorgeous
on some artwork....good finds!!!

Another treasure that Lisa told me about...this magazine!
I found it at Walmart and have the first issue too.
This is the second issue and it's GORGEOUS!
If you see it on the newsstand, pick it up, thumb through it and see if you agree.

Now a few photos to share from our home.
This is the field right behind us and they just cut it.
They started baling the cuttings into those huge hay bales...

And here is the field beside us...all baled up and beautiful!

I have one last photo to share with you.
It was so beautiful here in Georgia last week, the temperature was even mild!
I was walking to my car and looked at the porch ~ I had to take a pic.
The giant magnolia tree out front is in full bloom, my ferns are very happy and
the front porch was just so pretty!!!

Thank you always, always for visiting me here!
I wish you a beautiful week and a productive one as well ~

Hugs and love,


Michele said...

Hi Dawn!

WOW- you are so right about that magnolia tree- something that doesn't grow in these northern and cold climates. They are magnificent trees!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dawn the pincushions are perfection as is your front porch. I have been been an admirer of your ferns and now buy one for my little porch each year. We have a large maple tree in the front, so many plants won't grow in it's shade...the fern likes it just fine! Have a wonderful week dear one. Love, Penny

Theresa said...

Love those sweet strawberries and I bet they smell heavenly:) I am always taking pictures of hay bales! LOVE THEM! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your porch looks so pretty, Dawn, and a wonderful place to sit. It looks quite shady, too. I'm sure that is welcome when it gets very hot out. Your strawberries turned out great! I always love seeing them when people make them.

I haven't been to Michael's in a while. I wonder if they are redoing all of them. Now I'll have to make sure to go to the one here and check it out.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

You have been one busy gal! I love the sachets--my lavender is almost starting to flower I can't wait! Your new babies are lovely--great names!


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